Author's Note: Me and my little fics. XD This one is just something to do between chapters of "A Second Chance" since I'm stuck on them 3 :3 A small AU where Zigs is a good bit different, both because of events in his life that I'm changing for this story and because of...other things ^~. Also, some chapters might be shorter than my usual 2-3k per. Just sort of going with the flow here.

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Extra Note: Contains some spoilers for certain plot points in the series, and follows the plot of several episodes, though altered a bit. AU as per usual.

Before Venjix attacked, the world was doing pretty well. People were making advances in medicine and the planet's ecosystem had somehow been saved. Sure, there was still the occasional war, poverty, all of that, but who cared when the future was now? Venjix attacking had been a huge blow to the human race, as well as to the entire rest of the world. The atmosphere and climate were thrown completely to hell, the air and water was mostly poisoned or irradiated, and the majority of the population had died, the rest fleeing to the domed city of Corinth. Some people had been captured by the virus during that time and some had evaded it but not managed to get into the city – no one knew for sure what happened to those people.

Presently a dark car was driving along the barren wasteland that the outer world had now become. He had no name, no past and no memories besides a few things. What he did know at the moment, however, was his fuel tank was low, his water was running out, and there was someone lying dead ahead of him on the ground. As for whether this person was still alive or yet another of the many corpses left in the wake of the destruction wasn't really to be sure – though, given the wasteland wasn't littered with bodies, it was more likely to be someone who was alive or had been recently.

The person, it seemed, was a young man with long brown curls, head resting on a flannel shirt laid out on the ground. As the car managed to pull to a stop right by his head, the person let out a loud "WHOA!" and jumped up, looking a good deal surprised. Well, now it was obvious he was alive at least. The driver hopped out, staring at the younger male like he was insane.

"The hell, man. Do you always drive into random people when you see them on the ground or just when you have an entire wide expanse of ground to drive on?" the guy, it seemed, was a little unnerved after being woken from his nap. His messy brown curls fell down over his one eye and hung down to around his shoulders, tangled and dusty.

"I don't know, do you always go to sleep randomly in the middle of the ground?" the older male remarked back, leaning on the door of his car and trying to figure out the skinny kid before him – for that was one of the most noticeable traits about this young man, besides his wild hair. His frame was almost impossibly thin and boney, and the clothes that would have been tight on a normal person hung lose on him. In fact, his pants were only being held up with what was unmistakably some cinched up rubber from a hose and his tank top was falling off of one shoulder.

Reaching down to yank the flannel up off of the ground and retrieve the black bag that'd been partly hidden under his sleeping form, the smaller man seemed to be considering his answer. "Yes actually. There aren't many five star hotels in this area of the wastes." he shot back, pulling a bottle of water out of his bag and taking a sip. Immediately, the driver dived for the bag with the water, but quiet suddenly, the younger man was crouched on top of his car, having leaped there quickly with speed most humans, particularly not ones that sickly looking, had.

"Ah-ah-ah, you didn't say the magic word," the younger male said, grinning impishly from beneath his more-than-overgrown bangs, "Well, you didn't say any word at all, but still."

The older male grunted and glared up at the person on his car, "I'm not going to ask you for it – just give me the water." he held his hand out and after a time the other tossed it to him.

"That's all I've got for you, I'm afraid – you won't be able to get more till we arrive at Corinth and that's a good several miles thata'ways." the brunette was stuffing the flannel into his bag and zipping it up, pointing as he mentioned the city. His companion stared, "We?"

Looking up, the younger male nodded, "Yes, we. You think I'm passing up a chance to get there a bit faster after how long I've been traveling around out here?"

The older male merely climbed into his car and slammed the door, intending to take off and leave the stranger here. Sadly, soon as he started up the motor, he felt the weight on top shift. Briefly, his windshield was obscured by the long haired youth leaning upsidedown over it to glare at him and give the man the bird before he vanished, seemingly blown off by the speed and wind. Soon enough the driver realized that he had no such luck – the stray he'd picked up was sliding into the passenger's seat and slamming the door to it shut.

"That, my friend, was a dick move." the younger male commented before leaning back the seat and doing whatever it was people like him did to get comfortable.

As they drove, the younger male was silent, mostly snoozing, but occasionally attempting to make conversation with the stoic man beside him. He seemed to be having a fun game out of figuring out what questions he could and couldn't get answers to, either because the older man didn't feel like talking right then or because he didn't know the answers. The present case was his name.

"So what's your name?"

"I don't know." he felt like he was growling that phrase at his passenger for the hundredth time and so far it wasn't dissuading the damn boy one bit, "Why don't you tell me yours?"

The smaller male snorted, the one dark eye visible outside of his mess of hair and sunken sockets seemed to glance at him, considering, "I'm Ziggy."

This earned a look of disbelief, "Your name is Ziggy?" that was either a horrible joke or the other had cruel parents. That drew a chuckle from the younger man, "Yes, my name's Ziggy. Ziggy Grover if you want to be formal but I only use my last name for official stuff."

Eventually, they came upon the city, still pretty far and behind the Venjix barrier and the powerful shield, keeping the people inside protected from the outside world. Ziggy grinned, waving a hand lightly towards their destination, "So what's the plan – wanna stop and sneak in over cover of dark...or shall we play chicken with the barrier?" the second option brought that devilish grin out once more, and it was easy to see the strange sparkle in those brown eyes.

Glancing at the fuel gage, the darker haired man shook his head. "We can't stop now – if I shut it off, I might not be able to get the motor going again."

Ziggy's grin increased tenfold, "The fun option it is then." he said, and immediately unzipped his bag to pull out a very large and very homemade looking blaster. When the nameless man looked at him, a small amused smile on his face at the weapon, the younger male shrugged, "I really hate grinders." His companion smiled a bit more at that and turned back to the wheel – he might just be getting to like this crazy wild boy, though maybe it was just because he also had a strong hatred for the mechanized pains in the ass.

As they sped towards the barrier, Ziggy decided to add another comment to the mix, "So you know, no one's won at chicken with the Venjix barrier yet." he said, though his eyes flashed as if to say 'though I got close last time' – hell, the older man could practically hear him saying it, though Ziggy's mouth didn't move more.

"Well, I'm about as close to no one as you're ever gonna meet." he said and sped up. The other male shrugged, rolling down the window, "There's a first time for everything." he agreed, watching in the side mirror for patrols. When a few converged on them, led by several grinders on dirt bikes and at least two on speeders, Ziggy began to shoot, knocking out their bikes and doing a good bit of destruction for such a makeshift gun.

About halfway through, when it was obvious they'd need more than the younger male's sharpshooting to take out the grinders, the driver held out his hand for an item, "Hand me that." he asked. Ziggy didn't even glance up from his shooting to answer, "Screwdriver, wrench, charge or another lollipop?" the younger man had done a thorough search of his side when he'd first gotten in the car, and had even swiped one of his partner's lollipops. "The last two." he was answered and Ziggy took a moment away from blasting to give him the items in question.

Using his saliva to make the lollipop sticky, he threw it out the window, where it stuck to one of the grinders' bikes and blew up as Ziggy pulled himself into the car quickly. "Nice one." he commented, picking up the charges to hold on his lap so he and his companion could throw them at their opposition. This was gonna be fun, the former was sure of it.

As they approached the huge Venjix barrier, the car hit a rock and the last charge turned on and fell into the backseat. Ziggy scowled, leaning back to retrieve it. At that moment, the older man thought he heard his companion saying 'and we were doing so well too' but at that moment, his mind immediately jumped to a decision on what his name should be. With Ziggy reaching back behind him, the bony younger male's shoulders rubbing up against his a bit as he drove, he spoke, "Dillon." this brought a confused, "Whu?" out of the younger male before he continued. "You can call me Dillon."

The newly named Dillon was definitely sure he heard Ziggy saying 'about damn time' triumphantly in his head, but through the rear-view mirror, he could see the younger man and his lips only moved to say "Nice knowing you, Dillon," as he reached for that last charge. With yet another stroke of genius, the man instructed his companion to hang on and swung the car they were in so the charge flew out the window and into one of the Venjix towers, allowing them to slide in past it and towards the shield. Ziggy sat up to clap him on the shoulder for that, "Nice work."

– –

Inside, there was heavy debate as to whether or not to open the shields for the incoming signals. There would be some breaching of the shield if they opened it to let these two in, and it wasn't even sure whether or not they were proper to let in. The one's bio-signal was only half human, but the other's was similar enough to a human's to be one, but there was definitely something off about it.

It wasn't until Dr. K – a sound frequency and a large black letter on a white screen and the voice that commanded the city's number one defense – instructed him to open the shield did Colonel Truman, head of Corinth's security, have it opened.

– –

Pulling inside as the shield opened, Ziggy leaned back with relief. "Man, I wonder if they have meat." he commented, before turning to notice the grinders entering the city after them, accompanied by a large dark looking bot. Three vehicles had just pulled up nearby, their occupants stepping out and doing something strange with their cellphones before light flashed and they were in weird costumes. During this time, Ziggy had been getting his gun out again. By the time they were done their transformation, he was standing beside the car and had shot out several of the grinders.

"Want us to hang back out of the way or should I keep at these buggers?" he called over towards the now primary colored team, who seemed surprise at his initiative against the grinders. His blasts weren't doing much against the major bot but it was definitely working just fine on the grinders, particularly when he could aim and they were walking.

The Rangers stared for a moment before shaking their heads. "We'll handle this." the Red Ranger informed them before the three got into action. Ziggy nodded, pulling back his gun and turning to Dillon. "You didn't shut the car down, did you? Cause this wasn't the best place to stop." he commented and immediately received a 'you think?' look.

It seemed this team was more than capable of handling the Attackbot and smaller numbers of grinders, but when a few of them managed to assemble a large gun with the intent of blasting Ranger Yellow in her large bear machine (a zord or something) and Ziggy's blaster didn't work, there was trouble. Immediately, he and Dillon hopped back into the car, the man trying to start the car to no avail till Ziggy hit it, his hand almost seeming to glow for a second as he did. With it on once more, they managed to drive into the gun, causing it to destroy several of the drones flying in, piloted by even MORE of the stinking Grinders.

The fight ended very soon after and the shield went back up. Ziggy and Dillon got out once more as the Ranger team came to see and thank them. However, just as they were intending to do this, a large military truck arrived with a siren blazing and began to scan the pair. They claimed Dillon had Venjix hardware in him – Generation 7 at least – and Ziggy...well, the scanner not only didn't show hardware in him, it didn't show anything HUMAN either, completely burning out when it went over the younger man, who just shrugged as smoke started coming from it.

The pair were immediately arrested, much to the surprise and disgruntlement of the Rangers. As the duo was carted off in handcuffs, all of the team, as well as Dillon, were positive they heard Ziggy mumbling something along the lines of, 'Ah, home sweet cell block. Wonder how the chow is.' But the young man just had a sleepy expression on his face as he climbed into the car, tossing his head so his hair didn't get caught in the door. How weird...

It was SO hard to resist calling him Dillon all chapter XD.