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Amanda looked in the mirror and scrutinised her look for the day. Dark grey skinny jeans, a white singlet with the word PERFECTION in sparkly pink letters across the top and a light pink long cardigan. On her feet were flats covered with a dark grey velvety material. Her glossy straight brown hair had been recently cut into layers and it complemented her big ocean blue eyes perfectly. She leaned in closer to the mirror and put a thin line of eyeliner on and then a coat of light pink sheer lip gloss. Satisfied, Amanda slung her new Versace bag over her shoulder. It was hot pink, with two cute gold chains and it cost $75.95. Amanda was determined that fact would have to slip out in one of her conversations with her friends that day.

"Honey, please have some more. You really should eat more. You're a growing girl" Amanda's mom eyeing the meagre portion of special K in Amanda's bowl.

"Omigosh mum! DO you want me to be fat? No way am I eating more of this stuff. FYI Special K gives me all the nutrients and stuff I need since I'm a "growing girl"." Amanda exploded.

"Okay, Okay" replied her mum. At that moment Amanda's dad walked in.

"It's just her hormones, dear." He said giving her a kiss on the head.

"Dad!" exclaimed although she wasn't really angry. She was happy to see her family together.

"I got to go to work now. Bye honey, bye Mandy" He said, winking at Amanda.

"Bye! And don't call me Mandy!" she shouted after him. Her dad was the only one who could get away with calling her that.

A few minutes later she was done with her food. She said bye to her mum and walked out of the door, her bag in clear view for everyone to see...

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