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"I'm not leaving!" Walter's outburst hung in the air, adding to the tension that was growing more and more palpable by the millisecond. Kat sat staring at her father, clutching her sheets against her chest. Patrick had his head buried in a pillow, just praying that this was some kind of nightmare. Walter was the first to snap out of the shock-induced paralysis. "30 seconds!" he declared, turning his back, but not exiting the room.

"Uh...um..." Kat stammered, "Wait, what?"

"Twenty-seven seconds to get dressed. Twenty-four. Twenty-three..." as Walter continued counting down, Kat and Patrick scrambled around trying to locate their clothes. They managed to throw something on, and just as Walter counted the last few seconds, Patrick reached out and gave Kat's hand a quick squeeze, before jumping as far away from her as physically possible. He didn't want Walter catching him even breathing the same air as Kat at this point.

Kat appreciated the gesture, but was still dreading what was to come. She had broken what was pretty much her father's only real rule. She had no idea what to expect. Or what to say. "Dad," she started, shaking her head, trying to come up with a reasonable excuse for what he had walked in on, but her father cut her off.

"No." His voice was stern and icy cold. "Now is not the time for you to talk, Katarina. Now is the time for you to be very, very quiet." He turned to Patrick, "And now is the time for you to leave. And never come near my daughter again."

Patrick licked his lips. God, his mouth was dry. He had a general rule; when a girl's dad kicked you out, you listened. No girl was worth that kind of trouble. So what Patrick said next surprised even himself, "No."

"I'm sorry, what?"

He took a step forward, towards where Kat stood, and reached for her hand, an open gesture of both defiance and loyalty. "I said no. I'm not just going to agree to never see Kat again. Not to mention, there's no way I'm leaving her here to face you all on her own. I'm involved in this too, and you can't just pretend otherwise."

Kat tugged her hand from Patrick's grip, bringing it up to brush a stray lock of hair out of her face. She bowed her head, trying to hide her smile so her father wouldn't see how thrilled she was at Patrick's words.

Walter smiled too, but not because he was thrilled. His was the smile of an evil plan being hatched. "That's very noble of you, um, man-boy."

Kat looked at her father and suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. "Patrick, dad. His name is Patrick."

"Patrick. I'm glad you're willing to face what comes next. Because a baby is a lot of responsibility."

Now, Kat really did roll her eyes. "Dad, please. I am not going to get pregnant. We were responsible; we used protection. And—and!" she added, before her father could launch into the whole STD speech, "we got tested."

Walter was still smiling. Without saying another word, he motioned the two teenagers to follow him into the living room. By this time, Bianca was shut up in her room with Dawn, oblivious to the chaos her sister's life was in. Only Cameron, awkwardly waiting for his girlfriend, remained.

"Katarina, do you know that condoms are only effective 97% of the time?" Walter asked. He didn't wait for a response, instead walking into his office for a moment.

"Dawn!" Cameron cried, running up the stairs with a terrified look on his face. "Bianca! I think Dawn & I should go now!" His voice was drowned out as he slammed Bianca's door.

Kat and Patrick both took a step closer together, anxiously waiting to see what Walter was doing. At just that moment, Dr. Stratford came back out of the office. He was carrying a pregnancy simulator belly. "Kat," he said simply, "You just beat the odds."

Patrick, who up until now was looking, understandably, freaked out, suddenly grinned. "Congratulations, mom!"

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