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Set right after 'The Big Bang' and also in Series 3 sometime. Enjoy.


Amy Pond sat back on the TARDIS' small couch near the console. She had just changed out of her wedding dress into her comfortable cowboy boots, a denim mini skirt and purple tights, a light purple shirt and black leather jacket.

The Doctor was fiddling around with the TARDIS controls trying to get to the right time and place to help the people who had called earlier.

Rory, her husband, was just climbing down the stairs from their room and buttoning up his shirt.

Her husband.


Amy smiled as she stared at Rory. It was so amazing to have him back. She would never again take him for granted. He was just too important.

So was The Doctor, in his own way. He was her imaginary friend, come back again. She couldn't believe that she had almost lost him forever.

It was then that Amy was thrown from the couch and to the floor with a crash. Rory fell down the last three stairs and the Doctor was knocked on to the floor next to Amy.

"What?" exclaimed the Doctor over the noise the TARDIS was making. "What is this?" He pulled himself back up to the controls and started running around like mad. The TARDIS gave another lurch. Amy had thankfully taken hold of an edge of the main platform and was able to stay on her feet. Rory, however, fell back down again.

"Doctor! What's happening?" asked Amy, making her way over to the Doctor.

"I don't know!" he replied, franticly running over to the other side and pulling a lever. "I don't have any control!" Another crash. "The TARDIS is just…taking us somewhere!"

"Does it do this often?" Amy asked in a dry tone, clutching tighter to the railing. Rory had finally made his way over to her.

"More often then I would like," Amy thought she heard the Doctor mutter.

With one last heave, the TARDIS seemed to settle.

"Is that all then?" asked Rory, looking a little green.

"I think so," said the Doctor slowly.

"Well," said Amy, righting herself and smoothing out her skirt. "Let's see where the TARDIS took us."

Amy walked purposefully to the doors and pulled them open. She walked out, aware that the Doctor and Rory were just behind her.

Amy frowned when she finally got a proper look around. It was just Earth. Plain old Earth.


"We're on….Earth?" said Rory.

"I know. Boring. Couldn't the TARDIS have taken us somewhere more exciting," said Amy, taking a few steps forward. They were in an alley of sorts. "Or at least exotic. Rio, maybe? I never got to go." Amy said the last sentence while staring pointedly at the Doctor. He shrugged.

He seemed preoccupied. He was looking around with wide eyes, like he recognized where the were or something.

"Well, I think we should go. We have an escaped Egyptian goddess to deal with," said the Doctor quickly.

"What's the rush?" said Rory. "We have a time machine." The Doctor glared at Rory.

"Well, the TARDIS must have brought us here for a reason. We should investigate." Amy started walking toward the opening of the alley. "Besides - there might be a crying a child for you to save, Doctor!"

She thought she heard the Doctor groan, but her two boys followed her anyway.

When she looked around a bit when she was out of the alley, Amy figured they were still in London. It looked like a suburb though. The Doctor and Rory both appeared beside her. "Boring, isn't it?" she sighed, looking over at the Doctor.

He was pale as a sheet.

"Doctor, what's wrong?" she asked.

"I really think we should leave. Now." The Doctor sounded scared. She almost listened to him, then and there, but just then a man walked by the group.

He was tall and very skinny. His brown hair flew in many directions and he wore a long tan coat. He also wore a fitted brown pinstriped suit with a blue shirt and vibrant tie. He walked pass her and her boys to a nearby bench and sat down.

Amy would know that outfit anywhere.

"It can't be," muttered the Doctor. "It's a paradox. This can't happen."

Amy barely heard him. She just saw the outfit her Raggedy Doctor wore when she was seven years old - and again twelve years later.

She walked straight toward the man without thinking. Before she could even think she was right in front of him. Staring at him. And he was staring at her.

"Hello?" he said politely, though confused. "Can I help you?" Amy realized that he sounded Scottish.

"I…I…" Amy stuttered. She didn't even know why she walked over to him. It was just an outfit….right? "You're suit - where did you get it?" she blurted.

The man blinked at her a few times. He didn't seem to expect a question like that. "Oh well…" he said slowly. "Just a…little place."

"What's it called?" Amy said. God, it was like word vomit. She couldn't stop talking and asking stupid questions. She should just walk back to the Doctor right now, and they could all just go deal with the Egyptian goddess thing.

"Oh…the…Blue…Box?" he said it like it was a question. Like it was just thinking on his feet.

"The Blue Box?" Amy repeated. Could this really be…? But then, that would explain what nonsense the Doctor had been saying that night, all those years ago. About not being used to his body or knowing who he was because he was 'still cooking' and all that rubbish. She thought he was just mad.

Well, The Doctor was mad. But not in that way.


Amy jumped about a foot in the air. Rory had his hand on her back. "Amy, um, Matt just told me we should be going now."

"Matt?" asked Amy, confused.

"You know, Matt Smith," said Rory, stressing the words and motioning over to the alley. Amy looked. The Doctor was turned so he was facing the alley, not at them.

"Oh, Matt, I got you," said Amy slowly. It probably was best they leave. But first…

She turned to the Doctor, because that is who he had to be. But before she could get a word out, a woman with mocha skin walked up to them. "Doctor - I'm done. I've calmed my family down a bit, but we should get going before my mom goes totally mental. Oh, hello there." She looked at Amy and Rory. "Who are you?"

"We're just leaving," said Rory quickly. "Come on, Amy."

"Wait," she said to Rory. "Wait." Breaking away from Rory, she walked up to the Doctor, who was now standing. Without a thought, she hugged the man she had never seen before in her life. After a long moment, she parted from him, hands still on him. She kissed his cheek, smiling, then straightened his tie.

"My Raggedy Doctor - before the raggedy part," she laughed. "See you soon, Doctor." And with that Amy grabbed Rory's hand and the walked away, leaving a very confused Doctor and Martha Jones behind them.

The Doctor was already back on the TARDIS when the two newlyweds arrived back on bored. He shut the doors and quickly started playing with controls, getting them out of there. Fast.

"So, I think I understand a little of just what happened. But not all of it. Care to explain?" asked Amy, walking toward the Doctor.

"And I understand none of it," said Rory. "All the Doctor said was walk over to Amy and get her out of there and don't mention that you were the Doctor. And to give a false name - but anything but 'John Smith'. So you care to explain all of it?"

When the Doctor finally had the TARDIS flying again, he settled down onto a couch. "Well," he said, as if starting a long story. "I see that you recognized the clothes that I - he was wearing - right Amy?" Amy nodded. "Yes, well, that is me - was me. A while ago."

"Wait," said Rory. "That was you? What do you mean - he looks nothing like you!"

"Well Rory, we Time Lords have this little trick. When we're close to death, we regenerate. Regenerate every nerve and cell in our body. This way we can live as long as possible, really." The Doctor sighed. "This is my eleventh body. I told you - I'm 907 years old. You think I would look like this if I had the same body for all of them?"

The Doctor looked over at Amy. "That night I met you, when you were seven, that was the night I regenerate from him. That was my most recent body." The Doctor frowned. "I really do miss those eyebrows…"

"And that's why his clothes - they're the same as that night. Wait - does that mean that his regeneration is soon?" asked Amy.

"Naw. Martha is traveling with me. There still a bit of time left before then." The Doctor grinned, shaking his head. "Ah, Martha Jones. Two doctors really was too many on one TARDIS. But those were fun times." The Doctor jumped up.

"Yes, well, glad that is over. I don't know how that was even possible. It's not suppose to be. I'm not suppose to be able to travel into my own time stream. It's a paradox. All these bad things happen from them - don't want to mess with them. So why did the TARDIS bring us here?"

"I don't know," said Rory. "Maybe it's just on the fritz? It did just blow up over and over again for 2,000 years."

"Maybe," said the Doctor, looking at the screen. "Maybe." There was silence for a while and then the Doctor clapped his hands loudly, causing his two companions to jump.

"Oh! OH! I'm sure it has something to do with Amy bringing me back! Ha! She was thinking over her imaginary friend, the Raggedy Doctor, not just mean, the sharp dressing Doctor -"

"Ha!" laughed Amy.

"Watch it - bow ties a cool! Which reminds me, I need to buy a fez…"

"Doctor! On with it!"

"Oh yeah, well, I'm not the Raggedy Doctor - not completely. I have the face, not the outfit. The TARDIS was just trying to find the other half of the combination - the clothes."

"So this trip," began Rory. "Was all about finding a pinstripe suit?"

"Yes, yes it was!" said the Doctor pulling a yellow lever on the console. "And now that the TARDIS has fulfilled that duty, it's on to deal with an Egyptian goddess!"


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