Five years later!

"Molly, I know its last minute but can you take her?" I asked my sister-in-law as I held my baby girl in my arms.

"Course I can," she nodded accepting the girl, "I'll put her in Ron's cot yeah?"

"Thanks Mol," I smiled at her before backing off, "The twins should've been back a while ago. I'm just gonna go see if they're okay."

"Okay love," she nodded, "Let me know?"

"I will," I nodded before apparating away. I landed in a crouch at the dark beach the boys were supposed to be at. My eyes landed on a body straight away, rushing over, I let a squeak out. "Fabian."

My eyes watered slightly as I looked around, keeping low... but I heard a shout making me dash over there. Gideon was facing off with three Death Eaters, but they weren't just any Death Eaters. Regulus, Lewis and Patrick, as I watched my eyes widened as the green curse flew towards Gideon! "NO!" I screamed apparating in front of him...

The curse hit me dead in the chest, and my brother's eyes widened as he realised he'd hit me and not Gideon. The darkness surrounded me and I crumpled to the floor...

No worries, I have a sequel... all about the daughter going to Hogwarts with Harry.