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Chapter 2

As they sat around the fire Eliot couldn't help but smile at what had happened over the past few days. This job had been an interesting one to say the least.

Nate's plan to turn the employees of Fischer & Brown Financial against one another instead of building up trust and company moral worked perfectly. They managed to get the CEO to confess to his peers in spout of anger that he was funneling money and had blamed it on their client to cover it up.

Nate played the role of camp manager with Sophie acting as the special guest speaker for the weekend. Those two together could probably con anyone into turning against each other no problem, and that was just one reason he didn't want to get on their bad sides.

When the men weren't being tricked by the magic of Sophie's words it was up to him, Hardison, and Parker to do the exercises and recreational parts. If only they had told Parker that a trust fall did not include climbing up into a tree first things might have gone a bit smoother.


Standing in front of the crowd of associates Eliot watched as Parker started her explanation of the exercise. "My name's Parker and today we're going to do the Trust Fall to work on building up trust in your fellow team members. Right then, so for this you should grab yourself a partner," she let out only to pause and start looking around and finally stopped searching once she met his gaze. His last thought before walking up was this is not going to be fun.

Starting up her speech again she introduced him and explained how you need to trust your partner and your team if you are going to be able to work with them. Before she could explain the jobs for each person she had already taken off climbing the branches of the nearest pine tree.

"Parker what are you doing?" He yelled getting close enough to the tree to see she was a good 15 feet in the air.

"This is supposed to be the trust fall Eliot, you're supposed to fall remember?"

Seeing the 'well duh' face she had on he realized that no one had ever explained to her the rules of the game first. "No Parker you don't fall out of a tree in the trust fall you just fall backwards and the person standing behind you is supposed to catch you, not jump from a height that could kill you."

"Ha oh please Eliot this won't kill you maybe break a bone if you land wrong, but no definitely will not kill me. See?" And with that she let herself fall through the patch were there weren't any branches in the way.

Instinctively putting his arms up Eliot caught her, but the momentum pulled them both to the ground. Trying to catch his breath after that he heard what sounded like laughter coming from Parker.

"See," she said, "what did I tell ya? I mean this really wasn't that much of a height difference from that one time I jumped off that guy's house in Florida. Only this time I knew you'd be there to catch me."

"There's something wrong with you," was the only response he could muster while trying to sit up.

Somehow Parker's misunderstanding actually helped fuel the fire between the co-workers, because all Eliot could hear from them sounded like, "No, there's no way I'm doing that" and "So does that mean you don't trust me?"

Watching her smile and brush the leaves and dirt off her clothes as the men turned away to head back to camp Eliot decided maybe she was the right person for this job.

End of Flashback

Grabbing some of the s'mores supplies from the picnic table Eliot grabbed Parker's now empty stick and stuck another marshmallow on for her.

"Mmm thanks," she mumbled as she finished eating the last one that had mostly turned black from Parker setting it on fire every two seconds.

Sitting down next to her he helped her find the right spot to put the marshmallow so that it would turn a golden-brown instead of become incinerated. "You've got to find just the right spot that has enough hot embers instead of actual flame and slowly rotate it if you want it to be really good."

Nodding her head she held the skewer there and turned it just like he said.

After a few minutes Eliot finally got the courage to ask Parker the question that had been on his mind since the tree incident, "Hey Parker, how were you able to explain the reason behind the trust fall if you never know really how to do it?"

"Well it's not really that different from what we do everyday. I trust Nate that he'll make a plan and Sophie that she'll be able to pull off the grift and Hardison to hack into whatever needs to be hacked."

"What about me though?"

"I trust you to protect me and catch me when I fall," sighing she leaned up against him and he put his arm around only to notice that during their conversation Parker's marshmallow had once again caught on fire.

"Parker pull out your marshmallow!"

"Ahh" she yelled as she started waving it around only to have it fly off and knock over Hardison's orange soda sitting on the ground.

"Seriously. I mean seriously. See this is why I said don't give Parker any sugar. Bad stuff happens and it always happens to me and my precious soda."

Tuning out Hardison he turned back to Parker to if she wanted him to make a s'more for her, but first she hugged him whispering in his ear, "Thanks Eliot, this was fun."

And that was enough for him. That small ounce of gratitude made up for all the crazy she had put him through on the job.

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