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I Need a Girl

Chapter 1: Intervention

Natsume's POV

"Hey, Natsume. How are you doing, baby?" I heard a seductive voice beyond my manga. I grumbled, I was trying to get some nice shut eye, but now I was being bothered by some girl. I slid the manga off my face half way just so I could see who it was. It was my current fling, uh I think her name was Luna Koizumi.

Her hair dirty blond hair was a sexy mess, as usual. She was wearing this really low spaghetti strap tank top that showed off her flat stomach and a really really short skirt. I looked her up and down and I let my eyes linger on all her "important" parts. She smiled at me seductively and started kissing me roughly. I swear by the time were done my entire body will be covered in her hot pink lipstick. She got on top of me and kissed me more as she started unbuttoning my shirt, placing her hands all over my chest.

I let her do as she pleased because I was sort of tired today, I spent all night with Luna's best friend Sumire Shouda. I got bored with Sumire and broke it off with her this morning and went to Luna. Luna was more spontaneous doing this in a classroom was pretty exciting.

I ran my hands through her blonde hair to bring her down more to me when she started softly biting my bottom lip. I was about to slip down her strap when the door of the classroom slammed open and in came an angry teacher. Crap, we've been caught. Though it really isn't the first time or the second time or probably not even the hundredth time, and it's definitely not going to me my last either.

"Natsume Hyuuga! What the Hell are you doing in my poor classroom? This is totally inappropriate! Get out and head to the principal's office! Before I drag you there by your damn ear!" Jin-Jin shrieked when he saw what my fling and I were doing in his classroom.

I stood up and kept Luna's legs wrapped around my waist and walked over to Jin-Jin. The whole way to him, Luna kept sucking my neck. "Jin-Jin do you want to have some fun, too? You could certainly join us." I whispered to his ear in a provocative voice. Jin-Jin went ballistic after I did that little show to him.

"Hyuuga! Don't mock me! We're going to the principal's office right now!" Jin-Jin shrieked again roughly grabbed my ear out of nowhere, which made me drop Luna on her ass hard.

"What the Hell? I was busy! Let him go!" Luna yelled at Jin-Jin on the ground. She looked like she was about to pounce on him and rip his head off his head or something. Which only made Jin-Jin glare at her harshly as he said, "I will deal with your ass later, Miss. Koizumi."

Luna gave Jin-Jin an attractive smile, "Will it be in your bed room or mine?"

Which only pissed of Jin-Jin more. He took out his trusty ruler from his back pocket and cracked it on the wall. "I am not in the mood, Koizumi!" He glared at her and she glared back at him as she pouted and pointed her nose in the air. With that, Jin-Jin led me out of the classroom by my ear and dragged me down the hall. Where everyone in the school was watching, I must've looked pretty stupid, being pulled by Jin-Jin's short body. I must've looked pretty hot though, I had my black blazer with a white button down shirt half way opened with my neck tie all loose and black slacks on. All the girls I passed down the hall gave me a seductive smile and a shy wave. To the ones I thought were pretty hot I grabbed their ass a couple time though the last time I did Jin-Jin saw and smacked my hand with his ruler.

I passed one of my friend's Kokoro Yome, he was carrying around thirty packages of different kind of packaged bread and one of those bread's were in his mouth. He had a hard time carrying all of those little packages, but when he saw me, he dropped all of his packages of bread and dropped to the floor laughing his ass off.


When Jin-Jin and I got to the door of principal's office, Jin-Jin stopped abruptly fixed his weird small glasses, straightened out his strange sleeveless vest, and brushed the invisible door off of his pants, all while he still had my ear.

"Will you let me go old man Jin-Jin?" I asked him trying to look at his eyes. He glared back at me took out his ruler and smacked my head.

"Ow! That hurt you bastard!" I growled at him. I really wanted to beat the crap at him, but not here, in front of the principal's, I'll just wait to when he's going to his car in the middle of the night or something.

"Don't call me old, young man. I'll have you know I can still beat your ass." He glared down at me as he pushed his glasses up on his nose. I think this guy needs to make himself taller than everyone else so he can feel good about himself.

"Pssh. Whatever." I told him boredly and with that, he opened the door and threw me into the office and I landed face first into the rough ground. He didn't even have the kindness to throw me in nicely or at least throw me on the plush carpet. I've hit the carpet in that room so many times, it probably has my faced imprinted in that carpet.

"Aw my son. It's so nice of you to grace us with your presence." I heard that damn principal say. I could hear the laughter in his voice as he greeted me. "Why don't you give your old man a hug?" That old man continued. I still had my face in the carpet, I didn't feel like seeing his ugly smiling face. He called me for no reason and ruined my fun time with that Luna girl.

"I'll think I'll pass, old man. Can I go now? I was having some fun before you sent Jin-Jin to find me." I said into the carpet, and then it hit me.

"Is this carpet even clean?"

"I don't know son. Why don't you tell me? I don't really have my face always plastered to my carpet every other day." My father laughed with his hearty laughter. Along with his laughter I heard what sounded like the tinkling of wind chimes.

Wait, but my dad doesn't even have wind chimes in his office. I quickly brought my head up from the carpet and I was greeted with the most amazingly beautiful sight I have ever seen in my life.

There was an amazingly beautiful girl standing next to my father. The girl was giggling, probably at me stupidity, and it sounded so, well, like wind chimes. She was dressed in this goddess-like white flowy dress which fitted all her delicious curves nicely, which made me drool a little. I actually had to bring my sleeve up to my mouth just to wipe the drool off. I wanted to look at my drool covered sleeve in disgust, but all I could do was stare at this girl's beauty. She had long wavy chestnut colored hair that went to the middle of her slender waist and slightly curled at the ends.

My eyes traveled up her body to her face. If I thought her body was beautiful, then her face is to die for gorgeous. It was simply perfect! There was no trace of makeup anywhere on her face and yet her face was still alluring, you could probably stare at it for hours or even days without end. Her face was a creamy white, it wasn't a pale gross white that made her look sickly, but it was a white that made her glow with youth. Her lips were just so pink, plump, and delectable. I wanted them so badly, I was about ready to get up from the ground run to her, throw her on the table, and start making out with her.

Is it me or am I making her sound like dessert? My sister would be so proud of me and possibly call me her brother instead of, "He just looks like me and has the same last name and the same parents and almost the same DNA. He's totally not my brother."

Anyway, back to the beauty in front of me. After the girl stopped her little giggling fit, she opened her eyes, and they were just stunning. They reminded me of a sea of warm, dark honey that you could literally dive into. They were surrounded my really lush lashes, and I don't even think she had that goopy black stuff that girl's brush on their eyes. Her eyes were smiling which made me look down at her lips and she was smiling. What a beautiful smile. Her smile was easily, hands down, her best asset. Which coming from me, is saying a lot, since the asset I always choose on girls is always the parts that don't need to be named.

"Natsume, I hope you're not drooling on my carpet." I heard my father say as he interrupted my thoughts. Must he ruin every good moment? Though this was the best moment ever! But I did quickly wipe my mouth again, only to discover more drool! What the hell? Where is that drool coming from? I've never actually drooled over a girl before and now I was.

I heard the girl's giggle again and my mind went blank. I think this girl was doing everything that could happen to me from making my mind go blank to making my insides twist and turn in to little knots and I didn't even know her name!

"Who the hell is that?" I asked bluntly, I may be thinking that she is the most beautiful person or thing I have ever seen in my life, but they don't have to know that.

I watched as her faced puff up angrily, it was childish but actually surprisingly cute, she glared at me and placed her small hands on her slim hips. I think I'm giving this girl too much credit, but I got to give credit where credit is due. And this girl has credit all over.

"Natsume, please be nice. I don't want to have to put you in the corner, young man. This is friend's daughter, Mikan Sakura. A lovely thing, isn't she? She's staring the Academy today. And you'll be taking care of her, she'll be your partner! But I must warn you, please don't do anything to her. Don't even try, you'll regret it." My father warned me, I eyed his suspiciously. Why can't I have fun with her? I wanted to ask but then I heard to door of the office open up.

"Oh there you are, Jinno. Will you please escort this pretty lady here outside for a few minutes? I need to talk to my sun alone for a few minutes." The old man asked the other even older man who glared at me, but his face sort of soften when the Mikan girl walked toward him. She shouldn't have walked pass me in a dress. Wrong move girly.

"See you later, Polka Dots." I smirked at her. She stopped with her back facing me and she turned around. She was looking down but her hair was covering her eyes and I couldn't see what type of expression she had. She walked up to me and suddenly started kicking me repeatedly, got on top of me and started strangling me.

Ow ow ow ow! What the hell? She's crazy! Polka started banging my head on the ground and I could just hear my old man laughing and saying he told me so.

"You pervert! Next time you do that you're dead!" With that she stood up, flipped her hair over her shoulder, and stomped out of the room. Before closing the door completely, Jin-Jin's head popped in and he smiled at me evilly.

Bastard, he knew that was going to happen. When Jin-Jin left, I had already started to formulate the plan I would use to beat him later.

"Natsume, I did warn you. You need to learn how to clean your ears better, boy." My father told as he placed his elbows on his desk and rested his chin on his crossed fingers. I stood up and brushed off any dirt off of me and walked over to my father and slammed my hands down on the table.

"What was that just now?" I asked him, must he always piss me off? He just shook his head back and forth.

"Natsume, Natsume," My father sighed and continued, "Come on in boys."

I turned my head to see the side door of the office open and out stepped my best friends Ruka Nogi with his white rabbit in his arms, Yuu Tobita, Koko, and Kitsuneme stepped out slowly and disappointedly. They slowly lined up in a straight line, in front of the only exit door I note. I eye everyone suspiciously as they sighed.

"Natsume, we're best friends, right? I just feel that, well how can I put this? You have a problem Natsume and we want to help you as your friends." Ruka started off and everyone nodded in agreement, I turned to my father and he was nodding too.

What the hell? Is this some type of weird intervention, or something?

"Natsume, we're worried about you, man. We don't want you to make any more mistakes." Kitsune continued with a sad voice, shaking his head. I was right this is some type of intervention!

"What the hell is this about?" I yelled at them all, they shrinked back a little, but they stood firm.

"Natsume, calm down. This is for your own good. I am having Mikan become your partner because I believe she can keep you in line. Its hard coming to work every day knowing that my son, my wonderful son in bed with one of the girls here every single day. It's so heartbreaking!" Cried my father as he grabbed a tissue from the corner of his desk and started crying into it.

After a few minutes of crying my father straightened himself up and continued his lecture, "This is why Mikan is going to keep you disciplined enough, so you can maybe find a nice girl to be with and be in a serious commitment with. You'll be heading to the college division of this Academy in two years, and I just can't have you wreak habit there as well as the outside world. I'm sorry Natsume, but this is for your own good. You will be taking over all the Alice Academy's all over the world and you need to know how to take care of the Academy's properly, so I can't have you playing around anymore. You need a real girl."

"This is so screwed up." I muttered and pushed pass my friends, who tried to stop me, but I threw them off of me. I yanked the door opened and something fell on top of me, I lost my balanced, and fell backward.

Once I hit the floor, hard, I opened my eyes to see what fell and I was face to with those beautiful honey eyes and those soft lips pressed up against mine. I wanted to stay like that all day and savor her lips against mine, it just felt so right. Even if it was a surprise, it was like no other kiss that I ever had with a girl.

Polka must've realized what she was doing because she quickly shot up, still sitting on my lap and let out an ear piercing scream.

"Oh my God! That was my first kiss and it was stolen by this pervert! I'll never be able to have that again and on top of that I'll never be able to get married!" Polka pushed herself off of me and sobbed on the ground and pounded it repeatedly.

This girl was sure interesting. I've never seen a girl act like that if she got kissed by me, especially if it was their first kiss. They probably would start thanking God for that opportunity plus, they all start doing it more until my lips feel numb, which is a fun thing to do. But this girl crying on the ground next to me, is acting like it's the end of the world.

Maybe Dad is right, I need a girl and it will definitely be this girl.


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