The Doctor sat next to Donna on a grassy hill watching the sun set. It was the 4th of July, and Donna had insisted on doing something! So he took her to the planet VonpaQuelika. The Planet of Stars. He watch as Donna's eyes lit up when the stars were visible.

"Oh Doctor, they're, they're beautiful!" She cried. The Doctor reached over and grabbed her hand.

"That's nothing. Just wait a moment longer." He told her. She nodded and looked back up at the stars. With in a few moments the whole sky light up with fireworks of all sorts of colors, and shapes. Donna let her mouth drop in amazement.

This was spectacular. Beyond words for Donna. And just as they were about to end, one last firework shot up and spelled something. Something that made Donna's heart flutter.


And right before the word faded another firework shot up and formed a small heart around it. Donna turned to the Doctor who couldn't stop smiling.

"Doctor, I – I don't know what to say." She paused and smiled, her eyes growing wet with tears. "Thank you." She whispered. The Doctor leaned in close and gave her a soft and heartfelt kiss. Then whispered in her ear.

"No thank you, Donna Noble."