Pt II (decided to make it a two shot from both POVs^^)


He always seems just so full of them, forever attached to memories and contemplations of things that can't be brought back. He never talks much, never enough to be understood. I have just discerned his figure in the end of the dark corridor, casually standing before the huge window in the control room. Thinking. Ready to be turned against all of us...while I can do nothing about it.

Or can I? Being the ever-weak part of the team, I suddenly feel the urge to play my part in the whole hero wingding. Things are really bad for Sonic and our friends, nobody allowed me to be of help...and it just makes me feel stupid and useless as ever. Young, stupid, weak, and useless. To Sonic's eyes. To my eyes. There is another way to contribute to this trial, though, and it wouldn't really harm -my mind says- to give it a shot.

But Shadow's view has always been a double-sided jacket for me; So powerful, enough to destroy the whole world, a cold lonewolf of no heart...and yet the professor's granddaughter was able to touch that part of him, the one I wouldn't believe he has hadn't I seen the change on his face -a special expression of care and determination- when something is being said about Maria Robotnik. That guy sure likes to live in the past...but doesn't someone have to help him, show that hurt individual that there is also the present...a chance to fix what's broken?

No, he loves, he can't really want to destroy. Eyes don't lie, never. And those eyes only cry out sorrow. Just plain sorrow.

Now the initial doubt wanes, and there's the subtle sound of a brave step forward. Much to my suprise, I am the one who took it. Towards him.

The dark male remains unmoving, rigid enough to make my heart stop. Does he really despise the presence of a person near him that much, or he simply hasn't noticed mine?

Come on, you idiot, don't stand there like a plant! Say it! What would your hero think of you?

"Shadow, we need you!", I venture, feeling a little like a fish out of the water. I stretch my arm to reach out for the black hedgehog, then leave it fall on my ribs as if not knowing what to do with it. What am I trying to achieve? Shadow is not at all like Sonic: they may be similar on terms of appearance, and the day I hugged him confusing the two it actually came as a shock...but Shadow doesn't desire to be one of us...his path of choice is one I can't understand; darkness, hatred, and -oh dear!-, so much, incredibly much, anger. How am I supposed, thus, to survive this talk? I haven't even tested my persuasive skills before!

The fact that my unwilling interlocutor won't turn to face me is rendering the situation rather daunting. It seems he just doesn't want to talk to anyone, or that he considers me immature and inane for a conversation. I know I have to prove Shadow wrong; besides, I want to see what some people call the mirror of the soul itself; I wanna see his face.

"Please, help us!" and that is supposed to be an active intervention to the whole problem! Stupid, little, cheerful, ignorant Amy. Not courageous enough to let your voice be heard, while your friends are to risk their lives. You had your chance, here, now, only to spoil it doing what? Beg? And the Ultimate Life Form -that incorrigibe grouch- will run to help after that, sure!

Shadow's voice reaches my ears at last, yanking me violently from my train of thoughts.

"It's all according to plan", yeah, mister, I know you always wanna play robot, but you ought to do more than that to fool Amy Rose! I should feel offended by the fact that most people treat me as if I didn't have the brain to understand a thing, but it can earn me a great deal of information. And it does; even a blind man could see Shadow is confused, devastated, angry... and doesn't have someone to talk to, someone to give him a purpose. Someone to...

"...There is no reason for me to help them...", he can't actually mean what he's saying, no? They are infuriating, ugly, so much so I can't stand hearing such a calm, beautiful voice speak like that. For that sound is able to create something out of nothing, it gives letters a meaning, it paints...truths in front of you.

I don't want to believe what Shadow says.

Yeah, he may just...need someone...someone to...

"...Besides, there is no way to save anyone".

Shadow the Hedgehog needs someone to love. That last sentence automatically makes it all clear; the tone of it being said at, calm and yet with an underlying sharpness in it, the meaning in itself, everything! Maria comes to my mind for yet another time and I know she's going to give me nightmares for the rest of my life, like the broken voice of the one that adored her right now, in my head, admitting he couldn't save her. No, silly girl, don't cry! Just say your tale...and do your thing for God's sake!

I take another step forward, cursing myself for my great ideas. Then stop again. What am I going to say now? Oh, God, if only we weren't so different, so that we could see eye to eye! So that the hedgehog could see how wrong and pessimistic he is! Suddenly there is a huge deal of stuff I wanna show him, millions of thoughts that will make him happy again.

I realize I've been holding my breath; I wanna make him happy again.

"I know that people fight over the most trivial things. Some people may be selfish, like the Professor said..."

Please turn and look at me. Just give me a sign that you're listening.

"But they are basically good!", yes, they absolutely are, and he has to understand how beautiful our world is, "If they try their best and never give up on their wishes...They always have a reason to be happy..."

Like you should.

"...Saving them is a good thing!" I cannot but stare at his back, waiting for a reaction- anything to know that my little speech didn't go to waste; it is as though someone took the blood from my veins and replaced it with venom; time seems frozen and the Dark Guy won't say a thing. His eyes are not to be seen, thoughts are not to be deciphered.

Waiting killed the hedgehog.

Say something!

You've seriously weirded me out!


We are different, it's jus' too obvious we are! While I believe that everything is happening for good, my new friend thinks that everything's lost...and he won't share a piece of his mind -or the facial expression, at least not in this moment-when my whole world is made of friends and shared memories. Yet, I may have achieved -and I smile to myself about that- something worth being proud of; maybe I helped. Not only the world...but someone that needed love as well.

"I have to go now...I have to keep my promise to Maria"-I have finally made it to see the special gleam in those red optics, the one Shadow only kept for his lost sister, and even if for a single moment, it gives me the satisfaction that no other praise in the world will ever can-"and you."

Like that, Shadow The Hedgehog hurriedly dashed off and vanished, as if nobody had ever been in the room. It only remains to go and watch our world hope...and be safe and sould to meet yet another sunrise.

The giggle that follows I can't hold back.

And you?

He 'll never remember my name, will he?