Summary: The team takes a job with one problem, Parker's never been camping before. A/N mostly ear-piece talk (if that makes sense). All mistakes are mine.

"Remind me why I'm here again?"

"Because Hardison, even if there's no electricity here doesn't mean we won't need you. Besides if I have to be here and wear these horrible, then you do too away from your precious video games. And really can't they make hiking boots be not so bulky and maybe in a more fashionable color than multiple shades of brown?"

"Enough complaining guys, the corporate executives will be here soon and they're expecting a top notch company retreat. Is everything in order?"

"Yeah Nate, all the activities are set up, but we've got one problem."

"What now Eliot?"

"Well its Parker. She won't come out of the tent."

"What's her reason this time? There aren't any horses around so that's not the problem and we're high up on a mountain so that should count for being near her height territory."

"Beats me," Eliot grumbled as he walked over to the tent, "Come on darlin' you gotta come out. We got a job to do. Nate's not too happy that you won't be there to help with the ropes course."

"I can't go out there Eliot. It's too open. I belong in a ventilation shaft or in an office breaking into a safe. How am I supposed to help you guys, I know nothing about being outside or going on retreats."

"That's what I said man, well minus the lock picking and the air shaft part, because that dust messes with my sinuses and…"

"Shut it Hardison, you're not helpin' the situation." Trying the zipper only to find she was holding it only made him get more annoyed, "Please Parker, it can't be that bad. You've been in worse situations where you were uncomfortable so what's the real reason?"

"I've never been camping," she whispered.

"What was that? You've got to speak up" he replied, "I couldn't hear ya."

"I said I've never gone camping. That's something that a normal person does not me."

Seeing her poke her head through the small hole he had made Eliot came up with a plan that included both a way to help Parker and get the mark. "Well then you'd better get your crazy butt outta that tent, because this is also a team camping trip."


Seeing the smile spread across her face made all that trouble he went through worth it. "Yeah. We'll still be working a job, but lets face it just plain camping isn't good enough for us."

"Ok, I'll come out as long as you guys promise we can have a campfire…"

"Sure thing hun" Sophie's voice cut through the comms, "Eliot's already chopped the wood."

"…and scary stories…"

"Nate, dude that one's all you."

"Fine, just stop encouraging her Hardison."

"…and s'mores like they have in the commercials!"

"No. No we are not giving you sugar. Do you guys not remember what happened last time?"

"But Hardison, I promised I would never shake up all your orange sodas again."

"Just let her have the damn food, we already have all the stuff to make them."

"Ok, we'll roast marshmallows and all that stuff, but are you coming out yet Parker? I can see the vans pulling up the road now. The con only works if all of us take care of our positions."

"Yup. Turn around."

"Shesh woman, you gotta tell me how you do that. I think it's like your superpower or something."

"Hardison, focus!"

"Right, sorry Nate."

"Now that that's settled, let's go steal us the great outdoors."

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