Authors Note: Torchwood is owned by the BBC.

The cog wheel rolled and alarm sounded announcing Jack and Ianto's arrival. Owen made his way up from the med bay hoping to get some coffee, it was rare that the rest of the team were in before Ianto and they were all caffeine deprived.

"No Jack, it's weird!" Ianto's voice rang through the Hub, causing Tosh and Gwen to look up in surprise.

"I knew that you were still pissed at me" said Jack "there's nothing weird about it, everybody does it. I do it all the time."

"Yeah without my permission" said Ianto irritably making his way to the coffee machine.

Owen frowned at Gwen and Tosh who shook their heads minutely, they didn't know what Jack had done either and it didn't sound so good.

"Ianto" Jack whined "come on, it's perfectly normal."

"I was asleep Jack!"

Owen's eyebrows shot up into his hairline, what had Jack done whilst Ianto was asleep, without his permission no less?

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you, but I just kept looking at it and got this urge..."

Gwen began to snigger and the two men looked at her in surprise, they obviously hadn't realised that the rest of the team were in.

Gwen immediately straightened her face but couldn't look at Tosh and Owen as they twigged at what had obviously gone on.

"Ew Jack" said Owen, "as much as morning sex is all well and good I think you should probably wake Ianto up first."

Tosh let out a small giggle and clasped her hands over her mouth, eyes wide desperately trying not to laugh at her boss and friend.

"Couldn't imagine anything worse waking up to see your face looming over me and your fingers in my-"

"That is quite enough Owen!" Ianto cut in sharply, much to his embarrassment, Jack was just grinning and Tosh and Gwen gave in to their giggles.

"I didn't wake up to that thank you very much that would have been preferable. I woke up to Jack being totally weird and disgusting."

"Why what did he do?" asked Tosh, now able to contain her giggles.

"I was not being disgusting!" said Jack, "you're overreacting."

"What did you do Jack?" Gwen repeated Tosh's question.

"Right a week ago we all had that day off right?" Jack said, everyone nodded in reply, "well we went to the beach but as much as I love rubbing in sun cream, Ianto here burnt his back."

The team were thrown for a second, they still found it slightly weird that sometimes Jack stayed over at Ianto's flat. They couldn't imagine the two going to a beach, the image of Ianto out of his suit and Jack out of his coat and braces seemed strange to them.

"So..." prompted Owen.

"So" interrupted Ianto, "I burnt and I don't tan...I...I peel."

"So?" said Gwen.

"Well" Jack said happily "I love peely skin and I woke up this morning and found that Ianto was lying on his front. All this flakey skin was calling out to me!"

"Tell me you didn't" said Tosh.

"He did" confirmed Ianto "I woke up to find him straddling me." His eyes narrowed as Gwen giggled again, "and stripping off ruddy great big bits of my skin!"

Tosh and Owen "ewwed" together.

"That's disgusting" Owen said.

"No its not!" Protested Jack, "I've been doing it all week and he hasn't complained."

"I didn't realise until you woke me up this morning! Isn't it weird?" Ianto directed this question to the team.

"Yes" said Tosh and Owen.

"No" said Gwen. Everyone looked at Gwen in surprise.

"Thank you Gwen" Jack said happily.

"I love peeling skin off of Rhys" said Gwen.

"See" said Jack, "it's not weird, we like doing it."

"I like squeezing his spots too" said Gwen.

Everyone looked at her disgusted, "okay see now that's weird" said Jack.