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Jenni and I walked to a plain area in the field, not disturbing the other trainers there. The constant sound of rustling in the trees was heard, but I just ignored it.

"Should we train here?" Jenni asked me, staring blankly at the wide range of area.

"Sure. Lets have a contest battle first." I agreed, and Jenni nodded her head.

" You should choose your Pokemon first." I said, grinning as Jenni shuffled through her Pokeballs. Even though she was smiling there, I thought she was really going to choose Rill.

" I'll be using Jiggly for the battling rounds. Go, Jiggly!" Jenni cried and threw out a Pokeball on the field. Out of it came a ppink coloured Pokemon, and it looked really puffed up. But, it was SO CUTE!

"Jiggly, Puff Puff!" the Pokemon cried, puffing up it's body some more so it looked like a real pink balloon.

"Whats that?" I questioned to actually nobody and took out my Pokedex from my pocket.

"Jigglypuff, when it wavers its big, round eyes, it starts singing a lullaby that makes everyone drowsy. It's foe can be infatuated from its special ability, cute charm."

"So that's a Jigglypuff! I've only heard about it last time." I stared at the cute Pokemon that was happily dancing a small dance on the field. I started fetching my own Pokeball.

" I'm using PP for the battling rounds. Go, PP!" I cried and threw PP's Pokeball out onto the field.

"Piplup, Pip Pip Lup!" Piplup chirped as it appeared on the field.

"Well, start!" a voice cheered behind me, and I gasped at the voice. I turned around, craning my neck, to see a familiar girl with elbow length light brown hair and green eyes. She was wearing a yellow collared shirt and dark blue jeans with red love patterns on them. I squinted my eyes at her to get a better look. Oh. MY. GOSH. It really was Estre! You see, Estre was my childhood friend when I was really young, but had to move to Hoenn due to certain reasons.

"Est! How have you been? I thought you live in Hoenn? Why are you here? Are you alright?1" I bombed all my questions on her happily, hugging my dear friend 'till she told me she couldn't breathe through my immense strength. I let go of her while smiling sheepishly. Jenni ran up to my side and looked at the girl from head to toe.

"Hey, Alice, who is this person?" Jenni asked me, kind of glaring at Est with her hands on her hips.

"Jenni, meet Estre,- who prefers to be called Est,-, my childhood friend, and Est, meet Jenni, one of my companions I am now travelling with through Sinnoh." I introduced.

"Nice to meet you, Jenni! I'm Est, aged 10! I'm a contest person. I currently live in Hoenn but started travelling in Sinnoh. I have currently three Pokemon." Est grinned at Jenni.

After some short examination, Jenni shook her head and smiled at Est. "Hi Est! I'm Jenni, aged 11, that's one year older than you! As you can see, I currently live in Sinnoh, but was actually born in Kanto. I have two Pokemon, hopefully I will catch another in my travels…" Jenni sighed at the last part. Est nodded, understanding Jenni's sigh.

"OK, now that introductions are over, lets start the battle. I'll skip out on this one though, since you two already started it. I'll be the referee." Est grinned and stood on the sidelines, watching us get ready for our –trial- contest battle.

"Jiggly, use Flail and Quick Attack combined!" Jenni said, snapping her finger at Jiggly.

"PP, counter with a strong Bubblebeam and Peck attack!" I called to PP.

"Jig, Jiggly!/ Pip…PLUP!" the two Pokemon cried and started the attcks.

Jiggly ran at a very quick speed at PP, her arms flailing around. And PP, who was just running with her beak glowing and was gaping for a Bubblebeam attack. The two attacks collided, but PP had the advantage. Since Jiggly was flailing, PP had pecked her to make her yelp in pain and stop flailing, allowing PP to use her Bubblebeam attack. I grinned as Jiggly staggered to her feet and Jenni glowing with confidence.

"Okay, Jiggly, time to strike back! Use Sing!" Jenni yelled at Jiggly, who was taking out her mike. I panicked but called out to PP.

"PP, quickly, use Bide!" I yelled, and PP started glowing while whispering her name (Piplup).

"Jiggly~ Puff, Jiggl~y Puff, Jiggly…" Jiggly sang, and made beautiful musical notes go into the air and disappear into glitter, and, in a contest, that had major points. But fortunately, Est handed me som eeraplugs along with Jenni. Of course, Jenni had her own earplugs.

"Shoot…" I growled, watching PP go into a deep slumber, but didn't lose her Bide, and thank goodness for that.

"Jiggly, hurry and use Tackle, Flail, and Quick Attack all at once, plus, use some of the Stardust I gave you to make it prettier!" Jenni told Jiggly and of course, Jiggly obeyed. Okay, in a contest, my points would be almost zero now.

PP suddenly awoke and hit Jiggly, full blast with her Bide.

"Jiggly!" Jiggly cried, and passed out. Jenni ran to her fainted Pokemon returning it while saying good job to her.

"The winner is… Alice!" Est said and hugged me with happiness. I replied to her hug and went to Jenni.

As we got our things, a sudden explosion was heard. Jenni, Est and I gaped at the people in front of us. They smirked at us, folding their hands. They wore cloaks and had boots, black boots.

"W-What do you want?" I asked them bravely, though my skin shivered a bit.

"Nothing dear, just giving you a little present, for all of you." One of them said, and the other looked at the person in surprise. They started whispering to one another and after a minute or so, nodded and took something out of their bags. They threw a Fire Stone to Est, a Moon Stone to Jenni and a Rare Candy to me, then dissapeared. Wait, I was the only one without a stone! Oh well.

Somewhere in another field…

Tayi's POV

In the middle of training with Akira, two suspicious figures appeared in front of us.

"What do you want?" I growled at them, Akira backing me up with a cold glare.

The figures laughed, but just scrambled around in their bag. They threw a Thunder Stone at me and handed Akira some… MONEY? HOW COME I DIDN'T GETMONEY? They disappeared and we were left there, gaping at the place they stood like a Magikarp.

"That is very suspicious, you know." I said to Akira, who nodded in response. I can't wait to tell Alice and Jenni what happened!

Somewhere in the woods…

Zeke's POV.

Yes! I finally found her. Yes, the rude girl. She was sitting by a stream, but she was awfully quiet. I went up to her and cleared my throat. She turned around in slight surprise, but galred at me when she realized who did the throat clearing.

"Not you again…" she sighed, slapping her forehead.

"I just wanted a rematch, and by the way, I never got your name." I said, waving a finger.

She gave me a clod galre, but said, "The name is Storm Raikou Thristlethorn. Just call me Thorn or Lightning, and I accept your rematch.".

Suddenly, two figures appeared in the stream.

"Shit, my cloak has gone totally wet…" one of them sighed, but helped the other take out two items from their bag. They threw Thorn a Fire Stone and me a Dusk Stone. Weird…

Outside the Pokemon Center…

Cole's POV

I was talking to this guy named Corey outside the Pokemon Center to cool my nerves from just now.

"So, you good at battles, huh?" Corey asked me, and I smirked proudly.

"Sure am. Want to battle?" I grinned as he nodded eagerly. As we were about the start the battle, two figures of people appeared in front of us and tossed us two items, Corey a Water Stone and me a Electrizer, which I grinned at. An item for evolving Electabuzz! Sweet!

Behind yet another random tree…

The two figures once again stood up the tree, observing the people who were given the gifts.

"Phase one, complete." One of them sneered.

"And the start of Phase two." The other one snarled.

And that, was just the beginning of the Phases.

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