-Just For A Second-


"Shadow, we need you!"

What a disarming power they have-especially if coming from those lips. My mind is immediately sent into overdrive due to that mere sound; who did she just talk to? Me? I am not very used to being called for, let alone from that specific someone I hardly know-someone, as mentioned, full of...words.

That girl.

Ruby eyes nonchalantly rolling over the familiar -was it always so breathtaking from up here?- shape of the Earth, for now just an aloof tiny sphere of no importance, I took a deep breath, ommiting the turning to answer part. It is just the same view as the one an ignorant, younger and happier me would watch, as though through the screen of some old favorite movie, half a century ago. Back then, when words were just a faraway concept, lost somewhere in the bliss of a childhood precosiously lost.

"Please, help us!"

Why, what, what does she want? It's peaceful up here, and known to me, like home. No one has the right to interrupt the silence like that-and definitely not her. An angel-a silly one, that keeps on believing in feelings and chasing after that Faker, but an angel nontheless- should under no circumstances blur their heart around so much hatred, so much pain and death -enough to wash every trace of naivety off those green eyes. As for me, I never knew or cared angels exist. I don't need her.

"It's all according to plan", I exhale. There is no reason for me to look at her; the image is crystal clear in my mind, able to reproduce the original down to the merest detail -from the childish way she has to smile when she's around the blue moron, to the flamboyant shimmer in her orbs that would make a supernova shiver in embarrassment-but the darn name; I briefly scroll through a mental list of popular flowers. It has to do with something similar. Daisy, Violet, Margaret...Rose? Is it? The other I can't remember-female names are obviously not my cup of tea.

"There is no reason for me to help them"-it's true, and I can feel Rose frowning in disappointment behind my back-"Besides, there's no way to save anyone"

As there hadn't been one back then...because of those pathetic humans that irritatingly innocent gal wants to save so badly. That she will make me want to save too, if I ever turn to face her. Because that innocence has a devastating power upon what supposedly is a machine created to bring wrath and destruction. I don't know if it is because she reminds me of my sister or just a system failure. Heck, I don't even know if there is such a feeling in the whole world. I 've practically never met her. But watching her, instead.

An angel. A real fallen angel. A rose proudly raising its petals among the debris.

No, I can't turn. It's crazy. Not supposed to be happening. Now or before.

The sound of a step. Small, doubtful. And Rose's breath, weak from the words, the much hated words that so much have complexed the mankind and now are harassing me as well. It is as if the girl is attempting to hold her breath.

"I know that people fight over the most trivial things. Some people may be selfish, like the professor said..."

The professor. My father didn't know anything, he was just some wannabe-God fool that toyed with achieving life out of life. And created a thinking weapon...to sacrifice his only true treasure. Mine, too.

But he was a human being, let us not forget.

"...But there basically good! If they try their best and never give up on their wishes...They always have a reason to be happy. That's why you should help them out...saving them is a good thing!"

Rose's -I have already given up trying to remember her first name- voice reaches the ears soothing like a bedtime story with a happy ending. For a moment, the tiniest of them, she fills my ribcage with hope of those beautifully spoken words being true. Maria belonged to the same species, after all. If only all of it were true. If only I could understand her way of seeing the world. If only she could see mine. If only this everything was different for both. But I've made up my mind, and the hedgehog is too yound to comprehend...

If only I could turn and see her face.

I hold a tear back. It's uninvited, the wrong reaction to a wrong statement. Besides, machines don't have the right to cry. They just go on with thr job they were programmed, destined to do-for an infinite lifetime.

"Shadow, I beg you!"


"Please do it for them!"

What a disarming power they have...

"Give them a chance!"

...To evoke poignant memories that you just try to push out of the backyard of your brain.

[[[Shadow, give them a chance to be happy...]]]

I want to see the expression on her face, badly, like mad.


To make out if it is at all like my sisters...the day she left me alone in my eternal hell of whys.

[[[Let them live for their dreams...]]]

But no; Rose can still dream. Nothing should deprive such a pure soul from that divine good. And it would be relieving to know that someone on this Universe sees the stars among the dead space.

Everyone should see them.

[[[Shadow, I know you can't do it. That is the reason you were brought to this world.]]]

And maybe -just maybe- I can stare through space with the joy of knowing there is always something shining brightly somehere near-no matter what.

[[[Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog]]]

Maria died and words weren't able to bring her back. Her slender figure flashes before my eyes like a shooting star and then fades away down to nothingness, as though nobody carrying that name ever existed. But I can feel her presence alive in me. And she tells me I was wrong: revenge is not the only way. Becoming like those who took her away is no solution.

The tear I can no more hold back tumbles to the floor. I've promised her...and have to keep that promise.


We are different, it is just too obvious we are. She is words and I am thoughts. She is light and I am darkness. She is a star flickering in the night sky and I am a vacant piece of cold space. She is everything I can't be. But Rose gave me a reason to live and fight for. Someone worth promising to.

"I have to go...I have to keep my promise to Maria..."-God, how do I manage to blurt out-"and you."

I only dare to quickly glance at Amy before dashing off. There is no reason to watch another person dying through the course of my existence. No need for bonds. It is more than enough I just remembered her name. Or I think so.

Yes, I think while running to meet my friends, it really is a bedtime story-one with a good ending, be it death or victory.

For she looked back, and for a second I thought there was the same childish smile on her face.

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