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And without further ado, the epilogue for The Games Will Begin!

"So, let me get this straight," Serena clarified, holding her hand up, silencing Blair. "You're passionately in love with Chuck, and after dating like a normal couple for once for three years, he finally asked you to marry him?"

"It wasn't like he was the one who didn't want to marry me," Blair explained neatly, twirling the paper umbrella in her margarita. The buzz inside the restaurant was perfect for the two to discuss things quietly without anyone else eavesdropping. "We both decided to wait, S."

Serena rolled her eyes. "So, what now, B? You're getting married next June?" She took a sip from her strawberry margarita.

"That's right!" Blair beamed. Her white teeth glittered in the sunlight; she smiled wildly and stared at her engagement ring.

Serena pursed her lips and looked innocently around the restaurant, humming softly to herself. "So," she began nonchalantly, biting her pointer finger nervously. She tapped her foot and gave Blair a funny look. "Who's going to be your bridesmaid? I mean, do you really want Eleanor to do it? After all, she is your mom, but you don't really have a good relationship with and stuff…" Serena trailed off when she saw Blair trying not to laugh. "What?"

Blair rolled her eyes. "Of you course you'll be my bridesmaid, S," Blair scoffed, taking a chip from the basket on her table and popping it into her mouth.

Serena sighed as she stared at chips Blair was casually eating. "It's still hard to believe that you haven't relapsed in four whole years."

Blair stopped eating the chip and set her hands down on the table. "It is for me too. But you know, Chuck was officially recognized as an alcoholic, and we've both been helping each other. It's really great."

"Well, I guess you two will be happy, then," Serena said, staring at the waiter, who was carrying two piping hot plates with their food on it. Serena and Blair both licked their lips hungrily. The food looked absolutely delicious.

"We already are," Blair told her happily, and she stabbed her bean and cheese burrito with her fork.

When he heard his phone ring, Chuck eagerly looked up from his desk and shuffled his papers out of the way, trying to find his cell phone. He had been expecting Blair's phone call all day. He threw a few stray pens aside and there it was, black and sleek and shiny, buzzing angrily.

Chuck flipped it open and greeted the caller. To his great pleasure, Blair's voice came on the other end. He smiled and relaxed into his chair. As he listened to Blair describe lunch with Serena, he twisted the gold band on his finger, toying with it.

"So, was Serena happy to hear that she's a bridesmaid?" Chuck asked politely, his brow creasing as he studied some of his latest plans for his company. He pulled out the pencil that was stuck between his ear and his head and crossed it out.

Blair yelped excitedly into the phone. "She couldn't be happier, Chuck. She's so excited!"

"And are you excited too?" Chuck questioned his fiancée. He scribbled something hastily onto the plans for a brand new wedding/ballroom.

"Of course I am," Blair said. "But Chuck…?"

Chuck froze. "Yes?" he asked nervously. They may have gone steady for three years, but Blair was still prone to Waldorf tantrums when something wasn't going as planned. He fidgeted nervously.

"We're still having purple curtains for our honeymoon suite in Tahiti, right? I mean, I know purple is your favorite color and I wouldn't want to disappoint you at all, right?" This continued to be two minutes that consisted of Blair worrying aloud into the phone. It would've gone longer, but Chuck stopped it before it became something bigger.

"Blair, enough already," he said into the phone. "I doubt that I'll be paying attention to the purple curtains on our wedding night." He smirked. "Instead, I think I'll be focusing on someone else instead."

Blair made a disgusted sound into the phone. "You really haven't changed much, have you?" she said, wrinkling her nose.

Chuck's smirk grew wider. "You know you love me because of that."

Blair's laughter came on the other side of the phone. "You're probably right," she chuckled. "You know, I'm really glad we decided to wait a year before actually dating, and then taking it slow. Chuck, you know how much I love you, right?"

Chuck smiled to himself and twirled his wedding ring some more. "You've told me four times already," he said, because he remembered exactly how many times she said she loved him that day. Three times in the morning, once when Blair texted him that morning, and once right now.

Blair laughed again. "You keep count?"

"Don't tell anyone; it might ruin my reputation as a devious womanizer."

"It was ruined when you met me."

"You stole my heart when I first saw you, it's true."

Blair sighed into the phone. "Chuck, I have to go. Just remember; I love you."

"I love you too, Blair," Chuck said, pretending to kiss her imaginary face. The line went dead, and Chuck stared out the window, his body spreading with infectious euphoria. Then, he saw a strange cloud in the air. To his surprise, it looked exactly like a…

"Well, would you look at that?"

Blair walked through the street, staring curiously at the people who were pointing at the sky. They were beaming at each other, and several young couples shared kisses with each other and they hugged and laughed. Utterly baffled, Blair shielded her eyes from the sun and stared into the sky. Then she gasped, and his sunglasses fell out of her head.

There it was. A giant, heart-shaped cloud was floating in the sky. It was so unnatural, so strange…

Blair's phone rang. She answered it.

"Blair, you'll never believe what's in the sky right now…"