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"BELLLLAAA" Leah yells as I try to roll over and put the pillow over my head. Leah pulls the pillows and blankets off my bed.

"Bella get your ass up! We have finals today. We are about to graduate, you can't miss finals!" She finishes throwing my stuff on the ground.

"Okay Leah, I'm up. I'm up." What the hell does a girl have to do to get some sleep around here? I was up late studying for my finals.

"SHIT!" I look at the clock. Good thing Leah woke me up Port Angeles is at least a twenty minute drive from here. I start running around like crazy trying to find something to wear and I still need to get in the shower. I have to get to school on time. Graduation is the first step in opening the diner with Sue and Emily. We have been planning this for over a year. With the help of the tribe we can found a space on the rez and the boys are fixing it up as we speak so we will be able to open it after graduation.

"Get in the shower I will pick out something for you to wear" Leah tells me, shoving me in the direction of our shared bathroom. Charlie and I moved into Sue's house a year ago when he proposed to her. I was so happy for them. Leah and I are closer than we ever thought we could be, considering I was a "leech lover" and she hated me at first.

"Thanks Lee, you're the best sister ever!" I say getting in the shower. I had proved myself worthy to the pack and the elders a couple years ago.

***** Flash Back******

I was sitting in the tribal meeting room with the elders and Sam. Billy and Sue smiled at me, Old Quil just stared at me. I was nervous; I wanted to be accepted by my new family more than anything. I loved the boys and the pack so much, I wanted to be accepted, I needed to be accepted. I told them everything I knew about the Cullen's and all of the other leeches that I had come across. I told them about what really happened in Phoenix, with James, Laurent and Victoria. The pack had finally caught her and killed her a couple months after Laurent told me of her plan. As far as I knew Laurent was still in Denali with the other veggie vamps there. I told them everything. This was important to me. I needed to let it all out, let it all go. It was my final step in fixing my broken heart. I told them of the gifts, I had too; I had to explain why Jasper tried to take a bite out of me on my birthday. His gift to feel emotions caused him to feel everybody's blood lust not just his own. I never blamed him for trying to eat me. In fact I blamed myself, I knew what they were and I wasn't taking that as serious as I should of. Everything would have been fine if Edward hadn't pushed me into that table with all the plates on it. I don't even know why Alice put all of those plates there, it's not like they were going to eat anything except me maybe. Ha-ha, okay so that's not as funny as I think it is but still, I realized that when everyone was looking at me like I was a crazy woman. After I spilled my guts the elders said they need to confer and they would talk to me again soon.

****** END Flash Back*******

I was laughing in the shower when Leah came in to put my clothes on our sink.

"Girl, what the hell is so damn funny in here?" she asked as I turned off the shower and she handed me a towel.

"Nothing Lee, just laughing at the reaction I got when I went in front of the elders" I told her while throwing on my jeans. She was plugging in the blow dryer and grabbing a brush as I sat on the toilet.

"Oh you mean when you started laughing and everyone that you finally cracked and went off the deep end?" She said laughing while drying my hair.

"Yeah that" I said still laughing. I grabbed my make up bag and was doing my make up while Leah finished my hair. Leah was my best friend and sister in every sense of the world. We finally got along after all this time, I think it's because we had common ground. Both of us were abandoned and broken. Left to pick up the pieces on our own. I was happy that I had her. I think that we finally helped each other heal our broken hearts. Neither of us was looking for love. We just wanted to finish college, open the diner and be happy. We had become quite the pair. I had learned a lot of bitchy skills from her. Which came in handy. I am proud to say that I have grown into a woman, not the shy girl Edward Cullen fell in love with, then kicked to the curb like a broke down car. I finished my make up right after Leah did with my hair.

"So are you ready for this? Our last tests. No more school for us. Next week we will be officially college graduates." I asked her as I started my truck. My mom and Phil got it for me, the week that Phil got signed to a minor league. I wanted something I could fit most of the pack in, and well my old trusty rust bucket of a truck had just taken its last breathe a week before that. I had a Yukon with three rows and it was perfect. I could fit at least five guys plus me and someone else in the front.

"Yeah, I am ready for this to be over so we can start on our real lives" Leah answered while looking out the window. We were getting pretty close to school and I was actually excited instead of nervous. Hopefully I can evade stupid Mike Newton; he has been asking me for a date since Edward left. I figured he would have went to some fancy college but nope, he went to PAC, just like me and Leah. Of course he was standing there waiting for me as we climbed out of the truck. I swear the kid is a stalker, maybe I could get Paul to pose as my boyfriend.

"What the fuck, does this kid just not take a hint?" Leah asked, anger was the main emotion in her voice.

'"Lee I have no fucking clue, I don't know how many more ways to tell him." And seriously I didn't. I tried the nice approach, the mean approach, the frustrated approach. Seriously the dude cannot take a fucking hint and get the fuck away.

"Bella!" Mike said running up. "Oh god" I grumble under my breathe Leah snorts.

"So Bella, wanna like get a drink or something after finals? I know how stressed out they can make you" He said with a cocky smile.

"Look mike, I have said it nice, I have said it mean, I have said it every FUCKING way possible and still you don't get it! I DO NOT WANT TO GO OUT WITH YOU! EVER!" I yell, causing a bunch of people on campus to stare at us. Mike looks like he just got slapped and Leah is trying (and failing) to hold in her laughter. I just storm right off, not looking behind, Knowing Leah will catch up.

We were taking our usual seats in business class before Leah said anything.

"That Bella was the funniest fucking thing I have even seen, seriously. Newton looked like if he was going to cry of punch something" she was still laughing. I couldn't help but laugh along with her because he annoys the hell out of me and hopefully he finally gets it.

Finals went good I knew almost all the answers and the rest I was about 75 percent sure I knew the answer. The day went by quick, with no more interruptions. I was happy to be able to get out of there. Our final grades would be posted on-line next week. Before we headed out Leah and I swung by the bookstore to pick up our cap and gowns so we didn't have to come back until graduation.

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