Dart Man

Chapter 1 – The Adventure To The Future
(Author Note: Jiyan is the same as Jiyan)

Nobita was running with his friends when he saw darts coming towards him and shouted "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" the dart went behind him

A person shouted from behind "Who shot these darts at me?" Nobita saw a man drop an ID and vanish Nobita read it carefully, it said:


Name: Dart Man

Company: 002X

Year: 2100

~At home~

Doraemon said, "002X is a missile base. Let's go." Everyone got in the time machine and left

Everyone heard from behind after reaching to their destination

Lottery man kept shouting "Win and get a chance to meet company 002X!"

Jiyan was very excited for this

Lottery man: Get tickets by participating in the fishing competition! Look at this.

Goldfish: 5 tickets

Pomfret: 10 tickets

Catfish: 20 tickets

Sardine: 50 tickets

Useless things: -1 ticket

Jiyan said he dosen't have a fishing rod.

Everyone go back to get fishing rods

Fishing competition results

Nobita gets 150 points, Jiyan got 1,000 points, Shizuka got 350, Suneo only got 1 Doraemon got 50

Suddenly a dragon broke out of the road and turned everyone to stone and swallowed Jiyan, Everyone turned into stone except Nobita. He picked up Doraemon's pocket. He saw a robot that picked him up and swallowed him. Nobita was amused to be in a robot

Nobita said, "I should get out of here. What's this?"


Making People into Stone, Fat People turned into stone room

~ After going in~

He turned Jiyan back to normal

Nobita told him to find the switch to deactivate the stone factory and gave him a walkie-talkie and they both split in two different directions

~After some time~

Nobita said, "Jiyan here's a locked gate in my way. Any luck on your end."

Jiyan replied "Yes, I found the button to open the gate" he pressed the wrong button and got new powers and realised his body turned as hard as metal! And he pressed the right button and the gate opened

Nobita thanks Jiyan and found something and hears something, an unknown Person with Mask said in a scary voice "Give it to me!"

Nobita denied

Both of them fight and Nobita wins by swinging a baseball bat on the Unknown Person mask and his mask breaks, he saw Dart Man, After everything turned normal Jiyan lost his powers.