A/N: I changed the title! It was the number of seconds they were apart, but it was too weird. It's now a Paramore song that I thought a line or two would work. (:

We are broken,

What must we do to restore?


We are Broken.

I've never really asked for all that much. I just wanted three simple things. Love, happiness, and family. Family was the only thing that I had left, after he was gone. I knew that I always would love him since junior year. My world didn't just revolve around him, he was everything and more. Even after we were forcefully separated, my feelings never went away.

I've been on dates, but they always ended the same. They'd take me home, occasionally I'd let them in, but they never held me in the nights like he did. They didn't care about me like he did. Their touch wasn't the soft caress that his was. After a while, I realized that they just weren't him.

After the military took him, I was devastated. He was 20.

He sent me letters, twice a week for the first year. We talked about how much he missed me, and was sorry he couldn't be there for me while he was away. I received the last letter on my 21st birthday.

The Military came shortly after to announce his death to me officially. It was the hardest time of my life. The worst was my birthday, every year. Until my 24th.

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