When you see a ***, the song As Daylight Dies by Killswitch Engage starts to play. The music is needed for the story.

This story will have three chapters, two entraces and one match.

"This next match is a No Disqualification match for the vacant Lylat System Championship!"

The lights darken, a single spotlight shines in the middle of the stage. A hooded wolf appears in the spotlight, you can't see his face. He is wearing a black and grey outfit, black wrestling pants and a grey tanktop with a hood on it.***Guitars start to strobe lights start to go as fast as the guitars hooded wolf starts to walk. White sparks spray from the sides of the ramp as the wolf walks, he stops in the middle of the ramp.

"On his way to the ring, hailing from the Sargasso Region, standing a six foot two weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds...Wolf O'Donnell!"

Wolf then starts walking again. When he reached the ring he climbed on to the apron then climbing to the middle of the top rope and stood,arms at his side in an amazing show of balance. He then reaches up to grab his hood. Wolf flips his hood back while he jumped to the middle of the ring. Then he howls as loud as he could prompting the croud to do the same, which they did. He pulls the hood part from his tanktop, as the hood being velcroed to the top, then threw it in to the crowd.

His music stops.