A/N, soo, that's my second story. I hope you all like it. I just had this idea and thought i write it down.

Chapter 1 – New Home

Bella POV.

Hi. My name is Isabella Taylor. I'm half-human and half-vampire. My mom was human but my dad isn't. Well, wasn't. Im in adoption centre right now. Dad brought me here an hour ago. Said he wanted to 'travel the world' and that im stopping him. He never really loved me but he wasn't all that bad. He didnt beat me or yell at me. Anyway, my mom died when she gave birth to me and well, i was left with my dad. I dont smell like a vampire and my skin is warm and soft. Of course no one knows im half-vampire here.

I dont drink human blood. I think it's disgusting. I eat human food. Tho, every month i have to drink blood. Animal ofcourse. One small animal is enought for me. I have vampire speed and strenght. Tho i use my human ones.

I have deep sea blue eyes and chocolate brown curly hair. My hair walls down to almost my waist. Im whiter than normal person but still have my human skin tone mixed with it. Im pretty beatiful but i have my mistakes. Tho my friends told me that im gorgeous, course i dont belive them, so what im half-vampire. Im 14 right now, but it looks like im 16 year old or something. In calendar years, im 14. My birthday is 3 monthes away. It's 3 August. And right now, it's May.

I have few powers. When i feel some emotion, my eyes change color. But i can control it. If i want, they change, if i dont want them to change, they dont. But it isn't all that easy. What's hard is teleporting. I haven't controlled it yet. It's hard. I dont know how it works or what i have to do. And i can create illusions ( Stole it from Zafrina :D) Im fast too, like really, really fast. I guess that's really not a power. I was pulled from my thoughts by Julia.

''Isabella?'' she asked.

''Yes?'' i answered automatically.

''Come, you need to pack your things'' Julia said. She is adoption centre lady. She was young. Maybe little over 20.

''Pack? Where am i going?'' i asked.

''You're going home, Isabella. With Charlie?'' she said, pushing me to my room. I've been here for an hour and i already get adopted?

''Who's Charlie?''

''Your adoptive father. He's waiting for you. Go on. Hurry up'' she said and left. My new dad? Oh dear. I packed my things and left my room. I got hugs from kids, who were here too. I said goodbye and left. I stepped out the door and saw Julia and Charlie talking. Charlie was with cruiser. Ah, police man. Interesting. He seemed quiet type of guy.

''Oh, hello, Isabella'' Charlie greeted when i got closer. Charlie was pale, well, not like me but human pale.

''Hi'' i said shyly. Im kind of shy.

''Well, im sure gonna miss you'' Julia said and hugged me. I hugged her back and Charlie took my bags and put them on back seat. He opened door for me and i hopped in. He walked over to the driver seat and we started driving.

''So, where do you live?'' i broke the silence.

''I live in La Push. Im sure you gonna love it there. There is beach and everything. But it's a little cloudy there'' he chuckled.

''Okay'' i answered. Im good with it. Rain part and cloudy. With sun i might sparkle a little. Well my fingertips sparkle.

''So, you're a quiet type huh?'' he asked after 15 minutes of silence.

''yeah, i am'' i answered, looking at him.

''me too'' he smiled. I smiled back and stared out of window. I turned to look at Charlie after 5 minutes and noticed sadness in his eyes. Does he think he made a mistake? Does he wants to take me back? Does he not like me?

''Why are you sad, Charlie? Do you think you made a mistake adopting me?'' i asked quietly.

''Oh, god no. Just, my best friend, Harry Clearwater past away yesterday'' he said.

''Oh, im so sorry'' i apologized. I didn't want to make him feel even worse.

''No, it's okay. You dont have to apologize, Isabella'' he said gave me a small smile, what didn't reach his eyes.

''Please, call me Bella. Isabella is so...formal''

''Okay then''

Soon i saw 'Welcome to La Push'' sign. When we started passing houses i saw some people. Everyone were with beatiful light brown skin and black hair.

''Oh god'' i muttered under my breath.

''What?'' Charlie asked, looking at me.

''Oh, nothing. It's just that im so...different. Pale'' i whispered. Charlie chuckled.

''Dont worry, im one of the elders here. And look at me, im pale too'' he said. Really? An elder? And he even dont know that he's takeing home half-vampire teenager. I've read that here's that tribe legend about shape-shifters. What if they're real? Should be cool to see them, tho they would kill me.

''Well, okay, i guess''

Soon we pulled infront of a big white house. Looks like Charlie is rich. But that isn't what i care for. Anyway the house was big. It wasn't like huge but it was big. It is beatiful house. It has light blue porch and door. Well, porch floor is light blue. I have this vampire hearing and seeing too. Charlie went to get my bags. As soon as i stepped out of the car i smelled shape shifter's smell. Well, it wasn't bad smell. It's like woods after it rains or something like that. Not bad smell. I've heard they smell like wet dog? Oh well. I dont know how i knew that that smell was shape-shifters but i just knew. I took my bag and Charlie took the other. I rolled my eyes. It's not like i cant carry them.

He unlocked the door and stepped inside. I went after him. I gasped at the living room. It has creamy walls and big glass table. Two white couches with white and dark yellow pillows. Big plasma tv was on the wall across from the couches. There were yellow flowers on the table and creamy curtains hung infront of the windows. And there was creamy and yellow carpet. It was amazing.

''You like it, Bella?'' Charlie asked as soon as he saw my face.

''Yes, i do like it. It's truly amazing'' i said and offered him a smile. He smiled back and headed for the stairs. As i passed kitchen, it was good i didnt scream. It was huge. I love cooking. Kitchen was simple and white. It was perfect. I followed Charlie upstairs and saw many, many doors.

''So, this is your room here'' he said and opened the door. Okay, i think im gonna faint. My favorite color is purple!

The floor was covered with soft light purple carbet. Walls were purple. The bed took almost half of my room, i was HUGE. Bed was covered with yellow day blanket, which had purple and orange spots. On top of that was little blanket, light purple. There was same color pillow as the day blanket and there was orange pillows and one purple one. Next to my bed was a night stand with little lamp.

There was dark brown table with lap top on it and some books and lamp. Then there is chair, light purple. One orange armchair is almost next to my bed with orange pillow. The curtains are same color as day blanket and then my closet! Holy shit. It was so big that i can run laps in here.

I stepped in bathroom. There was big shower with sink and hot tub. And toilet and big morror. It was white. It was amazing.

''So, what do you think? Is it okay?'' Charlie asked, while eyeing me.

''Okay? Are you kidding me? It is amazing. I think im gonna faint'' i said. He chuckled.

''Well, im glad you like it. The other rooms are for guests by the way. Well, i think i go watch game now, leave you here to unpack. Do you want to cook or we order some?'' he asked.

''Cook'' i practically yelled. He chukled and left. I sat on my bed and sighed. Perfect, i thought. I heard as Charlie put the tv on and i heard his breathing and heart beats. I heard my own too.

''Bells?'' Charlie yelled from downstairs. I guess i gotta new nickname.

''Yeah?'' i yelled back.

''You need to go to Jake's later. I gotta surprise for you at his place'' he yelled.

''Oh, okay'' i yelled back again and headed downstairs.

''Im heading there now, i get changes and then i go, okay?'' i asked if that's okay.

''Sure thing, Bells. Invite Jake and Billy to dinner if that's okay?''

''Sure, Charlie'' i said and headed upstairs for my room. I unpacked my thing's and pulled out clothes i wanted. I dont really care what temperature is so yeah. I put on tight white yeans and long tank top that went little lower than my waist and put on a jacket. I took my white DC shoes with black DC logo on them and walked down stairs.

''Charlie, i'll be right back'' i half-yelled for him.

''Take your time'' he said.

''Bye'' and i was out. I just remembered something. I went back in.

''Um, Charlie? Where does this Jake live?'' i asked, blushing. I cant belive, i forgot. He chuckled and said that he lives down the street. And he also told me that he's real name is Jacob.

'''kay'' i said and went back out. I put my hair into a high ponytail, very long ponytail. When my hair was like this in was little lower than my mid back. I walked out of the yard and closed the gate. I started walking down the street and smelled shape shifter's again. Oh well, they cant smell me anyway. I smell like cherry and little bit vanilla. All my friends told me that before my dad gave me away.

Soon i saw little red house and old truck infront of the house. I smelled shape-shifter here. Great, Jacob is a shape-shifter. I walked to the door and knocked. Soon some older looking man came and opened the door, he was in wheelchair.

''Hello, is Jacob home?'' i asked.

''No. And who might you be?'' he asked.

''Oh, right. Im Isabella Taylor. Charlie Swan's adotive daughter'' I introduced myself and offered my hand to him to shake. He shook it and smiled at me.

''Oh, Isabella. It's so great to meet you. Im Billy, Charlie's best friend. dont you look gorgeous'' he had huge smile on his face. I blushed

''Please, call me Bella and thank you'' i smiled at him. I heard steady breathing and a strong heart beat. Must be Jacob.

''Come on in. Jacob is sleeping but should be wake soon. Charlie said that you have surprise here, didn't he?'' Billy chuckled as he rolled himself to kitchen.

''Yeah, i love surprises'' i giggled. Cant wait what it is. Soon i heard heavy footsteps. He came to kitchen, not even noticing im here. I smelled his woodsy smell again. Definately shape-shifter.

''Damn it, what smelles so good here, dad did you cooked'' he said as he digged in the fridge. Must be me. I giggled.

''Dad? Did you just giggled?'' Jacob chuckled as he was still head in the fridge. He was tall and with light brown skin like Billy. He had short black hair what fell just above his ear. He has six pack and great muscles. He was only with his cut off shorts.

''No, son. We have guest'' Billy said. Jacob looked up and shut the fridge door. When he looked at me his eyes were about to pop out. He's eyes were beatiful, black like night. I giggled at his expression. He recovered from his expression quickly and put a smile on his face. He was handsome.

''Well, that's embarrassing'' Jacob said.

''That's okay'' i answered. My voice is soft. It has a good sound.

''So, who are ya?'' he said, sitting across from me.

''Im Isabella Taylor. Charlie Swan's adoptive daughter'' I gave him same answer as i gave Billy.

''Ah, Charlie's daughter. Nice to meet ya, im Jacob'' he said with a smile.

''Nice to meet you, Jacob'' i said politely.

''Call me Jake''

''Call me Bella'' i mocked him and he had grin on his face.

''Bella came for her surprise'' Billy said and rolled to living room. It was cozy here.

''Oh, okay. Come then'' Jake said and left the kitchen, me after him. We went outside, i saw two boys in cut off short's like Jake and they looked almost like twins. They had six pack too and they had short hair like Jake. They both looked good. Shape-shifters. Great.

''Come on, wolf boy. You can take other with ya'' i said so only Jake heard me. He froze. Oh, right. Umm, shit?

''Why did you just call me that?'' he managed to choke out. I rolled my eyes at him.

''No need to go to shock. Yes, i know what you are and no, i doesn't bother me'' i said. I looked towards two guys who were standing there. Eyeing us carefully.

''How?'' Jake asked. He wasn't shocked anymore.

''We all have our secrets. Just i know your's. How i know is my secret'' i whispered. He frowned. I started to pull him towards garage what i saw. We headed there before so it must be there. I got all excited again.

''C'mon already. I want to see what it is'' I said excitedly. He moved few inch. Agh! Human strenght, cant use my vampire either. Those two guys were chuckling at me. I pouted and gave Jake my puppy dog eyes.

''Okay, okay. Cmon'' he was the one pulling me now.

''C'mon you guys. Come here!'' Jake half-yelled to those guys.

''More wolf boys'' i said.

''Yeah'' he sighed and we made it to garage. There stood yellow porshe 911 turbo! (Just like Alice's) Holy shit! A fucking porshe. For me? I started jumping up and down. I might be fourteen but i sure know how to drive.

''You like it?'' Jake asked. What a stupid question.

''Of course. I love it'' i squeaked. I went to my car and looked at it. It was amazing! Two other guys had made it to garage and wolf whistled.

''Amazing huh?'' Jake asked.

''Hell yeah''

''Damn right''

''Yeah, amazing car huh?'' i said. They all started laughing. Huh?

''We didnt talk about the car, but that's amazing too'' one guys said. I frowned. What are they talking about then. I watched around. They chuckled.

''We were talking about you'' the same guys said again.

''Oh..'' i said quietly and blushed. That made them laugh even more.

''So, guys, this is Bella, Bella, this is Quil and Embry'' Jake said. Pointing at the guys. So who talked before was Quil. He seemed like funny guy and outgoing. Embry was shy kinda guy.

''Hi. Nice to meet ya'' i said.

''You too'' Quil said and winked at me. I smiled at him.

''Nice to meet you, Bella'' Embry said. I looked up at him. They were wery tall, tho i wasnt short either. Maybe i was to their shoulders. What i noticed about Embry was his eyes. They were night black and gorgeous. He stared at me like i was the Sun. Like i was only person on this earth. I felt this strange pull to him but i chose to ignore it. I watched back at Jake and Embry looked disappointed.

''Holy shit'' Quil said. I looked at him, confused. He went to Jake and whispered something to him. It was so low that even my ear didn't catch it. Jake frowned. I looked at Embry, he was still stareing me that way. Freaky.

''What's goin' on?'' i asked as i watched Jake again.

''Umm...nothing you should worry about. Pack thing'' Jake said. I nodded. Quil and Embry, who was out of his daze, were shocked at what Jake said.

''Yeah, she knows. Dont ask me why, i have no idea'' Jake said. They all looked at me, waiting for an answer.

''No'' i said simply. They all shrugged. Embry was looking at me the hole time, but i didn't mind. I still felt that pull, but i pushed it back of my head.

''So, you goin' home now?'' Embry asked, little disappointed.

''Yeah. Jake, ask Billy if you guys want dinner. Charlie invited you over. Im makeing spaghetti with meatballs'' i said and smiled as their mouths were open and they looked so hungry.

''Oh, i am so there'' Jake said.

''What's for desert?'' Quil asked.

''Surprise'' i said.

''Lucky Jake'' Quil and Embry said together. I giggled and noticed that Quil and Embry were pouting. I laughed.

''Oh, c'mon guys. I can make you some'' i offered. Quil jumped up and hugged me tight. With that he earned growl from Embry. What was that about?

I climbed in my car. My car. Yay!

''C ya guys'' i said and waved as i drove off. It felt so good to drive again. It wasn't long way home so, soon i parked my car in garage. I went inside and found Charlie at same pose when i left. He was sitting and his head was almost glued to tv. I giggled. He noticed im here.

''Oh, hey kiddo''

''Hey. Thanks for the car, i love it'' i said and went to hug him. He hugged me back.

''So, im starting dinner and Jake and Billy are comeing over''i said, smileing.

''Okay, game should end soon'' he said, turning his head back to tv. I shook my head at him and went to kitchen. It was big. There was big wooden table against wall. It was huge. I opened the fridge and there was everything. I took meatballs and closed the door. I found spaghetti in one of the cupboards and i started working on dinner. I started makeing fruit salad and desert. I made chocolate cake. I put it in the oven and finished fruit salad and spaghetti. I put fruit salad in the fridge. I made a lot of food, since Jake said he eats alot. I set the table and then Jake and Billy came in. My cake was ready too, but i left it in the oven. Jake inhaled and he has big grin on his face.

They came into kitchen and i put spaghetti with meatballs on table. We sat down and started eating. Jake digged into his food like he haven't eaten two years.

''Jake, you hungry or something?'' i asked, giggleing.

''Mhmm'' he just hummed. He chewed his food and swollowed.

''This is amazing. You cook better than Emily and that's something'' he said. I blushed.

''His right, Bells. This is incredible'' Charlie said what made me blush even more.

''I agree'' Billy said. Soon, all spaghetti was gone, to Jake's stomach of course. I took dishes to sink and took fruit salad from the fridge. I put it on the table and soon everyone was eating again. I was just enjoying my meal.

''It's amazing Bells. How you learned to cook like that?'' Jake asked.

''From cook books and alot of practise'' i giggled. They all looked at me with big eyes. I just shrugged. Soon fruit salad was gone too.

''Seesh, Jake. You sure you can take desert?'' I asked.

''Hell yeah'' he said. I rolled my eyes at him and took cake from oven. They're eyes were about to pop out. I just laughed and put cake on the table. Everybody grabbed cake slices what i cut. I got last slice i cut. Half of cake was still on the table. As soon as they started eating, they moaned. Is it bad?

''Bells, i would kill for that cake'' Jake moaned and i giggled at him. Billy and Charlie nodded. I started eating too. It was good. Not my best tho. Soon i saw Embry and Quil. I rolled my eyes. Of course they cant stay away.

''Charlie? Is it okay if we share cake with two Jake's friends? Its a big cake'' i said.

''Yeah, sure'' he said. I went to door and invited them in. Embry had this dreamy look again. I lead them to kitchen. Charlie and Billy were in the living room by then. When they saw cake they both ran for the table. Jake was eating his third slice. Soon there was only one slice on the table. Boys all looked at eachother and reached for the cake. I took it in last second.

''No, guys. You gonna ruin my table'' i pouted. They all looked at the cake in my hand. I put it on the table at cut it to three. I put one piece to Jake, one piece to Quil and one last piece to Embry. They ate it with one second.

''That was Incredible cake Bella'' Embry said. I blushed again. Ugh, i hate it. I do that alot tho.

''Damn, you got that right'' Quil said. Jake was just patting his stomach. Boys.

''Jake, you wanna stay here for the night, your father stays!'' Charlie yelled from other room.

''Sure thing, Charlie'' Jake yelled. Embry had frown on his face.

''umm, okay then. Come i'll show you to your room. You guys can come too'' i said and headed for stairs. I went upstairs and Jake's room was two doors from mine. I opened the door and went in. It was simple. Light blue colors and of course huge bed.

''That's great'' Jake said. ''So where's your room'' he asked.

''Two doors from yours'' i said and he nodded. We sat on the floor and talked for hours. Then it came to subject i didn't wanted to talk about, but oh well.

''Bella? How do you know?'' Jake asked. I breathed in deeply and then let it out.

''From your smell'' i answered. They looked confused.

''You smell like woods, after it rains'' i said.

''But how? What are you then? I mean, you're just a human'' Quil said.

''No im not. Im half-vampire. And please dont get mad cus i'll explane'' i said quickly. They were all in shock and their hands started shakeing, except Embry's. I sighed.

''My mother was a human, my dad wasn't. He left me in adoption center and then Charlie adopted me. No, i dont drink human blood, it's disgusting. I dont have venom and i eat human food. Tho every month i have to drink animal blood, like a small rabbit or something'' i finished slowly and sadly. I dont like to kill a animal.

''So, you're a half-human too?'' Jake asked.

''Yeah, tho i have vampire strenght and hearing and seeing and speed'' i said.

''You aren't dangerous in anyway, are you?'' he asked again. I shook my head.

''No, im not'' i said.

''How old are you?'' Quil asked.

''Umm...14 but i look 16. It's vampire thing'' i said. They nodded slowly.

''You?'' i asked.

''17'' Quil said.

''17'' Jake said.

''16, 2 weeks more and im 17 too'' Embry said and i nodded.

''So, is there anything more? Do i have to leave La Push?'' i asked, sad. I didn't want to leave.

''No, we need to talk to Sam, our Alpha. You aren't dangerous so it's all good'' Jake said and hugged me.

''You know, you smell good'' he said and chuckled. I giggled and Embry growled. I frowned at him. Jake's skin was hot but mine wasn't cold either. It was like any other human, tho it was very soft. Like silk.

Soon, Embry and Quil had to leave. Me and Jake sent them to the door. Quil gave me a hug, which made Embry growl low again, which made Jake and Quil laugh. Before they left Embry gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. It felt good to be in his arms and i thought i was gonna faint when he kissed me on a cheek but i ignored it. I cant fall in love with a shape-shifter. Or werewolf as they called themselves.

Me and Jake said good night and i went to my room. I changed my clothes to PJs and went to bed. I drifted off when i heard wolf howl. I knew this wasn't for Jake. It was Embry.