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Chapter 7.

The click of shoes on stone echoed throughout the empty hall as the black shape flew across the ground, black cape billowing out behind with the wind that flew to fill the vortex created by the moving object. The sound echoing from the feet was the only thing that gave away that this person was, in fact, touching the ground. When it finally reached the end of the hallway it slowed, the sounds of movement dispersing into nothing, to be replaced with the crunch of a wooden door opening. The figure glanced around itself, seeming to double check that no one or nothing was looking before disappearing into the dark gap between door and frame.

"Why have you disturbed us? Why do you break from the program?"

The hood of the robe fell back as a voice issued from the darkness, revealing curly blonde hair and a vacant expression.

"Please, sir," the young boy spoke, the tone of his speech was slow, halting, and monotonous. "I heard something. Something I thought you'd want to hear. Someone knows we're here. I heard him say your name."

"My name?" the voice hissed again, a curious tone only just detectable.

"Yes. He spoke of Cybermen," Very slowly, the boy tilted his head to the side, his eyes widening only slightly as a shape slowly made its way from the centre of the room. Metal ground against stone until the shape was visible. Half human, half Cyberman, the creature was grotesque. An upgrade gone wrong, causing his body and face to be a mismatched tapestry of metal and flesh; and yet the creature somehow managed to survive.

"This man," the creature rasped, crouching in front of the child. "What did he look like?"

"I…I don't know. All I know is that he was with three Gryffindor's, but none of them spoke," The child was almost whimpering now, seeming to be slowly coming to his senses. The creature reached out, pressing his thumb to the boy's forehead. Slowly, the child crumpled, his knees folding underneath him, the only noise was a muffled thump as he hit the ground.

"Interesting," the creature hissed, rubbing his chin. "So. Someone knows of us. But who…"

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