DISCLAMER I DO NOT OWN POKEMON...why would I be writing fanfiction about it if I did?

Chuchu and Yellow were up on a hill under a tree just on the outskirts of pallet town enjoying the heavy rain, Chuchu then began jumping up and down and side to side.

"Chuchu hold still!" Yellow said as she was sketching the Pikachu.

"Are you hungry or something?" Yellow questioned "You've been so restless all day even though we just ate"

Chuchu then began chasing her own tail. Yellow Sighed. Chuchu stopped because she had noticed something she perked her ears and sprinted to the opposite direction of pallet town ignoring the rain.

"Huh? Chuchu wait up!" Yellow frantically said as she took out her umbrella and followed Chuchu making sure she was always in her view. Yellow finally caught up to Chuchu who stopped near a rock.

"Why did you runoff..." Yellow panted but trailed of as right next to Chuchu was not just the rock but a worried Pika and Red.

Red was certainly not aware of the fact that is it was raining as he had fallen asleep before the rain and he is still sleeping, a very deep sleep in a matter of fact.

Yellow felt Reds hand which were icy cold and his forehead that was feverish.

"Red?...Red?" Yellow said while shaking him. He did not budge.

"Chuchu could you..." before Yellow was able to finish Chuchu used thunder bolt on Red which made him wake up right away.

"Yea that" Yellow twitched her eye.

"Ow...huh? Why am I soaking wet? And where is the 10m glass of moo moo milk I was just enjoying?" Red question himself as he was pondering his situation.

"Umm I think you fell asleep and got rained on...and for the moo moo milk...I'm sorry to say but I'm pretty sure that was a dream" Yellow stated with an awkward grin, he awkward grin then formed into a worry look as she move her hand to check Reds forehead again "But aside that lets get back to pallet town Red you've got a fever"

Red jumped back a little as she caught him off guard when Yellow touched his forehead. As Yellow quickly snapped her hand back when she noticed what she had done.

You see the relationship with Red and yellow became a little bit awkward ever since Red found out about Yellows true gender. It wasn't that the relationship has gotten worse but the fact of him becoming more conscious of what he does around Yellow after all she was a girl and he gets a bit flustered as the clueless Red had really only been around one girl aside from yellow and that one girl was a con artist of all things. Also the fact that he has been treating Yellow as a boy...although he treats both genders pretty much the same.

"S-Sorry" Yellow apologized quickly.

"O-oh it's no problem at all you just caught me off guard is all" Red then gave one of his famous quirky grins. Yellow then lowered her head so her hat covered her blush.

"Umm we better get back to pallet town...then again we are closer to viridian wanna head there?" Yellow asked as while her head was still lowered.

"Alright lets get goinnnn-..." Red was about to finish but his legs gave out a little as he stumbled almost falling.

Yellow then proceeded to wrap Red's arm around her shoulder for backup as they started to walk.

"Thanx Yellow" Red said as his forehead was resting on her other shoulder.

"Don't worry about it! You've helped me much more then this" Yellow started to smile as she recalled the first time they met.

Red started a thought as they were walking, 'I knew she was really short but I never knew how fragile she felt...but she's strong. And warm' he thought.

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