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Chapter 4 – Leaving

Bella POV.

I woke up surrounded by warmth. I snuggled coser to it. I felt someone breathing. Wait a minute, who's sleeping next to me? I felt his breathing brush against my face. A shiver of pleasure went down my spine. Please dont be Embry, please dont be Embry! I opened my eyes slowly. And hello Embry. He looked so Damn cute when he slept, he looked few years younger.

His one hand was under my head and other was around my waist, holding me to him. My heart started racing. Calm, Bella. Soon my heart went to it's usual rythm. I kept my breathing calm too. Think, how can you get away. Soon Embry moved and pulled me even closer to him. Our lips were centimeter apart. Oh god.

Soon, I heard someone come from the kitchen. Paul came out with a sandwich on his hand. I mentally rolled my eyes. I reached my head up, leaving my neck exposed to Embry.

''Paul'' I whisper-yelled. He looked at me.

''Yeah?'' he whispered back.

''Help me'' I said. He chuckled quietly and shook his head. Suddenly i felt Embry move again and he snuggled into my neck. My eyes grew big and my breath caught in my throat.

''Please?'' I pleaded.

''Nah'' he said with a smirk and started to walk to his bed.

''I'll cook for you!'' I whisper-yelled quickly. His ears perked up.

''Really?'' he asked.

''Yes, yes, now cmon'' I said and he came to me.

''Okay, okay, what can I do?'' he asked.

''Take his hand that is around my waist'' I said. I took Embry's head and put it on a pillow gently. I felt as Paul lifted Embry's hand. I rolled myself on the floor and stood up. I swear, one more minute and i would've kiss him.

''Thanks'' I said.

''No problem. I'll be waiting breakfast'' he said, chuckling. I smiled and nodded. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I went into the kitchen. It was only 6:30am. The Sun was rising. I made myself a cup of tea and opened the kitchen window. I love morning scent. It so fresh and wakening. I jumped up on a counter and drinked my tea.

Embry POV.

I woke up several times at night. I just didn't want to waste any time with Bella. She was finally in my arms. When is that gonna happen again? Her face was turned to me and I put my arm around her waist pulling her to me. Her face was few centimeters from mine. I watched her face. She looked so peaceful. My one hand was under her head. I heard her sigh. Her breath washed over my face. I closed my eyes. Her breath was so sweet and so damn good. I opened my eyes again. I watched her lips. I wanted to kiss her so so bad.

It felt as I've watched her for hours. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, the girl I love in my arms. When I woke up she wasn't in my arms anymore. I looked around. She wasn't here. Where could she be? When did she left? Did she went home? Was she mad when he woke up, since she didn't let me touch her? How did she get out? So many questions ran through my head.

''Shit'' I heard from kitchen. It was Bella. She didn't leave. I was so happy. I stood up, rubbing my eyes. I was still pretty sleepy. I went slowly into kitchen. I saw my beatiful Bella sitting on a counter and drying tea. I saw cup on the floor. Bella still didn't notice me.

''Morning, Beatiful. Need help?'' I asked, walking to her and taking cup from the ground. It wasn't even broken. I stood up and saw her blushing. BINGO! I loved her blush. I smiled.

''Thanks, i zoned out and dropped my cup'' she said, blushing. I smiled.

''That's okay'' I said and put cup in a sink. She threw a towel on a chair and jumped off the counter.

''You left'' I said quietly. She gave me confused but then she seemed to remember.

''Well, yeah'' she mumbled and went to the fridge.

''Im sorry. I said it's gonna be hard as hell'' I said as she pulled eggs and bacon out of the fridge.

''You could of just put me next to Jake'' she said shrugging and started to fry eggs and bacon.

''I didn't want to. Are you mad?'' I so hoped she wasnt mad. ''Bella, im so sorry'' I apologized.

''Stop apologizing. It's okay, i guess'' she said with a smile and continued cooking. She made alot of food. I just watched her. I was grinning all the time. She came to me. She was very close to me. I watched her. I saw her smile and I watched her lips as she smiled.

''Care to give me a plate?'' she asked, smiling. Oh, right. I was sitting on her way.

''Oh, sorry'' I said and shifted. She reached out and opened the cupboard. She was so close to my face. She took two plates and closed it again. I wanted to kiss her. I had to clench my teeth from doing it.

''Thanks'' She said quietly and put two eggs and bacon on one plate and to other plate there was alot of food. I tought it was for me. As soon as she put it on a table Paul came in.

''Thanks, Bells'' He said and sat next to her. Bella nodded and they started eating. I looked them with big eyes. Why Paul? And is Paul being NICE right now? I sat down opposite of Bella. Bella ate slowly while Paul ate fast and stuffed his face. The smell of food made my stomach grumble. Bella tryed not to smile. Paul just didn't pay attention.

''What about me?'' I pouted.

''Sorry, i promised Paul'' Bella said.

''Why?'' I asked, curious.

''He saved me from you, you would've crushed me'' Bella said.

''Was i really that bad to sleep with?'' I faked hurt. Bella tryed to hold in her laughter. Okay, it might have come out a little bit wrong.

''Yeah, and if you want food then make yourself a sandwich, if you can'' Bella teased. Paul looked amused.

''I can cook'' I said and stood up. I really cant cook. I can even make sandwich so bad that it can make you puke. I took things from fridge and made some sort of retarded sandwich. When Bella saw it she started laughing her ass off. I rolled my eyes.

''Im a guy, im allowed to cook bad'' i defended myself. Soon, guys woke up and made themselves a sandwiches since Bella didn't make any. But can you belive she made one for Collin! We ate and went outside since it was a nice day. Bella took her things and went home to take her things back. She came back after 20 minutes.

Soon, we went to Sam's and Emily's place. Leah and Quil still hasn't showed up and Jared and Kim either. As soon as we stepped in the house, Bella was being hugged by Emily and even Sam. Emily and Bells started talking about what to do today. We talked about some pack stuff when girls came to living room.

''Do you want to go to the beach? It's a really nice day'' Emily offered, sitting on Sam's lap. Bella looked around and just sat on the ground. I wished she would come here and i could pull her in my lap.

''Sure, baby'' Sam said and kissed Emily. Everytime they kissed you just had to look away, it was like you were interfering their privacy. I looked at Bella. She was looking out of window but she must of felt my gaze and looked me right into the eyes. Her eyes were just so amazing. How is it possible that one girl's eyes are so blue? I love it.

''Yo, Embry. I wanna talk to ya'' Sam said. I nodded and stood up. Sam stood up too and we left the house. We went to treeline so no one could hear us.

''You know, if Bella accepts imprinting, which im sure she will'' Sam started but was cut off. I guess we were wrong, someone did hear.

''You dont know that!'' Bella yelled. I just had so chuckle.

''Oh, but i do! Anyway, i just want you to remember that she's fourteen not sixteen, alright?'' Sam said.

''Im not a baby!'' Bella shouted. We completely ignored her.

''Sam, i know that. I really do. Its not like i want her to jump in bed with me-'' i started.

''You know, I can hear you!'' She yelled again. I rolled my eyes.

''I would give her few years anyway. I just..im confused, you know. I guess if she gets fifteen my feelings truly come out. Then it might get complicated'' i said. Sam nodded.

''Thanks. You know, she's like my little sister already'' Sam said. I nodded.

''Aww, Sam. You didn't have to get into big bro mode'' Bella yelled and laughed. Sam rolled his eyes.

''Thanks Sam'' i said and we headed back into the living room. Guys had confused looks but i just shook my head.

''Okay'' –Sam said, rubbing his hands together – '' Lets head to the beach'' Everyone went to their homes to change. I left for home too. I took my surf shorts which were white and blue.

Bella POV.

I wenthome. We were gonna spent the day on the beach. Charlie was at work right now. I ran upstairs and grabbed my swimwear and went to bathroom. My swimwear was brown with white spots. My bottom were like little shorts. I pulled them on and put skirt what went little lower than my mid thigh and a tank top on.

I ran down stairs and started making sandwiches. I took a basket and loaded it with them. Them i locked the door and started to walk towards the beach. When i got there i spotted guys immediately. They guys were goofing around and Emily dealed with food. I jogged to them.

''Hey Emily'' i said with a smile. She greeted me and i put my sandwiches infront of her.

''Wow, you didn't have to make that many'' She said. I rolled my eyes.

''Cmon, they are like bottomless pits'' I said and we giggled. We talked for awhile. Then Sun was shining on my hands. And i sparkled more, not my fingertips didn't sparkle anymore put my hands. I frowned. But...how the hell? I totally forgot about Emily.

''Bella, what's up with your skin?'' Emily asked in shock. Oh Shit! I put my hands under my back and lied down. Of course guys heard and came to investigate.

''What's wrong?'' Seth asked.

''Nothing's wrong, why would you think something is wrong?'' I asked. Emily of course ignored me.

''Her hands were like disco balls'' Emily answered to the guys, rather curiously. Guy's eyes widened a little.

''You sparkle like a leech?'' Quil asked. Sam slapped him back of the head and Embry growled quietly. I rolled my eyes.

''Quil, i am one'' I said.

''You are not'' Embry and Seth said. I rolled my eyes. Of course i am. They cant deny it. Uncomfortable silence fell on us. I looked up to the pack. Sam looked deep in thought while others didn't know what to do. Quil's 'thinking' face was priceless. His mouth was slightly open, makeing an O , his eyes were narrowed and he looked at the sea. He started to scratch back of his head. I pressed hand to my mouth and hold my laughter. My body shook. I pressed other hand to mouth too. It wasn't helping much. I nudged Emily and showed him Quil's face.

She didn't hold it back and she burst out laughing, soon i joined her. I felt that all eyes were on us.

''Hey what's so funny?'' Seth asked. I started laughing even harder over Emily's laughter and she started to laugh over mine. Then Embry started laughing with us and soon we all laughed. I pulled myself together soon. Since Emily needed air what we didnt need.

''What was so funny?'' Sam asked.

''It was Quil's 'thinking' face'' I chuckled. I made Quil's 'thinking' face. They all laughed a little.

''Hey, does anyone come this side of the beach?'' I whispered.

''Nope, they are other side of that cliff'' Sam said and pointed to the big cliff. I nodded and took my hand out. Embry was sort of in a awe.

''That's so cool. We can have a party, we dont even need a discoball. We need a little sun and Bella'' Quil said. Jake slapped him back of the head.


''Jake, high five'' I said and we high fived.

''Em, wanna go swim?'' I asked.

''Sure'' Embry answered. I chuckled.

''Yeah, i would love to but I was talking to Emily'' I said sweetly with a smile.

''Oh..'' I saw from Embry's face that he was disappointed. Every emotion was clear on his face. I felt like i wanted to comfort him and hug him.

''So?'' I asked.

''Sure'' Emily said and we took our clothes off and we were with bikinis now. I saw as Sam checked out Emily's body. My eyes found Embry and he was doing the same thing. I rolled my eyes. But somewhat i was flattered. Suddenly, Sam took Emily and threw her over the shoulder. Emily yelled and laughed. I chuckled. But what happened, i didn't see comeing.

Embry pulled me against his chest and threw me over his shoulder. He was holding onto my waist. I starter yelling and hit him with my hands on his back. Not hard though, i didn't want to hurt him. His skin was smooth and warm. It was soft yet rough. It was perfect. Embry and Sam laughed as they took us closer to the ocean.

''Embry, put me down this instant, you big goof'' i said and hit his back. Embry just laughed and we were now in the water. Water touched my legs and it wasn't cold since it doesnt matter to me much and Embry was aginst me to keep me warm. He pulled me gently from his shoulder and put me in the water. I started to act that i cant swim. I threw my hands everywhere.

''I cant swim'' I said.

''Oh'' Embry said and grabbed me from my waist and i supported on his shoulder with my hand and i pushed myself up. Then i grabbed his head and pushed him under water. I started to laugh and let go. Embry came up, amused look on his face.

''Oh, you're so evil'' he chuckled.

''Thank you'' I said, giggling. I splashed water on his face and swimmed to shore with vampire speed. Just as i was about to walk away from the ocean someone grabbed my leg. I looked back. It was Embry. He was fast, i gotta say. He pulled me down and started laughing. I norrowed my eyes but i had smile on my face. I went into the water to get sand off my hair and was back on the shore. All that done with 1 second. I took a towel and dryed myself off but i saw that Emily and Sam were still in the water, kissing of course. I smiled and turned away. I took my skirt and tank top and pulled them on.

Embry was dripping from the water. He came to me.

''Wanna hug?'' he asked, grinning.

''No, im dry now'' i said, smiling. And i didnt want to hug him cause' i wasn't sure if i would let go. It all 'cause of Imprint. It's easy to blame everything on Imprint. I dont know what i would feel without imprint. Would i feel same? Would he feel the same for me? Would i still be falling in love with him? What? Did i just say im falling in love with Embry? No, im sure i got it wrong. Yeah, im sure.

''You know, i dont have to be a mind reader to know what you're thinking'' Embry said. I frowned at him. How the hell did he know what was i thinking about?

''Um...ookay'' i said slowly. I tried to keep my eyes on the ocean but my eyes kept glancing at Embry. Embry looked deep in thought. I looked around and saw that Emily and Sam were still in the water, while guys had started playing soccer. I turned quietly and went to sit on a log. Embry saw that i moved and looked where i went. He came and sat next to me. I pulled my basket closer and took sandwich out of it. I saw Embry looking at it.

''Want some?'' I asked.

''Yeah, thanks'' he said and smiled. I reached him that one what was in my hand and took myself one. I looked at Embry, he was already dry. Must be temperature. He is 108.9 degrees after all. He must of felt my gaze cause he looked at me right in the eyes. His eyes seemed so deep. They were like liquid. His beatiful big eyes seemed as black as night, but they were just so dark brown, it felt like he looked through me. Like he knew and saw everything about me. I loved watching in his eyes. His eyes were filled with love, adoration and something i couldn't put my finger on. We watched eachother for few minutes. Finally i broke the gaze and blushed. Im sure my cheeks would glow if it would be dark here.

I heard Embry chuckle and blushed even more. My cheeks were scarlet, i felt it. My eyes turned pink. Great, now he can see from eyes too that im embarrassed. Why did i have to look in those gorgeous eyes of his? I felt as Embry put his fingers under my chin and lifted my head. It sent electric shock through my body. My eyes met his once again.

''I love when you blush, dont hide it. Your eyes are pink'' he said softly.

''Yeah, it's my..umm...emmbarrassment color'' i said quietly. My blush faded, so did my eye color. They turned to normal. I sighed. I saw as Embry watched my lips, then back to my eyes and then back to my lips. No, Bella, pull away. Dont let him kiss you! You know whar impact he have on you! Dont you dare! Embry started to lean in. Run, Bella, run. C'mon, why dont you move. Did i want to move? Maybe i wanted to stay here and kiss him? No, you dont! My mind shouted at me. Yes you do, just let him kiss you, you know you want to. My heart seemed to say.

But before i could think more – what i did with one second – his lips touched mine. His lips were very warm and soft. I closed my eyes slowly and realized i was about to kiss him back. What are you doing? His lips started to move, mine with him. He didn't deepen the kiss. Our lips moved together and he cupped my cheek. It felt like heaven. Our lips fitted perfectly together. His one hand went around my waist and pulled me closer. And i fucking let him. Bella, you are one stupid girl! Someone cleared their throat. I didn't want to , but i pulled back.

''Im sorry'' I whispered and ran. You just kissed him you idiot! And Sam saw! That kiss was full of need and love. His sweet breath and his scent. His warm lips on mine. Shoo, go away thoughts. I ran home and up the stairs and fell on my bed.

Embry POV.

My lips touched hers. Her lips were soft like silk. Our lips fitted perfectly together. My lips moved and then i realized that she is kissing me back! I wanted to jump up and scream: Bella kissed me! She fucking kissed me! And then i probably would have done happy dance. I didn't deepen the kiss, afraid that she would pull back. I cupped her cheek and i put my one hand around her waist, pulling her closer. And she let me, she didn't made one move to move away. It was my personal heaven. I felt like im gonna fly or explode from happiness. Her sweet scent and breath were intoxicating.

Someone cleared their throat. I felt her pull away. I let my hand fall and slowly opened my eyes, stupid grin on my face. My eyes met hers for 1 second.

''Im sorry'' she whispered and before i could blink an eyes, she was gone.

''Bella!'' I yelled hopping up but i wasn't even sure that she heard me. I turned around and found Sam there, glaring at me. I gulped. Damn it, did Sam had to see? It just had to be Sam, didn't it?

''What the fuck man? You know you just probably fucked everything up, right? And what about that 'i'll give her time' shit? Yeah right. I really didn't need to see my little sister kissing with my pack brother. Seriosly Embry, she's fourteen. I told you that before'' He yelled at the begging but ended calmly. I let my head drop. Yeah, i fucked up. He was right. What will Bella think now? She probably hates me now. But she kissed me back! I need to talk to her.

''I have to talk to her'' I said and turned to go. Sam stopped me by placing his hand on my shoulder.

''I think that isn't such a good idea'' He said.

''You're right'' I said and sighed. I so fucked up!

''Emily, I'll be right back!'' Sam yelled and when Emily nodded, Sam ran to treeline and jumped and at the same time he phased, landing as a black wolf. I loved when he did that, it looked so cool. I sighed, again and sat down. Guys were watching us but i shot them a glare and they went back to playing soccer. Jake and Quil came to talk to me though.

Sam POV.

I cant belive that little fucker just kissed my little sister. I know she isnt really my sister, but i really care for her like that. I ran to her house and heard her from her room. Only Bells. She was talking to herself, saying how stupid she is. I rolled my eyes. She was pacing in her room. I phased back and pulled on my shorts. I went to knock but Bella shouted from upstairs.

''Come in, Charlie isn't here'' She shouted. I frowned and shrugged. I opened the door and ran up stairs. I found Bellas' room by her scent. It was mixture of cherry and vanilla. I opened her room door and saw her pacing. I shook my head and smiled.



''Are you okay?'' I asked. I wasn't sure what i should do. I mean, what if she wanted me to leave or something. Oh, get a grip, Sam. She's your little sister.

''Yes...well, no...i mean...i dont know'' she sighed and stopped pacing. I went to her and hugged her. She was surprised for a second but hugged me back. We pulled away and i looked her face. Her eyes were mixture of black, pink, baby blue and dark grey. Her eyes were like rainbows. My eyes change color with my emotions. He words echoed in my head. Wow.

''How are you feeling?'' I asked. What a stupid question.

''Im sure you can see that'' She said and sighed, she sat on the bed.

''Sorry'' i mumbled.

''Embry is sorry, you know. He knows he fucked up. Are you really mad? I saw you. And im pretty pissed off too, you know. I dont need to see my little sister kissing with Embry. He said he'll give you time and i guess that kiss was unexpected to him too. I trust Embry. Im positive that does not happen again. Well, at least then ou are older'' i said and sat next to her. She seemed to think about what i said.

''Thanks, Sam. You're like big brother to me'' She said. I was very happy to hear that. I've always wanted little sister and now i got one. I grinned.

''Do you think i can leave for awhile?'' She asked quietly. I frowned.

''What do you mean by Leave?'' i asked carefully.

''I mean, im not ready to face Embry yet. I'll be back soon. I promise'' She said.

''Bella, please. Dont leave. It will hurt all of us, mostly Embry. And what about Charlie? He's gonna flip out'' i said.

''Sam, please. I need to. To Charlie, say that i went to Seattle to visit my old friends'' She pleaded, i heard pain in her voice.. I knew that she was upset but i didn't imagine she was that upset. She was terrified. Can i let my sis leave? Will she come back? When? Embry is gonna FREAK and he will try attack me for letting Bella go. But he cant. They cant attack Alpha. Sometimes i wish i wasn't one.. I shook my head. But i saw already that Bella's things were in a backpack. I sighed. I guess i have to let her sort this out.

''Please, come back soon'' I sighed and and hugged her. Then, with a blink of an eye she was gone.

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