They say that the more silent the night the more deadly the consequences. The moon shone over the village as the people slept, wandering through their dreams and fighting off their nightmares, hearts light and minds clear of any true worries. Not even the crickets dared chirp and disrupt the serenity of those who slumbered. The babbling brook was still and calm, moonlight licking at the waves delicately.

Indeed, the peace of the night is a beautiful thing. Yet, two beings could not sleep in this stillness. The Kyuubi no Kitsune sat awake, staring into the night sky and the twinkling stars as he waited for his midnight guest to join him in the small clearing. His heart was filled with a strange heaviness, as he pondered the thoughts laying tantalizingly in his mind.

One of his large, long fox ears twitched at the sound of a stick snapping, red eyes glancing up in feigned disinterest as a woman stepped into the clearing. The Demon took a deep breath, reveling in the scent of the human who had stepped into his territory, his sharp eyes appraising her form as she walked towards him. Oh, how affectionate he felt towards a child of mortality, he mused to himself, holding his hand out to the lovely human, the skin of her palm warm against his own and her nearly purred in delight.

"You are late, my dearest." He murmured, pulling her down to lay beside him on the cool grass, his playful red eyes locking with hers, shining silver in the light of the moonlight as she gave him a patient and warm smile. He carded his clawed hands through her long black hair, the inky tresses falling like silk onto her pale shoulder, exposed in the flimsy nightgown she wore.

"I could not leave earlier without the guards catching me." She murmured softly, her hand moving down to stroke the fur of one of his tails, sighing softly as it twitched before it and the rest of the fluffy tails wrapped around her body, defending her from the cool night air.

Kyuubi snorted in derision, opening his mouth to say something coarse, only for the human woman to place her index finger against his lips, blushing lightly when he gripped it, kissing all her fingertips sweetly. "Please, let us not dwell on those matters tonight." She begged softly, a yearning look in her soft eyes.

The fox Demon nodded, moving his kisses down to her wrist, sighing as her scent surrounded him. "I apologize, my love. I forget that you dislike my crude words in regards to your family." He murmured, looking back up to meet her eyes once again, a smile of his own briefly flitting over his face.

"They would keep me locked up inside the cage they call a home if they knew where I would sneak off to." She whispered sadly, shutting her eyes in pain at the thought.


"Please, Kyuubi, don't." She begged, looking back up at him and he sighed, leaning down to kiss at her cheeks. "I do not wish to discuss things that could never be. We would be hunted down if I ever agreed to disappear with you." She reached up and cupped his cheek leaning up to rest her lips against his in a sweet, passionate kiss.

"I would kill all those who would try to take you from me." He murmured, pulling her closer a little possessively, nuzzling his nose into the crook of her shoulder.

"Do not speak like that." She hummed, sighing as he started sucking lightly at her pulse point.

"It is true, my love." Kyuubi insisted, pulling away briefly to meet her eyes again, showing her the sincerity in his red gaze. Hikari studied the truth in his gaze and sighed softly, kissing him once more.

"It cannot be, my fox." She murmured again, seeing the hurt flit over his face before it was gone. "It would never work for us. For one day I will be an old maid and you will still be so handsome and young. No, it is best we keep our meetings secret, my demon, and better that I have you for a moment then not at all."

"A moment could be eternity, Hikari." Kyuubi replied softly, linking their fingers together and looking at her with heartfelt eyes. "You know I would gladly give you the gift of immortality, you need only ask it of me."

"The cost would be the loss of my memories and my soul, Kyuubi." Hikari whispered and Kyuubi looked away, their pain reflected in one another's gazes. She reached up and turned his face back towards hers and smiled softly at him. "I love you, but I would not ask something so selfish from you."

The Demon fox sighed once more, pulling his human lover into yet another kiss, deeper and more desperate than the last. The mortal woman moaned softly, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and shivering when she felt his hands on her thighs, moving her dress up and over her hips.

They parted briefly to remove each other's clothing, tossing them carelessly to the side and meeting once more in a frenzy. Kyuubi moved down to kiss, suck and nip at her sensitive neck whilst Hikari wrapped her legs around his waist with a happy sigh, her eyes shutting in pleasure as he moved against her, gyrating their hips together.

He was always gentle with her, roaming down her body till his head was buried between her thighs and Hikari's hands were tugging at his fiery locks. Kyuubi pleasured her with his tongue, lapping and teasing her to wetness as she moved with him desperately, rocking her hips and arching her back, moaning softly in the still night air as their bodies heated up in accordance to one another.

He pulled, pushing a finger into her and thrusting it gently, tender yearning in his gaze as he watched her writhe, whimpering his name. soon a second finger and then a third entered, stretching her slowly, comfortably, feeling her wetness coat the digits as he prepared her. When her inner walls started to tighten around his fingers, Kyuubi pulled them out of Hikari's core, moving up to lay over her.

He kissed her tenderly, swallowing her cry as he entered her, rocking his hips slowly. She moaned and whimpered, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and breaking the kiss to pant deeply, her light eyes opening to lock with his. Kyuubi growled lowly, speeding up his thrusts and gripping her hips tightly, moving against her, increasing the frequency of his thrusts, their lust growing, ebbing and flowing.

She cried out when she came to completion, unraveling in his arms and the demon was soon following her over the precipice of pleasure, releasing into her with a low growl of her name. they pulled apart and curled up with one another, breathing deeply, sharing the heat from their love making, their eyes caught up with one another, love and pain battling equally between them.

Below them the village slumbered on, unaware of the evil that lurked beneath the earth or the change in the winds. The moon smiled down on the lovers and the stars danced happily.

Fate brewed in the corner, a malicious smile stretching her lips.