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I sat up on my bed while stretching. Today was the day I was going to get my first Pokémon. Oh, I forgot! My name is Alice Midnight. Today, I'm starting my Pokémon adventure. My elder

brother named Lucas is in Johto on his Pokémon journey. I took a quick bath and changed into my new clothes that my mom made for me. Vivid pink blouse with a dark purple jacket, an

orange miniskirt and put my hair up into a ponytail that was held with a giant Cherrim clip. I rushed down the stairs that led to the living room and saw my mom packing some food for me.

"Alice, since I don't want you to be late, I packed your breakfast in here too." she told me and handed me my food. "Thanks mom!" I said with a huge grin plastered on my face. "Its fine,

dear! Your bag is on the table. I packed some medicine, extra food and a mini umbrella inside just in case." She told me. I took my bag and headed to the door. I wore my ruby red boots

and said, "I'm off!" to my mom and ran out. I continued running to umm… Professor Rowan's lab in Sandgem town. Since I lived in Twinleaf town, it was just a few miles away. After an

hour or so, I reached Sandgem. There were lots of people around, too. I went up to a woman and asked her, "Umm… excuse me, but do you happen to know where Professor Rowan's

lab is?". She smiled at me and pointed to a big building near a Pokémon center. I said my thanks and ran inside the building to see a guy looking right down on me. I sweat dropped but

still asked, "Are you Professor Rowan?". He nodded and said, "So, you must be the new trainer that needs a starter. Follow me please." and walked to a table. A Chimchar, Turtwig and

Piplup were sitting there, staring at me. "Go ahead, pick one." Prof. Rowan said. I stared at the three cute starter Pokémon in front of me. "I think I'll take the Piplup!" I said after a while.

"Hmm. Very well. Here is a Pokedex, a Pokegear and some Pokeballs for you too." Prof. Rowan said and handed me the said items. "Pip Piplup!" Piplup said after I tried to return it to its

Pokeball. "Fine. Climb on my back." I said and turned around. She climbed on my back without any hesitation. "Bye Professor!" I said, waving my hand as I exited the building. I walked

down the path to Floaroma town with steady steps. 'OUCH! This Pokemon may look light, but it is HEAVY ALRIGHT! HEAVY!'. "Piplup!" Piplup yelled and jumped down. She started glaring at

something up ahead. The thing that she was starring at looked like a bird. I remember reading about this Pokemon in a book. "Wow! A Starly!" I said and gasped. "Piplup Pip!" Piplup

chirped, waking me out of my trance. "O-OK, Piplup! Lets capture it, 'kay?" I said and smirked.. Piplup chirped her name once happily and got ready for battle. "Lets see… use

Bubblebeam?" I said, still unsure about her moves. "Pip…PLUP PLUP PLUP!" she chirped and released a huge amount of bubbles from her mouth. It blasted the Starly on it's left wing.

"STARLY!" Starly cried out in pain. I couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor Starly. "P-Pokeball, go!" I said and threw a pokeball at it. The Starly got warped inside by a red beam and the

Pokeball started rocking back and forth. Once, twice… thrice! I picked up the Pokeball and said, "Yes! I caught a Starly!" and Piplup chirped it's name twice. I sweatdropped as a gust of

wind blew by. "Ugh… theres no one here… why am I talking to myself…" I said solemly. "PIPLUP!" Piplup chirped, offended of her presence not noticed by me. "Sorry!" I apologized. We

soon continued our journey to Floaroma…

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