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Isabella Swan moves in with her father and big brother Emmett bringing along her two year old daughter Allison. A violent past makes Bella hesitant about almost everything and her daughter is her number one concern. While shes at school Charlie's fiance Sue Clearwater watches Allison. What happens when someone nearly kills Allison? Who could want that?

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I sighed. Phil had been gone for a few weeks. He left saying he had to do something and he would be back. This room was good for two months he had said and to order food when I needed it and not use the phone because if he found out it was Allison who would pay for my mistakes. So I had. I was bored so I flipped the tv on. It was the news. I usually avoided the news but today something told me I should watch.

"Phil Dwyer had been arrested. He was found in the home of Dr. Carlisle Cullen trying to kidnap their nieces boyfriend's nephew. The childs daughter is still missing. The family thinks Phil may have her too." The news broadcaster said and my picture came onto the screen and then a picture of the Cullens, Charlie, and Sue. Jasper was holding Allison to him. There were tears on his face. I switched the tv off and let what i had just seen sink in. I grabbed the phone and dialed Jaspers number.

"Hello," Jasper said lowly. His voice sounded so sad.

"Jasper," I said quietly, "I...i was just watching the news...They have him? He tried taking Ali?"

"Bella," Jasper said his voice filled with hope, "Bella where are you and I'll come and get you." I told him. He said him, Emmett, and Ali would be there in a few hours. I lay on the bed. I was upset though. I didn't know where my clothes were. He hadn't raped me again but he had hit me with a whip after making me strip and he hid my clothes. He wanted to be sure I didn't leave. When there was a knock on the door I wrapped the blanket around me and walked to the door. I cracked it. When I saw Jasper I opened it all the way. Behind him stood Emmett with Allison. Jasper pulled me to him and ran a hand through my hair.

"You okay?" He asked me and I winced a little as he squeezed me tightly. He immediately let go. "Where are your clothes?" Tears filled my eyes as I sat on the bed. Allison was asleep and Emmett lay her on the bed. Jasper and Emmett both sat on the other bed. They both stared at me.I stood back up. They wanted to know what had happened but I couldn't say it. I stared at the ground as I let the blanket fall. They both gasped. They're were still whip marks on my body. Everywhere. I turned so I was no longer facing them. Suddenly a shirt was being pulled over my head and I was being pulled gently into Jaspers arms. I sobbed against his chest.

"Emmett," Jasper said softly, "Can you run to the store and get her some clothing."

"Yeah." He said quietly. "I'll be back." He left. Jasper pulled me over to the bed and lay down with me. I clung to him. He gently kissed my head. When I had stopped crying I looked at Jasper.

"He didn't rape me," I told him quietly. "Hitting me with the whip was the worst he did." He looked relieved. Then I did something that shocked even me. I kissed him. He looked down at me when we both pulled away. He gave me a slight smile. He gently touched my face and I leaned into his touch.I rested my head on his shoulder. He gently ran a hand through my hair. An hour or so later Emmett walked back in. Clothes in hand. I went to the bathroom and changed and when I stepped out Allison was awake. She ran to me. She hit me and I winced

"Why did you leave me mommy!" She cried loudly and tears filled my eyes. I knelt beside her and pulled her close.

"I'm so sorry baby," I whispered, "I had to. I had to protect you." She hugged me close to her. Emmett and Jasper led us out to the car and we went to the airport. I slept most of the flight home. Actually all of it. When I woke I was at home in my bed. I climbed out of my bed and walked down the stairs to the living room. Everyone was there. There were a round of hellos, good to see you, and how are you's. I told them about everything. Jasper lead me outside and pulled me to him.

"I love you Bella," He whispered, "I was falling to pieces without you." I drew in a deep shaky breath. He loved me. Did I love him? That was a stupid question.

"I love you too," I whispered to him, "I'm sorry. I had to protect Allison and you." He held me tightly to him and I buried my face in his chest letting myself relax into him and the feeling of being loved. It was a wonderful feeling to know that he wanted me even after everything that had happened even I after I hurt him that he still wanted me. That he loved Allison as well. Allison ran out the door and towards us. I scooped her into my arms. Jasper kissed her softly on the cheek.

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