Apologies to everyone who thought that this was a chapter, but I needed to talk to you guys - my awesome readers. I feel that these first two chapters haven't been right for me and I did purposely start it quickly because I felt a little bit pressured into doing it quickly for you guys. (But that's not me blaming you, it was all my decision!) At the moment I am in the middle of busy days and internals, exams soon etc. so I don't have as much time to write as I did before.

What's going to happen is that I am going to leave this story up, until I have the time to sit down and spend some time writing a new one - mostly the same plotline as well, but just differently. I still plan to have the same ending, climax and all that yaddy yadda, but I want to go about it differently. Wow, I just said that same thing twice, haha!

So, this story is on hold for a bit, and I truly apologise! But I'd rather have you all know and understand than to have you waiting for something that would take a long time. I want this sequel to be the best it can be for you guys, so it will take time - but I hope you appreciate it in the long run.

In about four weeks I have holidays so maybe I can try and write it all then, again I hope to write most of it or all of it before I post it - to save this from happening again.

A big thank you to you all, because of how amazing you all are and how patient you have been! I promise that I will try and make it worth the wait. Please, if you want to ask any questions or anything, leave it in a review. And again, thank you - I love you all! x

All my love,

Zoe. (: