I think this chapter can qualify for a hard R. You see a lot of sexual activity in R rated movies. If not and it's too much let me know and I'll go over it as much as a can to make it suitable. This has not been edited down for ff . net, though I originally stated it would be. I felt like if I edited it down there would be barely anything.

Part Two:

With his pants off, Sakura was tempted to go down on him, but as it seemed her staring managed his already half erect member to fully rise, she decided she'd waited almost four years and knew waiting anymore would be out of the question.

No more waiting! Inner Sakura cried out with triumph.

She thrust her shorts off, pushed him back into a sitting position, and straddled him once more. "Are you ready?" she gasped, rubbing herself against him, lubricating his cock with her juices. "I've waited for you almost four years-no more waiting," she informed him.

That seemed to do it since he was now fully erect. "That's my boy."

Sasuke's hands gripped her hips painfully tight as he started pushing her back and forth across his lap, teasing himself.

When he grunted once, twice from the slick contact Sakura leaned forward to gently nibble his earlobe. "You like that don't you Sasuke?"

Sasuke's head accidentally knocked into the side of hers, one of his hands came free, the other still forcing a faster movement of her hips, and moved up to tangle in her hair, holding her head glued to his. He was panting like he'd just run for hours. His thrusts were more erratic, sharper, harder, guiding her movements with demand for more. The other hand resting on her hip moved to join the one in her hair, holding her in place as his hips continued to bump and grind against hers, his cock sliding between the sex of her lips and thighs.

Sakura put her hands to his shoulders, trying to pull herself away, but he growled, jerking her tighter to him, his hand tightening almost painfully in her hair.

"Sasuke, I don't want you fucking my thighs, I want you fucking me," she informed him. "Come on, I'll even let you choose the position."

He obviously was too far gone to hear her so with some chakra enhanced movement she managed to stop her hips from moving and pull her head out of his hands.

"No don't-" he started hoarsely.

Letting out a throaty groan he tried to start the movement up again, but he flinched as she pulled farther away to look at him.

"Don't you know it's better inside?" she asked teasingly, her fingers coming up to brush his messy hair out of his face. "You do know right, I mean of course you do. That's silly."

A pause followed by a shift in movement she thought was to be her only answer.

"Don't you?" Sakura searched his still pleasure filled face and just in case he didn't understand added another question. "Sasuke, are you a virgin?"

Sasuke swallowed, his eyes sliding shut, his head falling backwards as his hips twitched beneath hers. "Yes," he managed.

Sakura's arms dropped limply around his waist, shock evident on her face. "Oh." It was the only word she could muster at first then realizing the situation she gave him a small, but happy smile. "Do you want to lose your virginity to me? It'll be painless. I promise and once you're inside of me-"

Pushing a finger against her lips shushing her, it was all the answer she needed as she leaned down to clutch the base of his member, holding him upright for her. While keeping eye contact she swiftly dropped down on him. His unintentional gasp and pleasure filled face almost had Sakura orgasming right then and there.

"You are so fucking hot," she panted.

His jaw clenched, obviously trying to keep his composure, and with the quavering of his thighs Sakura knew she'd have to go quick or get left behind. This wouldn't be a problem just watching his eyes filled with disbelief, pleasure, his face scowled in concentration, and the pearly whites of his teeth bearing down on each other. All she could think was how she wanted those teeth on her.

"You can put your mouth anywhere you want on me," she managed. Between his sharp swift thrusts that were so hard she was having trouble staying seated in his lap and with every push a quick moan would follow.

He went for the junction between her jaw and neck, licking before biting a little harder than she would have liked, but not hard enough to take her mind away from the pleasure. It was just what she needed to get her to start peaking.

"I'm so close Sasuke-kun," she whimpered before quickly licking the side of his face, moving towards his lower lip, and then capturing his mouth for a kiss so wonderful it made her toes curl. While kissing she took one of his hands from her hips and placed in on her breast, coaxing him to squeeze, pulling his concentration enough to get him to respond.

He pulled away from the kiss to Sakura's disappointment and pulled his hand away so that he could wrap both arms around he waist with swift precision. She followed in suit wrapping her arms around his neck, plastering the front of her body to his so that her breasts were crushed to his face as he laid his head against her chest. His already erratic movements lost all rhythm and a hoarse, long drawn out cry escaped his lips. She could feel the side of his mouth open against her breast as he voiced his hard orgasm. His trembling let her know that he was finished and when his staccato thrusting turned into tiny bump and grinds, she almost sobbed.

"Not yet, please," she begged.

Trying to prolong the act she started grinding her hips in circles. The movement caused him to flinch slightly as his still stiff, only slightly softening, and sensitive erection slipped in and out. It was enough stimulation that her orgasm ripped through her. Her thighs shook from the force, her neck thrown back, still clutching Sasuke tightly to her chest.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she screamed, pushing her hips hard against him so that her clit bumped into his lower abdomen.

She came hard, harder than she'd done in a while. Maybe it was the fact that she just took the virginity of one of the sexiest guys she'd every meant or maybe it was the fact that he was the sexiest guy she'd ever met, very close second with Naruto.

As she rode out the orgasm she noticed that though it was uncomfortable for him, he let her finish her rather hard grinding. Her walls gripped him so tightly that she even felt him jerk slightly inside of her followed by a little spurt of semen.

She took a couple more deep breaths as her movements became slower and she started to come down from her high.

"Ooh God that was amazing," she whispered, dropping her head to rest on the top of dark raven one.

"I'll say. Damn Sakura-chan that was hot! I love your backside when you're fucking. I think you took his virginity too," Naruto called from the corner of the room where he sat in a chair, trying to appear unaffected by the situation, sprawled in a lazy manner.

Sasuke did a double take, his eyes darkening with challenge. "Dobe, what the hell are you doing here?"

"The better question Teme is how long have I been here."

Sakura, looking like the cat ate canary and grinned over her shoulder at him. "I did take his virginity. Would you like to join us for round two?"

Sasuke blinked and silence followed before he could manage an answer. "What?" Sasuke asked.

Sakura turned and gave him a sheepish look. "Didn't I tell you? Team seven, well, we're kind of together. Kakashi, Sai, Naruto, me, now you. I'm still working on Yamato."


Sakura smiled lovingly down at him. "I'm in love with you all and I know I'm being selfish by keeping all of you, but Shinobi need more than civilians. And what girl in there right mind that was on a team of men that looked like all of you would say no?"


Sakura chuckled and left it at that.