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Save Me

Chapter One: First Sight

Sasuke grunted out an apology as he sped down the side walk, colliding with a few people he couldn't avoid hitting. He growled as he skidded around the corner, almost slipping on the slick concrete. His lungs slightly burned from the cold air he continuously inhaled and exhaled at a rapid rate. He grimaced at the slight pain that shot up his back but ignored it. After all it had been nine years since he received the injury, but since it was so close to his spine, and damaged his kidney, pain would randomly shoot up his back whenever he happened to over exert his self. Its needless to say he had become used to the feeling now, but that didn't mean it didn't bother him. To him it was a horrible reminder of a horrible night he wished he could just forget.

Screeching tires sounded to his left, he glanced just in time to see the silver car speeding down the street swerve in a desperate attempt to avoid hitting the bike messenger. The car failed miserably and hit the man with a sickening thud. Sasuke could swear, even from where he stood, several feet away, he could distinctly hear the man's bones snapping. The car then fishtailed and slammed directly into a nearby light pole. Without another thought Sasuke spun around and made towards the fallen man, skidding onto his knees once he reached the mans wide eyes stared at him, his chest rising and falling quickly. Sasuke could hear the wetness in the man's breath as he spoke.

"H-he-lp m-me.."

"Its alright, I'm a doctor." He briskly told the man. as he began examining his wounds. From behind him, he could hear the buzz of murmurs and people gossiping as they stopped to watch the show. He fought his desire to turn around at yell at all the annoying bystanders and instead dug into his pocket for his cell phone, and pulled it ou, hitting speed dial.

"Its Uchiha. I got a man hit by a vehicle. He has severe wounds to his legs, and head. I'm at the corner of Sound and Fourth." With that he snapped his phone shut and continued his examination.

"Oh my god...oh my god..." The one who had been driving the car appeared. A tall tanned women, with light brown hair and brown eyes, she had a small gash on above her brow, that allowed blood to flow down her face. "I just looked away for a second..." She gasped holding her hand over mouth in shock. Sasuke ignored her as the man's breathing started to slow.

"Sir, Sir I need you to stay with me." He spoke sternly once the man's eyes started to flutter close, and lightly slapped his face. The raven spun around hearing the sounds of heavy footsteps and wheels rolling against concrete come from behind him.

"Took you long enough." He snapped at the long haired brunette.

"What do you have?" Neji asked, panting slightly from the small run, ignoring Sasuke. Two nurses appeared seconds behind Neji, with a gurney rolling between them, while he explained the situation to Neji. They both grunted as they lifted the man onto the gurney. Once the man was on, they took off at a run towards Konoha Valley Hospital, with one of the nurses staying behind to treat the woman.

"What a hell of a way to start the day eh?"


Days that started like this never ended good. It wasn't a coincidence that a doctor just happened to be passing at the perfect time, or that the local hospital was a mere block away. It was a sign, an omen to the type of day Sasuke hated yet loved the most. They were always chaotic, full of surprises. They were messy and out of his control. But he loved them, he loved a challenge. He was the best after all. Days like this were his, where he stood on top and regained over that stupid concept of death and won.

Sasuke kept his fingers held tightly against the man's bleeding wound, with that he noticed it, and moved his free hand to the man's neck, pushing it to his skin, searching.

"Shit. I don't have a pulse." They slowed just enough to allow Sasuke to place his hands upon the man's chest and began to perform CPR. He felt two ribs crack beneath his strength, as they entered the double doors of the hospital entrance and cursed, his legs stumbling over his feet while he struggled to keep up pace with the gurney and continue administering CPR. The raven briefly glanced up as they passed the nurses station, yelling orders to the standing nurses, that's when he saw him. His onyx eyes meet strikingly blue ones, his knees nearly gave out at the small smirk that played across the bright headed blonds lips, their eyes remaining locked.

The sound of Neji yelling in his ears remided him that he was currently in the process of reviving a dying man, and had to pull his eyes away from the angelic blond.

"Fuck!" Naruto cursed loudly, spilling his very hot cup of coffee all over the front of his brand new orange scrubs. He groaned looking at the gray clouds that covered the sky, today was going to be a very long day, he just had a bad feeling. The grumpy blond entered the hospital entrance, grumbling and cursing. Upon entering he glanced up to view the hospital he would be working in and an extreme feeling of excitment overcame him. The head receptionist and nurses desk were completely swamped with patients urging to be seen by doctors.

"Behind you!" A yell sent from behind him, had him jumping out of the way as paramedics reeled in a critical patient. He watched as nurses and doctors rushed to the paramedics and rushed off to treat the patient.

It was chaotic, it was messy, it was loud, and it was absolutely perfect. It was exactly what he had expected it to be like. After all those long sleepless nights, and unbearable hours beyond hours in the library, he was finally here. He grinned to his self as his blue eyes found the familiar face he was searching for, and slumped over to him, wiping the front of his scrubs furiously.

"Yo Naruto! Man...you look like shit!" Kiba smirked at him, taking in his disheveled and irritated state.

"Shut the fuck up Kiba." Naruto growled, throwing the grinning brunette a glare, as he took his place amongst the group of new interns. "My alarm didint go off." Or in fact he forgot to set his alarm, and just happened to wake up five minutes after he was suppose to be at the hospital.

"You know they say its bad luck to show up late on your first day." A quite voice spoke right behind them.

"Gah what the hell Gaara! How long have you been there?" Gaara ignored Kiba, while Naruto ignored Gaara, and took notice to the sullen looking man that stood before the small group of interns. Wondering what had caught his two friends attentions, Kiba turned to see. The bored looking man had brunette hair that was pulled back, giving him the look of a pineapple. The sleepy man's brown eyes rolled over each and everyone of them, Kiba couldn't help but blush as his lazy eyes lingered on him longer than the others.

Next to him Naruto snorted and elbowed him in the side. "Oh my I think your blushing."

"Alright alright listen up interns."The small group immediately quieted and looked to the man, while Kiba threw Naruto a heated glare, his red upside down twin triangle tattoos blending in with his equally red face.

"So troublesome..." He mumbled glancing at the paper he held in his hands. "Alright, I'm Dr. Nara and I've got you're locker assignments. Once you get them, go find them and return back here. And don't take your sweet time. Unless you really wanna piss off your residents, though I don't recommend it." He glanced at all of them, his eyes clearly telling everyone of them he could really careless about what he was doing and them. "Okay first up, Haruno, Inuzuka, Hyuuga, Uzumaki..."

Thankfully Kiba just happened to bring an extra scrub shirt so Naruto presented his self back to Dr. Nara in a nice fresh clean matching orange scrubs. He laughed at Kiba as he told him and Gaara about the horrible date he had been on last night, when the loud sound of the several yells filled the room.

They all turned to the sound as a nurse and a doctor pulled a patient in at a high speed. But that's not what grabbed his attention, it was the slender pale figure that donned the other side of the patient, pumping away furiously on the bloodied man's chest.

Naruto could only stare as the man's face came into view, and he stopped breathing. The man was absolutely gorgeous. Dark jet black hair, with smooth pale white skin. He was still dressed in street clothes, a dark black short sleeve shirt with midnight blue skinny jeans. Even from where Naruto stood, he could see the wetness of blood coating the man's shirt, arms, and hands. Naruto watched him in a daze as he shouted out orders to a nurse, whose hair was pulled up into two small buns on each side of her head, who sped to his side, his pink thin lips furrowing as he continued to pump the man's chest, his obvious frustration gracing his beautiful face. It happened so quick he didn't expect it and temporarily forgot how to breath or think. The pale angel of a man eyes quickly looked up, meeting his. They looked at him, dark black onyx ones, boring into his own, filling with a emotion much different than what they held seconds ago, before they returned back to the man's body and disappeared behind OR 1's doors. A hard thump against his back brought him out of his daze.

"Hey Naruto! Are you breathing?" Kiba barked in his ear. "You're turning blue."

"Who the fuck was that?" Naruto gasped out, his eyes remaining on the closed door OR door. Both Gaara and Kiba chuckled.

"God he's so hot..." A pink haired intern, who had introduced her self in the locker room as Sakura Haruno, gasped from beside them.

"You've got that right.." Spoke her blond friend named Ino Yamanaka. Both of their faces held a furious blush as they gushed about the raven in hushed tones.

Naruto scowled to his self, making a note to keep an eye on both girls.

"Ah I see you've met Dr. Uchiha." A amused voice sung from behind them. They all looked to the silver haired man walking towards them, judging from his white coat he was a doctor as well.

"I'm Dr. Hatake." He told them, answering their question before anyone had a chance to ask it. "Head of Cardio. Nice to meet ya, little interns." Kiba and Gaara scowled at the nickname, something that seemed to slip past the blonds ears.

"Doctor Uchiha?" Naruto asked the grinning man. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see the blond and the pink haired fan girls lean towards them, in hopes of getting some info on Uchiha for themselves. So the raven man was a doctor, and worked in this hospital. Perfect, he'd be able to get to see more of him then.

"The one and only soon to be Head of Trauma. Though don't get your hopes blondie he doesn't play well with others." At that moment his pager beeped to life at his side. "Well gotta go little ones, good luck. You're sure as hell going to need it." And with that the man left them with a wink and small smile.

Naruto smirked to his self, and decided that he would do whatever it took to get noticed by the raven, to know more about the raven, and hopefully get the raven in his bed.

"Listen up and listen well because I won't be repeating myself." The chiefs assistant and hospital physiatrist, Dr. Asuma Sarutobi told them sternly. "Welcome to hell. Starting today you are the lowest of the low, so accept it and deal with it. Each one of you will be assigned to a Resident and you will do as your Resident instructs you. Got it?" He lifted one of his eyebrows as he spoke giving them an odd look. "Okay, find your name and then go find your Resident. Now!" He snapped when everyone remained in place. Quickly they all scrambled forward and searched for their names upon the list, which was taped near the surgery board. Naruto paled with a smirk appearing on his face, today was going to be a good day.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Kiba asked him, eying him carefully, recognizing the look in the blonds eyes, as he crowded behind him trying to see his name as well.



"You both are assigned to Uchiha's service." Gaara answered for him. Naruto's grin widened seeing Kiba catching his drift.

"God your such a pervert. We haven't started yet and your already trying to get in someone's pants. And those pants just happen to be the resident we're assigned to no less." Kiba hissed at him.

"I'm not trying to get in his pants." Naruto tried to defend. "Yet anyways….."

Kiba scowled at him and shook his head mumbling.

"Well I'm on Dr. Kakashi's service. I'll see ya later." Gaara told them, waving as he left in search for his goofy instructor.

Sasuke sighed, removing his heavy t-shirt. The blood soaked material stuck to his chest as he took it off. A shiver ran down his spine, the wet feeling bringing memories he had no desire to remember back. He truly hated the feeling of wet clothes against his skin, weather it be because of water or blood. Once his now thrown away clothes were removed, he made his way to the showers and quickly cleaned his self. He flinched lightly and scowled when his soapy fingers ran over his scar. He closed his eyes and relished the feeling of the hot water running over his tired body, while he forced his mind to not remember the night he had received the said scar. Fifteen minutes later he was clean, dry, and now in his traditional dark navy scrubs and white coat.

He groaned lowly while he fumbled with his prescription bottle lid. Finally getting the stupid child proof lid open, he dug his finger inside, pulling out the semi-yellow pills, and popping one into his mouth.

"There you are. Asuma's been looking for you." Shikamaru announced his self, leaning against the end of Sasuke's locker row. Sasuke merely glanced at him, discarding the prescription bottle back into his bag in his locker. He could feel Shikamaru's eyes following him, lingering upon the bottle as he closed his locker door, and bent down to tie his shoe. Sure Shikamaru wouldn't say anything about the pills now, but he knew he would sooner or later, so he just decided to get it all over with now. He didn't feel like being pestered later.

"I had to jog here, stupid alarm clock." He spoke briefly, "I almsot slipped on the side walk."

"Mnn...that bad eh? It's been hurting more recently." Shikamaru stated.


"Here, its your intern list. You've got three of them." Shikamaru stuck the paper right under his nose, forcing him to take it, not pressing the subject any further.

Sasuke groaned as he took the paper, snatching it roughly from his long time friend's hand, who was now yawning.

"Three? Shit." Today was going to suck.

"Yeah yeah, well your not the only one. Neji has three too."

Sasuke smirked. Thank god. Life wouldn't be as fun if he couldn't watch his other friend suffer as well.

"Well aren't you a lucky one." Sasuke spoke bitterly.

"Don't you know it. I still have two months of probation left before I get to enjoy in all the fun." Shikamaru spoke, bored and lazy like always, though Sasuke knew it was a sore subject and that it bothered him. He watched his pineapple head of a friend, waiting to see if he wanted to talk about it, but judging by the yawn he just emitted, that was a no.

"Hn." He grunted out, sticking his stethoscope into his pocket and standing up.

"Ahhh well I'll see you around. I have to go give Neji the happy news." Shikamaru gave Sasuke a pat on his shoulder before exiting the room mumbling something about "So damn troublesome..". Seconds later he returned, popping his head back in the door "Oh and go easy on them this time."

Sasuke smirked and rolled his eyes. "I don't know what your talking about."

"You made that girl cry and quit on her first day…"

"Its not my fault she was an complete idiot and didn't know how to draw blood properly."

Shikamaru sighed at him, shaking his head,

"Fine, I'll try." He gritted out.

Shikamaru snorted. "You're a horrible liar." He chuckled out, before disappearing behind the door once again, leaving a smirking Sasuke in the empty locker room.

It didn't take him and Kiba long to find Dr. Uchiha, it wasn't the best first impression at the least, and both Naruto and Kiba gulped, maybe the day wasn't going to be so good after all. Their handsome resident was currently chewing out a nurse, quite loudly chewing her out in fact, for giving him the wrong medication. They stood slightly back and watched as the embarrassed nurse began sobbing and took of at a run, no a sprint, down the hall, when he ordered her to go find the proper medication.

The dark haired raven massaged his temples while he briskly instructed a male nurse with a bowl cut styled hair cut, and handed him a chart. Once the bowl cut clad in bright green scrubs bounded off to do his duty, yelling loudly "Right away Dr. Uchiha! Sir!" the ravens eyes snapped to the two still boys. They both flinched as the iciness in his eyes practically slapped them in the face.

"Let me guess, your my interns." He said his voice dripping with annoyance, his dark eyes looked them both over, his eyes lingering on the tanned blond, obviously looking the blond up and down. Naruto gaped at the raven, daring to believe that he had just checked him out so obviously, he heard Kiba snicker while he tried to hold back his laughter beside him.

"I thought there was suppose to be three of you." Sasuke's eyes narrowed, clearly annoyed at the fact that one of his interns were late on their first day.

Naruto and Kiba opened their mouths to speak but he waved them to be quiet.

"Whatever, you two are?"

"Kiba Inuzuka." Kiba spoke first, receiving a slight glare from Naruto.

"Naruto Uzumaki."

"Alright, let's get this over with." He straightened his self up, a even sterner look appearing across his face. "I'm Dr. Uchiha. You are to do what I say when I say, no questions asked." They both nodded and straightened up, both of their arms automatically going to their sides, as if they were being instructed by a military general."You will show up on time every day. If you fuck up, you fuck up and you will no longer be on my service-"

At that moment a very pale black haired man skidded to a halt next to them, knocking Kiba painfully in the shoulder. Kiba scowled at him, while he rubbed his arm.

"And you are?" Sasuke asked glaring at the panting man.

"Sai Shimura (*1). Please forgive me fo-"

"I don't want to hear you're excuses and nor do I care. If you're late again you will no longer be on my service." The boy paled even further. Sasuke returned his attention back to Kiba and Naruto, who both couldn't help but gulp for the second time.

"As I was saying," he threw Sai a icy glare, "I don't want to hear you complain, because I don't care. You are not allowed to do anything unless I say so. And if you kill someone, I'll kill you." He closed his eyes and massaged his temples briefly again before continuing, "Okay check you're pagers and make sure they work, because if I page you and you don't come," his eyes narrowed as he spoke, "you're sure as hell going to wish you had. Now let's get going. You, one who was late, your on charts. Get started, and if I catch you doing anything else your out." And with that he turned around and stalked away. It took Naruto and Kiba a second to realize that Sasuke was no longer in front of them, and they quickly sped after him.

Naruto sighed to his self, this was going to be harder then he thought. Dr. Uchiha was nothing like he imagined he would be. He was hard core, beyond gorgeous, and slightly intimidating. But their was no way in hell that was going to stop him, and judging by the way the ravens eyes lingered on him, he had already got his attention.

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