Smells like Sextant

Harry Potter smelt the sweet night air as he stepped out into the cool breeze.

He was dreading tonight, mainly because he thought Cho might ask him why he's been acting the way he was and then he'd be forced to tell her the truth- he doesn't love her anymore.

He wasn't sure why and he was sure that he wanted to love her, he just couldn't.

He walked alone along the path, counting his steps and keeping his breathing to a steady pace in case he started hyperventilating about what he had finally decided to do.

He had been thinking about it all day, running through different ideas in his head and coming up with the different reactions from each of the things he had rehearsed but none of them would be any different really- he was going to hurt Cho, whether he was kind or cruel about it.

Harry paused, looking over to see Cho Chang one of the most beautiful girls he knew sitting on a bench near the Herbology classrooms looking dreadfully cold.

She spotted Harry and a smile appeared over her small shiny lips, although there was something about the smile which made Harry even more nervous.

She knew.

Somehow, over the past few hours she'd figured it out.

Breathing deeply he walked over to her, only occasionally making eye contact but fundamentally he spent most of the walk towards her looking towards the ground.

He paused before sitting down on the bench beside Cho, of whom slightly moved away from him when he sat.

'Cho,' Harry stated, unsure about what else to say.

'Harry,' she responded, sounding almost as uncertain as he was.

The air shifted suddenly and the wind began to pick up, giving Harry a few moments to think before the wind finally calmed down again.

'Do… Do you know what I'm going to say?' Harry asked, shaking slightly.

Cho bit her bottom lip, looking down to the ground and shifting slightly.

'Yes,' she responded, her sweet voice made Harry somehow feel even worse than before.


After he had said it Harry suddenly wondered why he had, but it was a fair enough question- obviously someone had told her.

'Isn't it obvious?' Cho cried looking over to him, tears beginning to form in her brown eyes. 'I've known for quite some time now Harry. It's almost as if you barely even see me anymore. I don't understand it; we were soo happy… and now… now… well its different isn't it.'

Harry lowered his eyes and sighed, as another gust of wind howled through the nearby trees.

'I'm sorry,' Harry said, after a while. 'I didn't want it to end this way-'

'Well what way did you want it to end Harry!' Cho demanded standing, tears flooding down her tired face. 'There really isn't a good way is there! Cos if there is please, please let me know!'

Harry sighed quietly, stood up and reached out holding Cho's left hand in his own.

'I really don't know what to say to you,' Cho said spitefully, although not pulling away from Harry.

'Neither do I,' Harry replied, kissing Cho on the cheek one last time before slowly walking past her and heading back towards the school, holding in tears as he went.

He knew that he wasn't in love with Cho anymore- that wasn't hard to admit to himself, but having to admit it to Cho was one of the hardest things he had ever done.

Hermione Granger tied her hair up into a loose bun before sticking two small chopsticks through it on either side.

So far this morning, she had managed to go a whole five steps from her bed to the mirror without anyone calling her a traitor or any of the various other cruel remarks that had been thrown at her since her return.

She applied some make-up before taking a deep breath and walking out of the dorm room and down into the common room.

Without making eye contact with anyone she walked out of the common room and down to the Great Hall taking a seat alone at the end of the table and helping herself to some toast.

All of a sudden, without even a word someone came and sat directly opposite her.

Hermione looked up and Harry grinned down at her.

'Hey Mione what's up?' he asked, kindly.

'What are you doing?' she hissed, quietly. 'If people see you with me-'

'Then I'll tell them to shut up and get a life,' Harry said. 'Besides, everyone's mad at me right now anyway.'

Hermione looked down to her food.

'Yeah I heard,' she said. 'Rumour Witch.'

Harry shook his head.

'More like Rumour Bitch actually,' he joked, picking at his food with his fork.

They were silent for a while, and Hermione swore she heard a few cheap shots being yelled at her across the room about being a "Hogwarts Deserter" but she ignored it.

'Hello there,' said a dreary voice from behind Hermione.

She looked around as Luna Lovegood smiled down at them with a copy of The Quibbler under her arm.

'Erm… hello Luna,' Harry said, awkwardly. 'Did you want something?'

'Not really,' Luna replied. 'I just wanted to say hello. Anyway, bye.'

They watched as Luna skipped off out of the room, avoiding three eggs that were thrown across at her from the Slytherin table.

'Why does she always talk to us?' Hermione asked, suddenly. 'It's a little bit annoying actually.'

Harry laughed, shaking his head.

After they finished eating, the re-united friends made their way off to Potions with their "favourite" teacher of all time Professor Serverus Snape.

When they both arrived, they were a few minutes late so there were only two spots left; one next to Parvati Patil and the other next to Draco Malfoy.

'Err,' Hermione stammered; neither of them really wanted to sit in either seat.

'Quiet,' Snape ordered from the front of the class before spying Harry and Hermione. 'Potter, Granger. Are we both incapable of taking a seat or would you like to bring it up with the Head Master? Sit!'

Hermione and Harry shared a glance before Harry took the seat beside Parvati.

Hermione sighed before making her way over to the table and sitting down beside Malfoy, with Crabb and Goyle sniggering at her from the seats across.

Hermione couldn't concentrate.

She just gazed off into the distance as Snape babbled on about nothing.

She just wished that everything was back the way it was.

When it was her, Harry and Ron.

Now Ron wasn't even speaking to either of them because of what had happened over the past year.

It really wasn't worth it.

'So by the end of the lesson I want three vials of cheerful potion on my desk from each group, or… well it'll seem that you'll miss out on dinner,' Snape ordered, grinning mischievously.

Hermione sighed before looking over at the other people on her table, knowing that Dinner would be arriving pretty late for her.

'So Granger were you listening or what?' Malfoy demanded, looking over at her.

Hermione glared over at him and lowered her eyebrows.

'Were you?' she asked, thoroughly.

Malfoy half-smiled.

'Of course not,' he said. 'Who do you think I am?'

Hermione sat up straight, sighing.

'Well the mixture's in the book so if you just let me do it all we might get out of her by about nine thirty,' Hermione stated, opening her potion book and looking over the ingredients in the middle of the desk.

'Or I could help you and we'd get done by at least nine,' Malfoy sniggered, although there was the slightest amount of kindest in his voice.

'You want to help THAT mud blood!' Crabb snapped, shocked.

'No!' Malfoy retorted. 'I want to help… Hermione.'

Hermione was shocked.

Did Draco just… do something… well kind of… sweet?

He looked over to her and did that little half-smile again and she shook her head slightly.

'Well, let's begin then,' she ordered, looking down to the potion book and tucking a piece of hair behind her ear timidly.

What was wrong with her?

She was actually working with Draco Malfoy?

Cho Chang felt her eyes begin to water as she passed her now ex-boyfriend Harry Potter in the corridor.

Her best friend Marietta Edgecombe noticed her friends' tears and pulled her aside, away from the crowd.

'Are you okay love?' she asked her, sweetly.

Cho wiped her eyes a few times.

'Yes, it's just… it's finally hitting me,' Cho spluttered. 'Harry never really loved me. He was just waiting for the right time to break up with me.'

Marietta knew that was most probably true and nor did she really care about Cho, but in order to keep up appearances she went along with it.

'Of course not honey,' Marietta lied, hastily. 'He did, but obviously just not as much as you care for him. Just move on sweetie, find someone else. Someone… else…'

Marietta's voice trailed off as she spied Michael Corner looking over at them in the distance with a lustrous look on his face.

'Someone else what?' Cho asked, sniffing.

'Hold on a second love, stay here,' Marietta advised, storming over to Michael and practically throwing him around the corner. 'What are you doing?'

Michael smiled, dazed.

'I was going to talk to Cho, you know, now that she and Harry have broken up I thought-'

'No!' Marietta snapped. 'You remember our deal!'

'But it doesn't matter now; Harry and Cho aren't together anymore!' Michael cried, standing up straight and crossing his arms.

'Yes, that's true,' Marietta stated. 'But that was just plain luck! You agreed to this and you're not going to get Cho until your part of the bargain is upheld.'

Michael slumped down slightly.

'But I don't think I want to,' Michael said, slowly.

'You'll have to,' Marietta stated, glowering her eyes. 'Because if you don't, I'll make sure that Cho never even speaks with you again.'

Michael lowered his eyes.

'You're a real bitch you know that?' Michael pointed out, looking up at her with hatred.

'I know,' Marietta grinned, holding her hip and smiling. 'But until Harry Potter is playing tongue tennis with me, I'm only YOUR bitch.'

Michael shuttered slightly before Marietta strutted off back to her "best friend" Cho of whom was also a very important part in her plan of getting what she really wanted, revenge.

Ron Weasley ducked behind the statue and held his breath.

He waited for the familiar jingling of Lavender Browns' bracelets run past before breathing normally again.

She had been practically stalking him since their little make-out session yesterday and Ron was beginning to get tired.

When would she get it through her head that he didn't like her… he kind of just… used her?

Oh god that sounded horrible!

'Tired Ronald?'

'Ahh!' Ron screamed, looking over to the voice which luckily had come from one of his ex-friends Hermione Granger. 'What the bloody hell are you doing here?'

Hermione sighed.

'I was trying to find you actually,' she said, slowly.

'Oh… why?' he asked, standing.

'Look, I know you and everyone else hates me… but the fact is that, you shouldn't be ignoring Harry,' Hermione pointed out. 'He's just being a good guy… which I shocking for Hogwarts men.'

Ron smirked at her remark.

'Thanks,' he said, grimacing.

'Yeah well I'm sorry Ronald but look at you!' Hermione snapped. 'You're hiding behind a statue because you don't have the balls to tell Lavender Brown that you don't actually like her.'

Ron crossed his arms.

'I do to,' he said, defensively. 'It's just I… don't want to hurt her feelings…'

'Oh yes and running away from her is nicer isn't it?' Hermione snapped, quickly.

'Look, next time I see her I'll let her know-'

'Let me know what Ronny-kins?' Lavender asked, appearing behind them. 'I found you. I heard your beautiful voice.'

Ron closed his eyes for a second in thought.

'Ahh Lavender… I… I wanted to tell you that…' Ron stammered.

'Yes Ronny-kins,' Lavender said, smiling.

Hermione laughed slightly, before pushing past them and walking off.

'That I need to speak with Hermione for a moment… alone… so I'll catch up with you later,' Ron stuttered.

Lavender lowered her eyes.

'Lavender-kinks…?' Ron finished, hopeful.

Lavender crossed her arms and stomped her foot on the hard ground, looking impressively angry with Ron.

'Er… Hermione wait,' Ron cried, dashing after the currently laughing Hermione.

Draco Malfoy wrote the last word on the piece of paper and folded it in half.

He had always hated Hogwarts but since the start of the year he had finally had a reason to be excited about coming back- Hermione.

He had never said… but he had always had somewhat of a thing for her but could never tell anyone; especially his father, he'd never forgive him if he found out that he had a little bit on a crush on a mudblood.

He had been sitting up in the Owlery for almost an hour now trying to get the right wording for this letter he was sending her and had only just managed to get everything right.

He wrote her name plainly on the front of the letter and chose a random owl from nearby and strung the letter to the owl's feet.

He carried the owl to the window and whispered to it, 'Take it to Hermione… oh and, please don't bite her, if you can help it… it's really not a romantic thing to do.'

With that he released the owl and it soared over the school until it was out of view.

'Take it to Hermione huh?' said a voice from behind Malfoy and his heart stopped.

Oh god, someone was there the whole time… someone had found out… he was buggered… his father would surely make him move schools… he was done for!

Malfoy stood up straight and looked around, his eyes widening when he saw the figure standing by the door… and then… he smiled.

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