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"Eiji," Oishi began. He knew exactly what he wanted to ask his long time partner, but that still did not change the fact that he was nervous. "I have a question."

Eiji, who was currently snuggled up against his side while the two of them were wrapped up in blankets watching television, looked up at him. "Yeah?"

Oishi did his best to smile at him, but it came out looking funny. He knew that his expression probably made him look as though he were in pain, he decided to just get on with it. This was Eiji, after all, and he should have no problems talking to him. "I know legally it's not possible at the time, but… Would it be weird to you if we considered ourselves married? Or even just engaged?"

Oishi watched Eiji's expression carefully, checking for any sign of rejection. He was instantly relieved when the red head smiled up at him.

"Silly Oishi, I thought we already were."