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Unwritten or 'Tales of Yue's Harem'

by Shadow Crystal Mage

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Emily & Yue

Emily Sevensheep sometimes fantasized about dying in the arms of her hero.

This wasn't out of some morbid suicide wish. It was pure adolescent fantasy, like the idiots who thought throwing themselves off a cliff is a good way to meet boys. To lie in her Nagi-sama's arms and prove her love to him, earning his heart in her final moments and making him hers for all eternity was the sort of silly thing girls who didn't know how life really worked dreamed of.

In real life, it wasn't nearly as much fun. The last thing she saw was the horrified look on Yue's face as she faded away…

She regretted calling her a dullard.



Shiori had never been in a love triangle before.

Fate-sama had been kind to her, and given her a new life. She had vowed to follow him, even when she learned that his cause was the end of the world. She had faith in him, following him to Ostia and impersonating his enemies so that they may be watched.

Negi-kun had been kind to her. He'd been willing to throw his life away for any of those around him without a second thought, to the eternal annoyance of the persona Shiori had taken upon herself. Yet this persona had the utmost faith in him, a faith Shiori had taken into herself and had ultimately destroyed her cover.

She told herself she had no regrets. Fate-sama had been kind to her, and she would always be grateful even if she now stood with those he opposed. Yet his was a cold and distant kindness, like that of a distant mountain, high, imperious, hard as the stones and beautiful as an avalanche. Negi was like the thunderstorms whose power he used so much, sharp and crackling, flashing into your life and shaking you to your core.

She told herself she had no regrets. Later, even Fate-sama said he didn't blame her, and had wished her well, with no malice or resentment in his eyes. Yet when she heard of his attempts at physical humor with his amputated arm, and the words of thanks he had given the other girls, she thought that perhaps, just perhaps, he regretted saying those things just a little too late.

She knew she regretted not being around to hear them.


Best Friends

Yue wasn't sure, but she suspected scenes like these were supposed to be set off with copious amounts of alcohol.

Not while comparing who had the most comfortable underwear.

One moment they'd been giggling in embarrassment while trying on Yue's side-strap panties, the next she and Collet were writhing together on their dorm's single bed, the atrociously uncomfortable camp bed they took turns sleeping in forgotten. Thanks goodness the next day was a free day.

Yue had needed to buy new panties, since they broke the ones they already had.

The words 'Best Friends' would never be the same again for Yue.


That Extra Guy

Johnny-san really had no idea what he got into when he agreed to take Makie and Yuna to Ostia. He was just helping out a couple of girls he'd found wandering the desert get back home. He didn't expect to be dragged into a battle for the survival of the world, of meeting with dark forces that wanted him dead, of actually meeting the son of the Thousand Master and Queen Arika in person.

Yet it had happened.

And when the dust had cleared and the world was saved, he'd been lucky enough to be in the general vicinity of a whole lot of lovely young girls who felt like giving someone a victory kiss while there was a general shortage of guys. Yuna-chan had even pressed her boobs against him, which made him a focus of even greater envy when he finally got back to that old truck-stop in the desert, despite everything. There were accolades and honors, and there were Yuna'-chan's boobs! No contest.

Three countries had given him awards, even if Megalomesembria was pretty reluctant about him, and Negi and the girls had declared him a member of Ala Alba, which went a lot longer than the wards had. He'd been able to hang up his flying hat and set up his own trucking company with some old friends, and Paru-sama had been nice enough to make his logo for him (the naked silhouette of all the girls, to his ever-lasting joy).

Most of the time, he was busy running it, knowing better than to just sit around waiting for the money to come in (since that was a stupidly easy way of making sure it eventually went to someone else), but there are days when some wide-eyed mage-to-be or gladiator, or practically anyone really, would come to the office to ask to meet the great Johnny-sama, who'd flown with Ala Alba into battle despite knowing only a few combat spells for discouraging small-fry bandits, and had gotten them all out again, right out from under the End of the World (part 2, Electric Buggaloo). And then he'd close up early and take the kids to his bar, where everyone knew his name and they hung the steering wheel of his old manta and he got free drinks every anniversary, and he'd tell the kids all about how he met Ala Alba.

He has a standing order for his drivers to help out any kids who seem down on their luck in a strange place. So, far, this has led to a few quickly resolve misunderstandings, some near-deaths, several kids happily reunited with their parents, a few secret commendations as secrets agents managed to make it in time stop an evil plot, and more than a few happy young women enthusiastically expressing their gratitude (when each of his drivers had garnered the gratitude of at least one such young lady because of this policy, they all chipped in to buy him a solid gold ''World's Greatest Boss !' mug), leading at least five marriages.

It all came full circle when a flustered employee stumbled into the office and declared he'd just given a ride to several children who all bore a disturbingly close resemblance to Negi Springfield. Johnny-san congratulated him for doing the right thing, and declared that day "Impromptu Company Picnic Day". They were in a gateport and heading for Mundus Ventus within the hour.

Honored or not, Johnny wasn't stupid enough to stay on a potentially easily-destroyable world that had that many Springfields running around in it…


Best Friends 2: Sapphic Bangaroo

It had been kind of awkward getting her full memories back. Yue had a short breakdown as the inconsistencies of her thoughts as a partial amnesiac reintegrated with her complete memories.

Nodoka had been very supportive of her, and though it felt awkward to be around her now– not to mention being around Negi-sensei!– it felt good to be home again. Collet had come with her, and as promised they'd taken her and the other Ariadne girls on a tour of Mahora. Turnabout had been fair play, and now Collet was posing as Yue's cousin. This had included sharing her dorm. Her roommate Nodoka had been amendable enough. She'd made her gratitude to Collet for finding Yue quiet clear.

They hadn't talked about what had happened at Ariadne. And at Ostia a few times. All right, a lot of times. When Yue had recovered her memories, even so partially, it was like a door had come down between them. There was a new best friend, who was really the old best friend, and had seniority and prior claim. And apparently there was that thing with Negi, which was really complicated by Nodoka and said best-friendship and prior claim…

Yue had thought she'd die of a lot of things. A broomstick accident. Getting the approach to that griffin dragon wrong. Fighting against Fate's compatriots. A training error in the Resort.

When Nodoka walked in on her and Collet, however, she genuinely thought and wished she'd die of mortification. She couldn't bear that wide-eyed stare of shock, the look of disgust and loathing, the jerky way Nodoka had slammed the door and…

… began taking off her blouse?

It was the first time she ever thought of the phrase "mortifying ecstasy".

Afterwards, as she lay back, covered in sweat and even more intimate bodily fluids, watching as Nodoka and Collet kissed and clumsily began to make love to each other, she considered that of all the ways she thought she'd give herself to someone for the first time, she always took it for granted that there would be a boy involved…



"So…" Paio Zi said. "You like blood?"

Tsukuyomi nodded, smiling beatifically. "Mean Setsuna-sempai tricked me though. She used this magic item Fate-han was going to use on Negi-kun to make me swear never to harm anyone again. That's so mean! Oh, Setsuna-sempai … Negi-kun …"

Tsukuyomi paused as Paio reached up a hand and bit her finger. Blood welled up from the wound, and the former-swordswoman stared, transfixed. The bounty-hunter smiled naughtily, and began to run her finger down her neck, the blood dripping…

Tsukuyomi gulped. "Um, so, what do you like?" she asked as she suddenly found herself on the wrong side of uncomfortable in a conversation.

"Boobies," Paio said, tapping her bloody finger on her cheek and leaving little dark marks.

Tsukuyomi gulped again, staring at the pretty, pretty color. "I have boobies."

Chichigami-sama grinned. "And I have blood. Maybe we can work something out…"

Because anything for boobies!


Best Friends 3: The R of the S

Emily Sevensheep was the most infuriating person Collet had ever met. How dare she just butt in on Yue like that and tell her she had feelings for her! How dare she just push her way into Yue's room, and their friendship, and get between Collet and Yue and Nodoka, and make Yue make those sounds!

And how dare she always be on top!-?-! The only one she got under for was Yue!

"Oi, why does Yue get to be on top?-!" Collet demanded when Emily had rolled her over onto her back again when the floppy-eared girl tried to straddle her.

"The knight in shining armor who saves damsels from dragons gets special privileges," Emily said.

There was no way for Collet to argue with that, but she was still mad.

Later, she asked Beatrix about that. The girl showed her that those who rescue girls from dragons did, indeed, get special perks…


Happily Ever After

"Everyone, I would like you all to once more welcome Ayase Yue, who once came to us as Yue Farandole, recently graduated from Mahora Academy and who will be rejoining us to continue training as a Valkyrie."

Student stared as the closed-mouth-looking bowed at them in greeting. The girls in Ariadne uniforms standing to either side of her weren't nearly as composed or disciplined, and looked around with curiosity and really big grins. Murmurs began to rose, and there were glances at the class rep, who looked strangely unperturbed.

"Also joining us," the teacher continued, "are Kagurazak Asuna, Konoe Konoka, Fei Ku, Akashi Yuna, Asakura Kazumi, Saotome Haruna, Sakurazaki Setsuna, Nagase Kaede Miyazaki Nodoka and Murakami Natsumi. Please make them feel welcome."

Murmurs rose higher, and the words Ala Alba kept repeating, over and over again. The new girls all went to vacant seats, some skipping in overly bubbly fashion. Yue sat next to Emily, and those who remembered them boggled at Yue's friendly nod. And fell off their chairs as the class rep firmly kissed her on the cheek, to the outrage of her steady girlfriend Collet.

"Ahem," the teacher said, dutifully ignoring this. "I must also announce that as of today, you will have a new Homeroom and Magical Theory teacher. Please all rise to greet him, and don't be difficult."

A re-headed young man entered the room and smiled at them. "Hello, I'm Negi Springfield," the Prince of Ostia and Vespertatia, Winner of the 19th and 20th Springfield Trophy of the Ostia Festival, and savior of the world said. "Pleased to meet you all."

Naturally, chaos erupted.

And in Megalomesembria, stubborn old officials finally threw away any lingering plans they had about retaliating through Negi Springfield. Facing the entire female population of Ariadne just wasn't worth it…


- End


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