After Beck broke up, Taira refused to stop playing. He knew that the break up was only temporary. It was just a matter of time before it happened. All he needed was to keep practicing and to keep getting better. He was ready to put everything in order to rejoin.

But only if Koyuki asked him back.

Koyuki, the baby of the band (even if he denied it.) He was the one people kept going back for. It was the same with the members of the band. Koyuki had given his all for the band, and it showed. How many times had he gotten into trouble for just wanting to play? Give him a guitar and his quiet nature gave way to someone who owned the stage. He was the one who gave them the show at Grateful Sound. When all of them were ready to quit, Koyuki was ready to go out alone. When just the other day he had froze onstage, that night he was the stage, he was the show. He brought the band back and gave them the best show they could have ever hoped for.

The younger boy believed that without one person, they weren't Beck. Even with a replacement, he believed that they wouldn't fit right. That they wouldn't be Beck, but rather just another band. And then there was his passion. While he wanted to make it big, like all of them, he only wanted others to hear what he loved, what was in his soul through music. He truly loved music, and being able to play it.

Not to mention he was probably the most forgiving of the band. When Ryusuke humiliated him by playing his first lyrics to everyone, he just came back with better lyrics. Instead of being angry and throwing a fit, he said he had learned something from it. Had it been him, Taira, he would have probably at least sulked for a bit.

But that was Koyuki. The one who was really the leader of the band. Not in the musical aspect, although he was growing at an inhuman rate, but rather the one who was pushing, asking, demanding more.

As stupid as it sounded, that was the reason he would only go back for Koyuki. He would only play with the other four, but he would go back for Koyuki.

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