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all i need

that's all that i need,
someone else to cling to,
someone i can lean on 'til
i don't need to..

(matchbox 20)

It's some point in Sixth Year when you finally understand why James is so mad about her. It's after reading some terrible letter from your mother, after some terrible fight with your brother, on an evening when you're so angry you can't even speak. You think you're alone in the common room, but she's there. And when she asks you what's wrong, you find yourself spilling your guts to her, telling her things that you don't even talk about with James. And she simply takes your hands and stares into your eyes with her emerald orbs and tells you that it's going to be okay.

And you believe it.

And she assures you that your true family is here – with her and James and Remus and Peter, and that the rest doesn't matter because they all care for you more than you could ever know.

There's a moment when you almost kiss her before remembering that she's off limits – she belongs to James whether she knows it or not, and you'd never betray him like that. Besides, you're only grateful for her kindness and just so touched by her words.

Instead, you wrap your arms around her and hold her close for a moment and think about how incredibly lucky James is to have her – at least, he will be once he finally manages to win her over.

It happens just a few months later.

And even though there's a small pang of jealousy as you find yourself wondering "what if?" you could not be happier for them, as you know that they are both just what the other needs.

It breaks your heart when she cries, and she does often. They still fight, bickering like they did in the days before they were even friends. You see how much she hurts, sometimes, and you take her in your arms and try to sooth her tears.

You tell yourself that if it were you, you would never make her hurt like this. You'd treat her like she deserves.

Then, you catch yourself and remember that, no, you wouldn't. You would, honestly, end up treating her exactly the same, if not worse. She needs someone like James, as there is nobody in the world who can love her like he does, and sure enough, just a few hours later, it's his arms wrapped around her again and you can't help but smile.

And it's not long after that you find yourself raising your glass to the newly married couple, your two best friends – your family. And there's nothing that could make you happier.