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3) When I first watched Death Note, I used to hate Mello.

Mello threw himself onto the couch, subconsciously trying to make as much noise as possible to distract him from the deathly quiet of the apartment. With one black boot hanging off the edge of the couch and his pale arm slung behind his head, he stared up at the ceiling and wondered where Matt was. Again. While Matt would never hear such words come from Mello's own mouth, the blonde didn't know what to do with himself without the redhead's company. Even if the small, rapid tapping as he played his video games drove him insane or his stinking cigarette smoke permeated the whole damn apartment. It was like being addicted to something he couldn't stand and it just made him even angrier.

Glancing at the coffee table, Mello's ice blue eyes honed in on the half-eaten bar of chocolate lying on the glass top. He was about to reach for it—just for the sound of the crinkling foil if anything—when the leather on his hip began violently vibrating. Jamming his hand down into the tight, shallow pocket that was barely big enough for his fingers to fit into, he snatched the phone and flipped open the screen, relieved to see Matt's name in his message inbox.

Come outside.

"Yeah, right," Mello growled, feeling his mood grow even darker than before. He dialed the return number and waited impatiently as the line rang once, then twice. When Matt finally answered, Mello exploded into the receiver.

"Dude, Mel—"

"What the fuck, Matt? You disappear for a whole day and expect me to just take that for an answer? Where the hell've you been?"

The voice on the other end of the receiver was as calm as day. "If you come outside, I'll show you."

Mello stood and walked over to the window, looking down into the lanes of traffic from their 11th story suite. Night had thrown a black curtain across the sky, turning the city into a spectacular light show.

"Where are you at?"

"Back side of the buil—"

Mello snapped the phone shut and wheeled around, pulling his favorite pair of black gloves onto his hands. He stomped across the room and grabbed the chocolate bar, holding it in his teeth as he threw on his hooded jacket lined with fur. Lastly, he dug out the handgun he kept in a small dresser drawer, shoved it in his coat pocket and marched out of the room, letting the door slam shut behind him.

Mello followed the invisible path that he and Matt used to come and go when they didn't want to be seen. Down the metal stairwell, through the maintenance room filled with screeching, leaking water heaters, and out the door that was boldly labeled: This Is Not An Exit.

Stepping out into the noxious night air of Los Angeles, Mello tried not to breathe too deeply. A chain-link fenced enclosed the vacant concrete lot, save for where Matt had pried the lock and swung the gates wide open. Mello stopped, the click of his boots echoing loudly in the air. There in the center of the lot was Matt, leaning on the door of a blood red 1968 Camaro with a cigarette dangling from his lips. Seeing Mello, the redhead cracked a small grin and patted the roof of the car.

"It took you a whole day to swipe a car?" Mello sounded unimpressed.

Using two gloves fingers, Matt took the cigarette from his mouth and exhaled blue-grey smoke. "I didn't swipe it. I'm not like you; I don't steal everything just to see if I can get away with it."

Mello encircled the car, running his leather glove along the contours of the vehicle, scrutinizing it with those electric blue eyes of his. Matt grinned. Mello could try to act indifferent, but Matt could easily see the truth written in the blonde's excited gaze.

"Oh yeah? Who's money did you use?"


"Bullshit." Mello looked up at Matt. "You're always broke. You always spend it all on cigarettes and video games. There's no way you could afford this."

Matt shrugged. "So I had to hack into a few people's accounts and lend a penny or two. Chill, dude. I promise I didn't touch a cent of your candy money. Come to think of it…" Matt took a heavy drag on his cigarette. "You've probably spent more money on chocolate in the last few years than I did on this car."

Mello ignored him and continued walking around the car, inspecting it from every angle, until he came to the driver's door. Matt grinned again and watched as Mello peeked inside the window, then looked up expectantly at him. He never needed to say a word for Matt to know what he was searching for. Reaching into his vest pocket, he held up the keys and dangled them for as long as he dared before he thought Mello would lunge across the roof for them.

Matt tossed him the keys and flicked his cigarette to the ground before jumping into the passenger seat, barely closing his door before Mello had the car's tires squealing on the pavement. Gripping the seat tightly, Matt relished the sheer fire radiating from Mello, spreading throughout the car, giving dangerous life to a thing of metal and oil. With Mello, it was always contagious; some reveled in his untamed energy, some saw it as a menace to society, others shied away from it. But even people that were frightened his friend's violent passion couldn't help but be fascinated by it. For Matt, it was the ultimate high.

They peeled out of the lot, fishtailing into the oncoming traffic. Mello shifted the car into a higher gear and floored the gas pedal, listening with delight as the engine whined to a higher and higher pitch. All around them, horns blared and vicious swear words were shouted at the daredevil red car, but Mello did exactly what Matt expected him to do. He rolled down the window, stuck his arm outside and raised his middle finger to the world. Smiling at his maniac friend, Matt rolled down his own window and drank in the hot night wind as it ripped through the car, tossing his hair around his freckled face.

Tightening his leather grip around the steering wheel, Mello careened into the next lane with only inches to spare between cars. A wicked grin cracked his lips, the burnt skin around his left eye crinkling as his eyes narrowed into icy slits. He raced ahead of the car on his right, cut across two more lanes and sped onto the on-ramp of the highway. The sea of red and white lights absorbed them while a ceiling of glittering stars watched them tear through the world with reckless abandon.

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