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Isabella Swan moves in with her father and big brother Emmett bringing along her two year old daughter Allison. A violent past makes Bella hesitant about almost everything and her daughter is her number one concern. While shes at school Charlie's fiance Sue Clearwater watches Allison. What happens when someone nearly kills Allison? Who could want that?

I held my two year old daughter Allison, she looked like me brown hair and brown eyes, to my chest as I watched my her father, my step-father, beat my mother. I knew better than to interefere. I learned early on. The first time I tried to protect my mother I was twelve years old. My step-father raped me for the first time. He made a habit of doing it. Then when I was thriteen I got pregnant. He stopped hitting me and raping because he knew the doctors would be looking closely at my body. When Allison was born he started back up again. I always made sure Allison was protected no matter what. Phil turned to me and I sat Allison down, whispering for her to go hide, she did. He hit me and I fell to the ground. This time it was a long while before he stopped. Then I saw he had a knife. He plunged it several times into my mother who screamed out loudly. Then he stabbed me in the stomach. I cried quietly. Then everything went black.

When I woke I was in a hospital. A police officer was in the room. Everything was a little fuzzy and I fell back to sleep quickly. I woke again and this time I wouldn't fall back asleep. It was a different police officer this time. I drew in frantic breaths. Allison. Where was my Allison.

"Allison." I screamed loudly. The officer moved over and touched my face.

"Hey Hey," She said quietly, "Is Allison your daughter?" I nodded.

"Where is she?" I pleaded with her. Tears filled my eyes.

"She's with your father." The woman told me. Did she mean Charlie, my real father, or Phil, my stepfather.

"Who do you mean by that?" I asked her harshly. She looked confused. "My real father or my stepfather?"

"Your real father." The officer told me, "She very well couldn't be with your stepfather, he is in jail." I drew in a deep breath.

"Can your bring me my daughter?" I asked her more gently. She nodded and disappeared from the room. A moment later my father, holding my baby stepped into the room. He handed Allison to me. She snuggled into my side.

"Mommy," She whispered. I kissed her cheek softly.

"Hey Bells," Charlie said from his chair, where he had sat after handing me Allison. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"He said he would kill Mom." I said softly, "Then Allison. Is Mom okay?" He shook his head.

"I'm sorry sweetheart." He said softly, "She was DOA." I cried softly and cuddled Allison close to me. When I was done crying I looked up at him.

"How's Emmett?" I asked him. Emmett was my big brother by a year.

"Worried about you." He told me. I nodded.

Two days later we were on a plane and my things, what little I had, was being driven by a moving company to Forks, Washington from Phoenix, Arizona. I slept most of the flight, clutching Allison to me. When we got there Emmett met us at the airport. He hugged me close to him and then Allison. We didn't go through baggage claim all we had were carry-ons. We had to go through a crowd of people so I picked Allison up.

"Let me carry her," Charlie said quietly, "You aren't suppose to do any heavy lifting."

"She's not heavy." I told him, "I have been carried her nine months then up til now after that."

"Damn it Bella," Emmett said angrily, "Your gonna hurt yourself with your sturborness. So let me or Dad carry her." I sighed quietly and handed her over to Emmett. When we reached Forks I was tired again. Emmett told me to go to sleep and he would watch Allison. I nodded, knowing she would be fine. I told him to keep her inside. He nodded and I went upstairs to my room, where it had always been, and crawled in my bed. Soon I was sleeping again. When I woke, I heard a female voice.

"She's so cute." The woman's voice said, "What's her name?"

"Allison." Emmett answered. I walked followed the voices into Emmett's room. I picked Allison up off his bed and held her to me. I shot a glare at the girl and then at Emmett before walking out.

"Rose you'll have to forgive her." He said softly, "She's a bit protective. Let me go talk to her." Emmett followed me into my room and I sat Allison on the bed.

"Bella..." Emmett said quietly, "What are you going to tell people about her? You are going to get a lot of shit if you tell them shes yours."

"Then we'll tell them she's my sister." I told him, "I just want a chance at something normal." He hugged me to him.

"I know Bells," He said softly, "We will do the best we can. Dad's dating a girl, they're pretty serious. Serious like he has the ring and was going to purpose last night but you needed him. She has two kids. You are going to have to tell them the truth Bells." I nodded.

"Okay," I said quietly, "Who's Rose?"

"My girlfriend," He said quietly, "Bella...She's been through a lot too. I think you should talk to her."

"Okay," I said quietly, "Why don't you tell her I would like to talk to her? I need to apologize for my rude behavior." He nodded and disappeared. I turned to see Allison asleep on my bed. She would be up all night. A few minutes later, Rose walked in with Emmett.

"Rosalie this is my sister Bella," He introduced us, "This is Rosalie."

"Its nice to meet your Rosalie." I told her. Then Emmett walked out. Rosalie turned to follow but I grabbed her arm and she stopped, so I let go. "I want to apologize for my behaviour a minute ago. I don't know what Emmett has told you but Allison is my daughter."

"But your only sixteen." She told me, "You would have had to get pregnant at like thriteen." I looked at the floor.

"Why don't you take a seat?" I suggested and she sat at the computer desk while I sat on the bed next to where Allison was laying, "Yes. I was thirteen when I got pregnant with Allison. I was raped."

"Bella you barely know me," She said quietly, "You don't have to tell me about this." I shook my head.

"I really do." I replied softly, "Emmett told me you had gone through a lot, he didn't say what and well Emmett seems to trust you and I have to talk to someone because I can't talk to him or my father."

"Okay," She said softly, tears filling her eyes, "Just tell me at your own pace. I'll listen."

"My step-father raped me from the time I turned twelve." I said quietly, "I was thirteen when I got pregnant with Allison. Fourteen when I had her. It nearly killed me. My body wasn't ready for that yet. I was still basically a child. My father hit me and my mother a lot. I managed to protect Ali. A few day's ago h-he killed my mother, nearly killed me." Rosalie stood up and grabbed my hand.

"Well at least you and that angel of yours are okay," She said softly, "She looks like you."

"Thanks. For listening," I said quietly, "Please don't tell anyone about this. I want to try and have a normal life as possible now. Emmett says people will treat me bad if they new she was mine. So the story is she's my sister."

"Secret is safe with me." She said quielty. I thanked her again. She drew in a deep breath, "I was dating a guy, a year ago. He broke into my house. Shot my parents. Shot my brother Jasper. Then they raped me. Jasper managed to call the police. But they were too late. My parents were dead. Jasper nearly was. They sent us here to live with my Aunt Esme and Uncle Carlisle and their son Edward."

"I'm sorry," I said softly. She nodded.

"I'm gonna get back to Emmett." She said softly and I nodded. I gently shook Allison and she blinked her eyes open.

"You hungry baby?" I asked her softly. She nodded. She was always quiet. I helped her down the stairs, knowing if I carried her Dad would pitch a fit. I reached the bottom of the steps to see Dad talking with a woman about his age. He cut his sentence short and he looked up at me.

"You weren't carrying her right?" He said softly. I shook my head. "Sue this is my daughter Bella and that is Allison."

"Dad." I said quietly, "In the kitchen." He nodded and he followed me into the kitchen.

"If this is the woman your involved with that Emmett was telling me about later can we just explain this when her kids get her," I said quietly, "It would be easier."

"Bella I'm marrying this woman." He told me seriously, "So she'll need the truth, her kids will be here soon. Which is when we are telling them about our engagment. Lets just get this all out at once. Emmett told me your plan and I agree with it. I don't want people treating you like crap over your daughter." I nodded and hugged him, mumbling a thanks. I heard knock on the door and a couple hello's. He smiled at me.

"That would be them." He said and I heard Emmett and Rosalie coming down the stairs. We walked into the living room, Dad carrying Allison. I sat on the couch and he sat her in my lap. Rosalie sat next to me and Emmett plopped down in the floor in front of us. While a girl around my age sat next to Rosalie, Dad next to Sue on the couch and a boy of about fourteen in the chair.

"Who is this?" The boy asked looking at me curiously. Rosalie grabbed my hand and gave me a reassuring smile. I smiled weakly back.

"This is my daughter Bella. Bella these are Sue's kids. Leah and Seth," Dad said to them, "But lets get started with an easier story first. Sue?"

"Kids..." Sue said hesitantly, "Charlie and I are getting married."

"Thats great!" Seth exclaimed and Sue smiled widely at her son's acceptance. Leah smiled widely.

"I'm happy for you Mom!" She said happily, "Just one question? Whats with the kid?" She was looking at me and Allison.I saw Emmett tense.

"This is Bella's daughter..." My father said quietly, "Allison."

"What?" Leah said loudly, "She would have been like thirteen! What a slut!" Tears stung my eyes.

"Leah!" Sue and Seth said loudly. I got up and sat Allison on the couch.

"E-em watch Ali," I stuttered out and ran out of the house. I didn't make it far, the front porch.I leaned against the wall and sobs wracked my body. Rosalie was soon out there. She pulled me to her.

"Hey," She said softly, "Your Dad and Emmett just explained everthing. Leah feels real bad about that. He went ahead and told them about telling people she was your sister." I nodded. She stood up and and pulled me up with her. She took the end of her sleeve on her jacked and wiped the tears off my face.

"Thanks," I said quietly as we went back inside. I picked Allison up and held her to me.

"Damn it Bella," Dad said angrily, "Put her down right now. Your gonna hurt yourself." I sighed and set her back on the couch. She grabbed my hand. I smiled at her. I sat next to her on the couch then put her in my lap. I hugged her close to me.

"Bella," Leah said quietly, "I'm sorry." I nodded stiffly.

"Why don't we all go out for dinner?" Dad suggested. We all just nodded. We pulled into the diner, the only restaurant in town. Dinner came and went we went all went our seperate ways. I lay in the bed with Allison. Tomorrow the truck with my stuff would be here. When I woke Allison wasn't there. I got up and ran down the stairs. I saw her at the table with Emmett, Rose, and Dad eating breakfast. I sighed with relief.

"Sorry Bella," Emmett said sadly, "She was awake and you were asleep. I didn't want her to wake you."

"Mommy!" Allison said loudly, "Good morning." I smiled at her.

"Good morning." I said back to her. Emmett jumped up and pulled a plate from the microwave and sat it at the place next to Allison. I smiled.

"Eat." He said looking at me, "Its still hot." I sat in the place by Allison and started eating. I heard a knock on the door. Emmett went to get it.

"Moving truck is here," Emmett called and I went to get up.

"Sit." Rose said, "Eat." Dad and her left me and Allison there. They carried about ten boxes upstairs. That was all I had. I sighed. When I was done, I cleaned Allison off and she laughed. I left her be. She would be fine. i walked up the stairs to my room. Rose was sitting on my bed.

"This is all you have? She asked me shocked and I nodded. "You sit. I'll unpack for you."

"You don't have to," I said shaking my head, "This is my stuff."

"Nope." She said shaking her head, "You sit. Tell me where to put it. It will go faster this way because your injured. Then we will go shopping because this isn't acceptable. And your kid needs her own bed." I sighed as I nodded. She opened a box of clothes. She didn't ask about those. Just started putting them away, where she thought they should go. She opened a box. It was full of toys. She shoved it in the corner of the room. I closed my eyes tightly. She opened another box, books. She started placing them on shelves. She didn't even ask me where to put stuff. I wasn't going to protest. When she was done, she smiled at me.

"Okay lets go shopping." She said happily. I shook my head.

"I can't go shopping," I said shaking my head, "I don't have any money."

"Yes you do!" Dad called from the hallway. He opened the door and handed me a credit card, "Go. Get what you need. what you want." Then he left. I sighed.

"Get dressed," Rose said to me, "Meet me downstairs in ten. Emmett and your Dad already agreed to watch Allison." I sighed as she left. I brushed my hair and dressed. I slid a pair of shoes on and walked down the stairs. Rose smiled at me.

"Lets go," She said happily. I smiled slightly at her and followed her out to the car. Once at the mall she made me buy clothes for me and Allison. we got Allison a toddler bed. that they were delivering today and a toy box. I got six pairs of jeans, four pairs of stretch pants, five skirts, two dresses and a ton of shirts. Then she pulled me to a shoe store where I got three pairs of gym shoes, a pair of converse, five different colored flip-flops, a few pairs of flats, and two pairs of heels. She pulled me to a children's boutique. I couldn't keep count of what we got for Allison. Then she pulled me into Victoria Secret.

"Oh No," I protested. She laughed as she asked me my sizes. I didn't even pay attention in there. I just knew it was lacey stuff and a few pairs of appropiate pajama's. After that we went to a bed and bath store, where we got stuff for Allison's and my bed. Then had me get my hair layered. Then she took me to get school stuff, which Dad had called and told me I would need because I was not quitting school, Sue had volunteered to watch Allison for me. She said to call whenever I needed her even if it wasn't for school. I found I had actually had fun. When we got home we found the toys in the toybox and her bed set up. I put the blankets on it. I stepped off into the private bathroom attatched to my bedroom and saw a potty chair. Allison was already potty been for two months.

"School tomorrow," Dad called,"And Sue, Leah and Seth are moving in tomorrow." That night when Allison was asleep in her bed I took the chance to shower. I found an outfit laying on my bed with a note. Wear this tomorrow -R. I smiled. At least I would have Rose and Emmett tomorrow. They were both great.

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