Well….after watching that traumatizing nightmare of a Season 3 Finale, I've been trying to fix the shredded mass that was the Chair relationship. Chuck had some real nerve on that last episode. Well, anyways, here goes. I usually just post them after I write them, but if it's riddled with errors I'll edit them and re-upload. I'm still figuring out a proper outline, but I'll try to upload every few days or so. I'm on vacation, so I'll have time.

NOTE: Season 4 spoilers. Chuck has a new girlfriend, is a new man after being shot, etc, etc.

Blair Waldorf's petite frame trembled violently as she flung her stick thin arms out from her body, closed her eyes, and took in a deep breath. She exhaled calmly, and with a wide smile on her glowing face, she turned to her best friend in the entire world, Serena.

"Serena, isn't this absolutely wonderful? We're in the city of love, S!"

Serena grinned. "I'm glad you're finally moving on, B."

Blair wrinkled her nose. "Well, it has been a month since…" The girls both fell silent. Neither of them felt like bringing up the subject of Blair's latest break-up. The pain that came after it was too much. Though it seemed a bit ridiculous, the pair had an unspoken pact to never mention the boy's name ever again.

But it haunted Blair. Every night, where she could be her true self without anyone watching, the dreams of Charles Bass and her as a couple came to Blair as she slept. When she awoke from these nightmares, she could never fall back asleep. Her heart would pound and her mouth would dry up as she tossed and turned all night.

Of course, Serena never knew that this happened. So it was obvious for Serena to think that Blair had gotten over the heartbreak Chuck had caused her. But instead of having no feeling for Chuck Bass, she still felt the pains as if they were recently made. But Blair had to keep her cool exterior, even if her insides were shriveling up.

Blair forced a chuckle. "I know," she laughed, waving her had nonchalantly. "I never needed that scumbag. Life is ten times better without him!"

Serena tried to keep the grin on her face. "Right, Blair."

Serena knew her best friend. Chuck had struck home when he called Blair's buff about Marcus/James. Her eyes were doing that thing when they didn't match her face. But Serena knew that the topic of Chuck was very tender, so she decided to play along with Blair's delusions. It was best for everyone if Blair felt like her feelings for Chuck were over. It didn't stop her from worrying about her friend, though.

Blair picked up her shopping bags and shook them at the sky. "Life is a million times better without Bass!" Then something odd happened to Blair. She felt silent immediately and froze.

Serena watched her friend hold her pose for more than thirty seconds before walking over to Blair and tapping her on the shoulder. "B…," she murmured. "What is it?"

Blair suddenly regained her composure and looked her friend in the eyes. "Oh…oh…well, I was just thinking…it was the first time I mentioned…his name in…a…in a month." She closed her mouth and wiped her face quickly. "Something got in my eyes," she mumbled quickly.

Serena looked at her friend. "I know you're lying to me, B. You don't have to lie."

Blair turned on her friend with daggers in her eyes. "Actually, Serena, I'm not lying. I'm so happy I could explode with happiness, alright? I'm the luckiest girl in the whole wide world! I'm not miserable and I'm not lying!"

Suddenly, Blair turned away from Serena and lifted her head up high. "I see a really cute guy standing by himself. If you don't mind, I'm just going to talk to him and if I'm lucky, I'll text you tomorrow morning with a new boyfriend. Talk to you later."

Serena grabbed her friend's hand. "Don't do this because you need to feel better, B."

Blair looked at Serena fiercely. "I don't need to feel better, S. My life is perfect." Using all her strength, Blair broke free from Serena's grasp and stormed away from her friend in her high heels without a second look. Serena watched her friend go and sighed deeply.

Serena heard a buzzing sound coming from her purse. She must've received a new voicemail. Serena didn't know when anyone called her, but nevertheless she opened her phone and glanced at the sender. It was from Nate Archibald, Chuck Bass's best friend.

Entering her pin number quickly, Serena held the phone up to her ear and listened to the message.

"Hey, I just wanted to let you know that Chuck's heading to Paris, if he isn't there already. You might want to distract Blair before something happens. And…he's got a new girlfriend. Her name's Eva. She's some snooty French chick he picked up in Prague after he recovered from being shot. I know you got the message about his injury. Anyways, don't tell Blair. Special orders from the Chuckster himself. And honestly, I think it's better if you get out of Paris ASAP."

Sighing, Serena flipped her phone shut. It was too late to get Blair out of Paris before seeing Chuck. It suddenly all made sense now, with Blair pausing and running off with some French guy. Serena looked around for Bass. She needed to talk to him immediately.

Meanwhile, Blair had already run up to the cute tourist snapping pictures with his camera. He looked bright as he looked over his photos of the Eiffel Tower. Blair glanced at his left finger. There was no ring on it, so he wasn't engaged or married yet. If she was really lucky, he wouldn't even have a girlfriend.

All Blair had to do was get the disgusting, stomach-wrenching, heart-stopping image of Chuck Bass out of her mind. She had already tried to rid the picture of the blonde bombshell on his arm with little success. He was doting over her as they strolled past Serena and Blair. Nothing had hurt or shocked Blair more than seeing that Bass had already moved on.

So, using her most charming smile, Blair Waldorf waltzed over to the hunk with the camera.

"Hi," she greeted him nervously.

The guy looked up at Blair and suddenly Blair thought she was in love. He was an exact opposite of Chuck. He had blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a kind face. It was a major difference compared to Chuck's dark brown eyes and hair. The guy even had an adorable smile. He was the perfect man to flaunt in Chuck's face.

And, Blair thought, I might even like him for real.

"Oh, hey," the guy said enthusiastically. He seemed thrilled to see a pretty girl standing in front of him. "I'm Luke, and you?"

Blair smiled sweetly. "I'm Blair Waldorf, and it's a pleasure to meet you." She shook his hand.

Luke lifted his camera in front of Blair's face and beamed at her. "I'm a professional photographer. I'm doing photos here in Paris and I'm going to send them to my boss in a week. Wanna see?"

"I'd be thrilled too!" Blair exclaimed. She looked around, with a wide grin on her face. There was no sign of Chuck, but she was sure that he was there, watching her like a hawk with his stupid superficial girlfriend drooling on him. She hoped this would get under his skin.

Blair tried not to yawn as she saw pictures of everything she had already seen on her trip in Paris. Instead, Blair tried to be as giggly and happy as possible. If she seemed happy, it would make Chuck jealous as hell, even if he didn't show it.

"So…where are you from?" Blair asked Luke as she saw the Eiffel Tower on his camera for the fiftieth time. Maybe he would turn it off and try to talk to her without staring at his camera every five seconds.

"Um, I'm from Southern California," Luke said distractedly. He kept flipping through the pictures rapidly. "Hey, what do you think of this one?"

Blair ignored Luke. "Oh, I've always wanted to go to Southern California!" she shouted loudly. "You are seriously the coolest guy I've ever met!"

"My, my, Ms. Blair, I had no idea we'd run into you here in Paris," a familiar voice said.

Blair and Luke both turned around quickly, but Blair was much faster than her man friend. Her heart dropped. She knew who it was as soon as she heard that low, sexy voice of his. It was the disgusting piece of turd that had broken her heart too many times.

Chuck Bass stood there happily, his arms linked with a very pretty blonde girl. She was looking at Blair disdainfully and was tapping her left foot rather quickly. Chuck didn't seem brooding or tortured like he did a month ago. Instead, he seemed happy and his eyes were filled with bright light. He had a small smile on his face, but unlike his previous grins, it was free of bitterness or sarcasm.

For some reason, seeing the happiness on Chuck's face really ticked Blair off. She clutched Luke arm and held on to it like a lifeline. Luke seemed startled, but he didn't break free from her grasp.

"Well, well, if it isn't Chuck Bass," Blair spat. "I didn't expect to run into you here either."

"Charles, I'm bored," Chuck's blonde girlfriend whined in a thick French accent. "I thought you vould take me to ze jeweler's. I don't vant to talk to dis…American."

"I'm American too, Eva," Chuck reminded her.

Eva went on her tippy toes and nuzzled her face against Chuck's neck. "But you're my American," she murmured.

Blair got the feeling that Chuck picked up a gold digger. But Chuck didn't seem to care. When he looked at Eva, it was a look of pure adoration. Blair felt like pulling Eva away and out of the picture, but she held Luke tighter instead. She ignored the winces the blonde boy made.

"Um, Blair, you're holding me…too tight…"

"Huh?" Blair looked up at Luke and instantly released her grip.

"Ow," Luke mumbled under his breath.

Chuck and Eva were staring at the two of them, though Chuck's eyes were fixed at Luke. Blair knew that he was sizing him up, trying to see if she would actually like his type. But Blair tried to seem ignorant and looked at Eva instead. But soon looking at her was becoming unbearable.

"Well, maybe you two would like to have dinner with us later tonight," Chuck told them smoothly. "We're eating at a wonderful restaurant, and since I am a billionaire, I'll cover the tab."

Blair froze. She didn't want to have dinner with Chuck ever. Not with Eva, not now. But Luke's mind seemed set and he suddenly realized who Chuck Bass was. He snapped his fingers and shouted loudly. Blair and Eva jumped a few feet in fright.

"You're Charles Bass, that dude who owns the Bass Company, right?"

"That's correct, my good man."

Blair felt like throwing up. Seeing Chuck nice was making her feel disgusting. Was he in some sort of hideous trance or something? Eva was a gold digger, and honestly, Luke was an idiot. But she needed to stick with him in order to get under Chuck's skin. But maybe, God forbid, just maybe, he was over her. Blair pushed the thought out of her head. She hated Chuck for what he did to her.

Blair was filled with fiery determination. Chuck was a major ass, but she was going to get revenge for what he did to her. She would take Eva away from him and leave him broken, just like he did to her. She was no longer going to be a whiny coward. She was going to be strong. Her life depended on it.

"We'd love to go," Luke said. "Like a double date. Blair and I first met, but we'd love to get to know each other over lunch. How do you know Blair, anyways?"

"We're exes," Chuck said. He looked at Blair firmly in the eye. "And we're staying that way."

Blair's resolve hardened even more. "It's a dinner date," she said firmly.