Summary: Arctic Fox asks Kenshin what being a bodyguard implies.

Job Expectations

By Dark Ice Dragon

Kenshin frowned slightly, faint confusion written on his face. "Why do you want to know?"

He gave a small shrug. "In case there are more tasks expected of me than I assume." From the little information that he'd paid attention to about Prince before hearing what level he was, he'd heard that Prince was a bloodthirsty fighter, but was also very very eccentric.

The other player was silent for a few seconds, obviously thinking it over. "I was Infinite Band's bodyguard while they were touring," he started carefully. Arctic Fox had heard passing mentions of that tour, but it hadn't interested him so he'd never followed it up. And what he had heard was so outlandish that it couldn't be true.

"I had to protect them from crowds, keep the crowds coming up in a single line at the signings, and make sure that no-one sneaked into the rooms we occupied." That didn't sound too bad, and seemed like what he thought it would be.

"When too many players found us and Infinite Band couldn't rest, we started sleeping on Sunshine's carpet," Kenshin continued. Arctic Fox blinked at him. They started sleeping on a... carpet? "I had to make sure no other players got on it."

"How many players?" he asked, the earlier part of the statement penetrating his bemusement. How many players did it take before Kenshin had been overwhelmed?

A pause, Kenshin's eyes turning distant. He shook his head slowly. "I lost count at five-hundred." Arctic Fox stared, and Kenshin gazed back at him, expression unchanging. Kenshin had to be exaggerating, but Arctic Fox knew he never did.

... But knowing what Kenshin had to do, it would definitely explain why Kenshin was so good at fighting.

Had to raise their conversation levels. XD;;