AN: Okay so I want to thank all of you who have read this story and enjoyed it. I feel that as my first and only twilight story it was a good effort, not my best writing but a good effort none the less.

Three Months Later


I smiled as I walked into the diner. The CYS Diner was doing great, Bella and Emily were Happy. I smiled at my pack, my family. Some were working, others were enjoying dinner or pie. I felt my smiled get bigger as I spotted Bella talking to Old Quil.

Our lives settled down nicely, since Bella and I had accepted and formed our bond. While we were married in the eyes of the tribe, our actual wedding was coming up soon. Bella didn't want a huge event, just a small intimate wedding with our families.

Emily and Sam had already had their first child, a boy. Bella was happy for them but we were in no hurry to start a family of our own. As I watched my pack, with their imprints I thought of a conversation I had with my mom. Love is a powerful emotion, more strong than the rest. Love causes us to do things we never thought we would, things we swore we wouldn't do and become different people. We had all grown a lot in the past months. A couple of the guys still hadn't found their imprints but Leah had found hers. They had been married a month ago and were looking forward to starting a family of their own.

My mom was happy that she now had a daughter, and her and Bella loved to team up on me. I smiled as I felt Bella's arms wrap around me. I leaned down and kissed her before taking a seat at the counter. Bella walked around and placed a piece of pie in front of me.

"Whats up? You look like your thinking pretty hard." Bella asked

"I was just thinking how much has changed. I feel like im the luckest though." I replied.

"Oh yeah? And why is that?"Bella asked a smile upon her face.

"Because while everyone has found their imprints and are happy. I get to be imprinted to the person I love the most, without the imprint forcing it. Our love is natural. We don't even know why we imprint, what the purpose it serves or the reasons for it. I don't have to worry about that though, because I have you." I said

I wiped the tear that had fallen from Bella's eye at my words. I know she sometimes still felt insecure about our relationship, worried that it wasn't as strong as the others because shes not my imprint. I think that it just makes our relationship that much stronger. There was no magic involved in our relationship. Nothing had been forced, while he had a lot of sex because we enjoyed it we didn't feel the need to breed, that was a need I had felt in the others minds. I wanted kids but I was content in waiting until Bella and I were read for it. I had my family, I had my girl and for now the future would be what it was. Nothing would change what was to come and for now I was happy to just live.

AN: While I know that this is disappointing and extremely short, I felt that it really needed a ending. I am hoping at some point to get back into the twilight world and write a sequel for this story. At the current moment I am just not into it and I feel that as a first story it was an okay one. I hope that youguys don't hate me.