I really wanted to see what the Doctor and Martha did when Amy and Rory left them - and it kind of when on from there. I hope you enjoy this addition!


The Doctor and Martha watched the couple walk away, both very confused. The Doctor's cheek tingled where the ginger girl had kissed him and he felt strangely cheery about the hug.

"Who was that, Doctor?" asked Martha. Her eyes watched as the red head grabbed the hand of the man with the big nose, then threw an arm around another man. She couldn't see his face, but from the back he had some messy brown hair and a tweed jacket on.

"No idea, Martha," said the Doctor.

"Well, she seemed to know you," said Martha, crossing her arms. "She knew your name and said 'see you soon'. What's that rubbish about?"

The Doctor sniffled his nose and crossed his own arms. "Well, I am a Time-Traveler, Martha. I think it's safe to say that I might met people that have already met me but I haven't met them yet."

"What?" said Martha after a short pause.

"I think to rephrase," said the Doctor. "I might have met her in the wrong order." The Doctor paused. "Amy…maybe she's my companion in the future…" The Doctor himself thought about this. Did that mean that he would have another companion after Martha? That she, too, would leave or die or disappear by other circumstances he could control? Or maybe…maybe she was the companion of one of his future regenerations?

The Doctor didn't like the idea. He liked this body. He'd just gotten his sideburns the way he liked them.

Martha didn't seem to like the idea either. She wasn't pleased with the thought of another companion like Rose or something.

"Oh well," said the Doctor grabbing Martha's hand. "Nothing to worry about now. I'll find out - one day."

Martha snorted. "Well then you better call me up whenever you do find out. Even if it's in a hundred years time from now. You have a time machine - I expect you to call."

"Of course, Martha," he said and the started walking to the TARDIS.

It was a few moments later that they heard a familiar sound. They came to a sudden halt. The Doctor grinned wildly.

"That's the TARDIS!" said Martha.

"Future TARDIS," corrected the Doctor.

The two listened to the sound fade. When it was gone they continued to their own TARDIS.


The TARDIS was now floating is space about the Dawn Nebula. After a long day capturing the Egyptian Goddess the three current residence of the TARDIS were relaxing comfortably in the control room.

Then the Doctor remember.

"Oh!" He exclaimed making both Amy and Rory jump. "I'm so thick!" He said. "Stupid, stupid, stupid!"

"What is it, Doctor?" asked Rory.

"Can I have your phone?" said the Doctor. This was the last thing Rory expected him to say, but he fished his phone out of his pocket anyway, a little wary. The last time the Doctor had used his phone, he had a bill of $2,000. Thankfully, he was able to get out of it, but still…

The Doctor held his sonic screwdriver up to his phone then dialed in a number. Amy was right next to the Doctor, her ear up against the phone so she could hear.

Though Rory wasn't made of plastic any more, he still had excellent hearing and could hear the phone from here.

After four rings a message machine picked up. "Hello, this is Martha -" Began a woman's voice, then a man's voice cut in, "And Mickey!" The woman's voice cut in again. "Oi! Shut it, Mickey! Yeah, this is Martha and Mickey Smith. We're not in right now, but leave a message after the beep and we'll get back to you!" Before the message ended, the man's voice came in again. "Maybe!" Then he laughed.

The Doctor laughed. "I suppose you two are off fighting aliens or something. Ahh, when my babies leave the TARDIS! Oh! I suppose you won't recognize this voice. I'm the Doctor! I did the regeneration thing again. Mickey will know all about that. I'm calling because, well, Martha you made me promise to call you up after I found out who that red headed girl was - the one that hugged me out of nowhere - even if it happened in a hundred years. Well, it actually only happened in about one or one and a half. But we were right! She's my companion. And that bloke with the big nose, too."

"Hey!" Rory shouted. Then he touched his nose…it wasn't too big.

"Oh Rory, it's a compliment, it really is," said the Doctor. "But anyway, this message is getting far too long. I promised you that I would call and I did! I hope you are having a fantastic life, Martha - and you too, Mickey! Save the world a few times for me, will you." The Doctor smiled. "Amy, Rory, say good bye!"

Rory and Amy just stared at the Doctor for a moment, then Amy grabbed the phone. "Hi!" she said. "I'm that girl…that day…well then…if you excuse me, I'm going to asked the Doctor what the hell this message was all about. He just took Rory's phone without explaining. Again. Bye…uh…Martha and Mickey." Amy handed the phone to Rory.

"Uh…bye?" was all Rory said. He was confused. Then he hung up.

"Well that was fun," said the Doctor.

"Explain," said Amy.

The Doctor quickly explained the promised he had made.


The last person the had ever expected to hear on their message machine was the Doctor - with a different voice no less.

Mickey almost had a heart attack. Then Martha paused it and got a short history of the Doctor and his 'regeneration'.

Despite the fact that the voice on this message wasn't 'her' Doctor, Martha was glad to hear from him. Ever since he had appeared and saved Mickey and her from the rouge alien but hadn't stuck around to chat, she had been worried.

And the voices of the woman and the man - Amy and Rory - sounded exactly the same as the had years ago. It really had just happened.

Martha had a flash of the man Amy had put her arm around. The tweed jacket. It must've been the Doctor…tweed…that sounded like a very 'Doctor' thing to do.

After listening to the message probably a dozen times, Mickey turned to Martha and put an arm around her. "The Doctor - he's full of surprises, isn't he?"

"Always," said Martha.