Castle had been gone a month and she already felt, well, bored. She wasn't going to let what had happened affect her. Sure, when she went home at night she would think about it, but not here. Not at the precinct.

It was the truth though, she did feel bored. Normally she would arrive and Castle would have her coffee ready for her. Then he would begin their banter. She missed that. Her days didn't feel full.

She was sitting at her desk playing solitaire on her computer. She had finished all her paper work and they hadn't gotten a case in a long time. She got bored with solitaire so she decided to check her email.

She had three new messages, two were jokes from Lanie and one was from him.

Hey. How goes it? I just wanted to let you know that I would much rather have brought you with me. The thing is that about a week after I got here I had to kick my blood sucking ex-wife out. She was trying to make me work, can you believe that? Why would I do such a thing? Plus she complains ALL THE TIME. It was torture. You should arrest her. Have you ever noticed that you feel braver when you're writing an email and not talking face to face? Maybe that's just me. Anyway, how are things going there? Do you guys miss me yet? Well I hope to hear from you soon.


She contemplated writing back. Hearing about how miserable he was when Gina was there made Kate happy. Yeah, she would write back.

Hi, thing are going good. Actually things are pretty boring around here. We haven't had a case in ages. I even finished all my paperwork. I know scary right? Anyway, the guys are missing you something terrible. They are like sad little puppies, it's tough to watch. I have to say things are a little weird not having you following me around all the time. In all honesty my days are pretty boring.


She knew what he was talking about when he said writing an email was easier. Her cursor hovered over the send button for a while before she decided to press SEND. When she did she felt happier.

The clock hit six and she decided she would leave. On her way home she stopped and got some Chinese takeout. She almost had a complete Styrofoam pyramid in her fridge. She flipped through the channels on the T.V not really finding anything of interest. She gave up after about twenty minutes and decided to take a shower. She was just getting into bed when her phone beeped. She had a text from Castle.

Hey. What's up?

The moon, it's time to sleep. She felt like saying. She decided against saying that.

Nm. You?

She waited for a bit and when it seemed like he wasn't going to respond she tried to fall asleep. A couple seconds later her phone beeped again.

Not much. I was just trying to figure out how I could get Rook to help someone sneak out of a hospital without Nikki stopping him. Any suggestions?

She thought about it for a moment. She would need to know why he was sneaking someone out of the hospital, who it was and why Nikki didn't want him to.

No idea. Why are you writing so late? And why are you texting people so late?

It was almost one in the morning. She needed to get some sleep. She wouldn't be able to wake up in the morning.

Oh Jeeze. I'm so sorry. I didn't realize what time it was. I'm sorry if I woke you.

She laughed a little. Only Castle would text people at 1am and not think about the time.

No, actually I was awake. You didn't answer my question. What are you doing up so late?

She was surprised how fast he sent the next text. She wondered if he was using a full keyboarded phone.

I'm so bored. You can only do so much writing in one day. The beach isn't any fun without someone with me. So, from sitting and doing nothing all day I'm not tired.

It made her happy to know that he was just as bored as her. At least she wasn't the only one.

You could go for a run.

She was trying to stay awake to wait for his next text but she couldn't. When she woke up in the morning she saw that she had two texts from him. The first one was his answer to what she had said.

That's not a bad idea. I could get into shape.

She clicked on text number two.

Goodnight sleeping beauty.

She couldn't help the smile the crept across her face. She got up, got dressed, and headed off to work.