". . . I love your flaws the most. Because your flaws are to see and love all of mine . . . "

Title: The Sky is a Flowery Field Tonight

Pairings: Goh/Gai, Luca/Rei, Yuda/Shin . . . How very cliché :3

Warnings: Bishonens in love, Unlimited fluff, Unbetaed, Total lack of 'awesomeness' (yeahright) caused by author's lack of writing for the fandom in . . . omg, months? Really? *dies*


A/N: Hi guys. Not dead. Not sick. Not hating Saint Beast . . . . What happened is this: my muse for this fandom has ditched me big time. I had, and still have, plenty of future story-ideas, and I have an AU to continue (not given up on that yet!) – but I am truly, desperately struggling to put any words onto paper D':

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NOTICE that this is a continuation of 'Precious'! Read it first, if you haven't done so already.

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Gai just stared for a minute.

Stared and tried to stifle a giggle of mirth.

Rei was pounding furiously into his dough of bread, the white flour colouring his already pale arms all the way up to his elbows. He had also smeared a little onto his nose.

"You know, if you concentrate just a teeny bit more, I think you'll turn cross-eyed permanently," the blonde teased cheekily, leaning across the kitchen cabinet to poke his tongue out at the older.

Rei's eyes focused sharply on Gai's instantly, startling the younger with the intensity of his glare.

"Gai. If you're not going to help me or say something reasonable, I strongly suggest you remove your catnip-smelling presence from my kitchen."

Gai huffed in surprise and in mock-hurt (and some genuine, as well).

"Gee, well excuse me for trying to entertain you," he slipped off the table, dusted his long-sleeved robe free of flour, watched the white cloud swirl around in the warm, crispy air of Rei's small kitchen-area. "I thought you needed a laugh when I saw you running around in here like a headless chicken."

"Don't! Don't compare me to something that morbid!" The lavender-haired angel recovered from the mental image, and sighed. "Gai? . . . S-sorry about snapping at you. It's just that tonight is special. I mean, we're entering a new millennia and I've wanted to host a party at such an event since childhood. I'm getting a little nervous now, a little stressed-"

"- And I was trying to help," Gai pouted, glancing at the fidgeting male.

"I realize that you have your own . . . unique way of supporting others, and it was unfair of me-"

"- Naw, it's no big deal," the blonde interrupted and grinned as he leaned against the doorframe. He had never been fond of holding grudges. Sure, he easily lost his temper if provoked, but his ability to forgive and let go was equally as strong. "But what's there to be nervous about, though? The guys love your food. Me too! It's the best in the world!"

"T-thank you," Rei smiled softly, patting the dough gently and gazed around the room at all the unfinished dishes. "I just have so many meals to do, and maybe not the time . . ."

"Eh? I can help you then," Gai suggested enthusiastically, proving his words by making a grab for a plate of fish, yum!

Rei bit his lip hesitatingly but relented, and watched with amazement as the blue-eyed male cut the raw, pink flesh off the fishbone with all the talent of an experienced cook. Gai noticed and flashed a proud, fang-revealing smile.

"What, you didn't think someone like me could carve meat? Meat?", he chuckled at the sheepish look on the taller's face, "Come'n, it's about the only thing I eat everyday when I don't visit you! Heeh, however it's you who make it taste divine. . ."

Rei flushed at the compliment, snickered nervously before returning to his bread.

A few minutes passed in silence.

"So . . .", Gai started, watching Rei out of the corner of his eyes, "That Luca-guy, is he treating you right?"

"Absolutely!" Rei immediately spluttered, not meeting his curious stare, "He's an absolute Saint, Gai."

"Glad to hear that," he sniffed at a jar of spices the older had handed him earlier, "but if anyone gives you trouble, just tell me and I'll kick their butts."

"I'm charmed by your chivalry," Rei deadpanned, while stirring a pan of eggs. He was smiling to himself now, however. "That won't be necessary with him, though."

"Whatever ya say!"

'Success', Gai thought, very satisfied with himself. 'Rather a love-struck, absent-minded Rei than a stressed one.'

"Alright, just sprinkle a nip of the spices on the fish lightly - I said lightly! – thank you, and now you may wash the salad."

"Aww, can't I be the one that licks the empty frosting-bowl instead?"

"I thought you said you wanted to help!"

"Can't I do both? Ya know, taste and-"


"Tche! Spoilsport. . ."


Shin was the first to arrive. And he had brought a familiar-looking face with him.

Rei was rushing out to welcome them, fussing with his dark-red robes as he opened the door for them, a big smile on his face. Gai just leaned against the wall and grinned in greeting, his mind furiously trying to remember where he had seen Shin's red-haired companion before.

"Oh, welcome, welcome! Do come in, Gai and I've just opened a bottle of Vin de Brus, and one can only truly cherish them when they're particularly bubbly!"

That red-head . . . Yuda! Gai's jaw dropped mentally as he suddenly recognised him, one of the kindest, bravest and most famous angels in all of Heaven. . . Here, tonight, having supper? Huh, what were the odds for Shin dating him?

Yuda chuckled and bowed his head elegantly for the happily flustered Rei.

"Indeed you are right, Rei . . . If I may call you so?"

"Absolutely, Yuda," the slender angel laughed giddily, gesturing the couple into the living-area of his small house, "We're practically family afterall!"

"Rei!" Shin flushed madly, and Rei looked ready to stab himself with the knife he'd used earlier to carve a particularly tender slice of meat from embarrassment. Rei in a nutshell: excitement combined with nervousness equals verbal-diarrhea.


Yuda chuckled and waved the comment off, and Gai decided to approach to lift the mood and take the attention off of the two feminine, flustered males.

"Yo! I'm Gai," he chirped happily, allowing his fangs to show in his smile, "Fancy seeing you here tonight!"

"A pleasure, Gai. We've met before, no?"

"Yeah, Goh and I talked to you at the market place a few weeks ago, I think. Bubbles?"

"Bubbles? Ah, champagne!," Yuda laughed this time, and Gai decided that he really liked the sound, "Yes please."

Gai poured all four of them a glass, squirming on the inside from the joy and pride he felt from Rei and Shin's thankful, adoring smiles.

"Ah," Shin spoke softly, "We shouldn't share a toast before the other gets here."

"You're right," the red-head nodded with a fond smile, "However, I'd really like to clink glasses with you alone. Thank you for guiding me to you. Thank you for sitting under that tree that night, for being so utterly perfect and beautiful."

As Yuda brought his crystal glass to Shin's in a perfectly gentleman, romantic way Rei looked like he seemed to struggle fighting off the hopelessly sappy sigh that wanted to escape his lips. Gai pretended to be sick behind them.

Shin had turned the same colour as the fish Gai had cut earlier, but he drank to the toast, oozing of his love. Eyes never leaving Yuda's.

"Oh, tonight is going to be perfect!" Rei cooed in an embarrassingly high tone.


With the remaining guest arriving in a matter of minutes and Rei stumbling around to arrange the rest of the utensils on the dining-table, Gai stole a minute to himself in front of a large, lone mirror.

He looked himself over slowly, exhaled shakily. As always, the nerves came in the last seconds he had to compose himself.

Gai'd been that way for as long as he remembered. He could be fearless when confronting strangers, when breaking tensions in his little group by sharing a joke or chasing the subject. He could be careless when it came to fighting for others, throw himself selflessly into battles that involved older, stronger angels bullying younger and lower ranking ones.

But when it came to something like facing the angel he loved the most in the whole World, Heaven and Hell alike . . . after they'd shared their first kiss only a month ago. And only a few since then . . . – Gai suddenly got very self-conscious and hesitant.

He touched his lips curiously, feeling Goh's phantom-kisses caress his sensitive, still virgin skin. He smoothed his blonde hair carefully, hurriedly pulling out all proofs of his earlier childish cat-play in his garden. He stared accusingly at the leaves and small sticks in his hand that had hidden themselves in his long, golden locks.

He blushed as he looked into the mirror once more, stared scrutinizingly at his uncertain-looking reflection. He started in surprise as a blue-haired figure materialized behind him.

"Are you okay?"

"Sure, Shin," He quickly flashed his 200-watt-smile at his friend, straightening up, "I'm just getting hungry, you know! Time to eat yet?"

"I see," Shin nodded, still looking, studying him.

"W-what?", Gai stuttered, unable to help himself.

"Nothing," the musician smiled, running his nimble fingers through his long, blonde hair in a gentle, brotherly way, "You look good tonight. Very adult."

With that Shin turned and walked back to the dining-room from where new voices were emerging. Rei's excited chatter and Luca smooth laughter reached the still stunned, feline angel.

'I'm looking okay, then?', Gai pondered, licking his lips in surprise. He felt another phantom-kiss and an echo of 'You're so beautiful' from a not-so-distant memory.

He grinned to himself, this time he meant it, and walked in to greet the others in a salute of champagne.


Luca was retelling a rather dramatic story about a training-lesson gone wrong during dessert. Rei was all ears, a little pink in the face as the after-effect of his third glass of wine, but still perfectly comprehendible and focused on the conversation around the table.

"- I believe that if Gabriel and Lucifer hadn't intervened then the poor soul would have lost his entire left hand."

"He was very disorientated afterwards, spoke nonsense about having seen a shadow of a demon in the forest across the training-field," Yuda added with a concerned frown, offering the plate with cheese and fruits to Shin, who politely declined.

"He must have been very dehydrated, to have seen such hallucinations. . ." the white-haired spoke, taking a delicate sip of his water.

"That's horrible," Rei said seriously, hiccupping slightly, not noticing how Gai – a devious, toothy grin on his face - poured more fruit-flavoured liquid into his glass until it nearly overflowed.

"Behave," a voice teased gruffly from across the table, and Gai felt a pleasant shiver run down his spine. The first real words Goh had spoken to him during dinner, actually.

"Wha'? – Oh, Gai! Have you been giving me more wine?", Rei spluttered, immediately pushing the bottle out of the blonde's reach.

"Mmhmm," Gai hummed, unable to put more words on the matter, his eyes locked securely with the dual-eyed brunette's.

All the time spend chatting, drinking and eating . . . not a word had Goh and he exchanged. Subtle looks, small smiles, however – there'd been plenty of those. They'd shared at least a dozen conversations together unnoticed by the others, oblivious as they were.

Gai was in Heaven, in every sense of what that expression can be interpreted to mean.

Easier explained: he felt like he was bursting with happiness!

Goh's smile widened fractionally, but not unnoticed by Gai, before he returned his attention to the conversation he was having with Shin.

Gai snickered into his plate, poking playfully at his piece of pie, amused that he'd earlier thought Rei a little silly for being so easily distracted from his worries, just by the mentioning of his love.

'Zeus have mercy on us', Gai mused to himself with amusement, 'guess we're all equally love-struck, ne?'

Goh suddenly, abruptly laughed out loud at something Shin had said, his handsome face lightening up. Yuda seemed to have heard and chuckled along, Luca and Rei settled for snickering into their goblets.

"What did I miss?", Gai grinned.

Goh's eyes found Gai's again, and any explanation given to him was completely lost on him.

'Nah', he snickered into his goblet, savouring the wonderful, fruity taste and the tickling flickers of butterflies in his stomach, 'it's impossible for the others to be as much in love as I am'.


Rei lit the first racket since he was the host.

The following explosion coloured the sky in sound and light, the glittering purple fire blossomed like a rose on the starry night-sky.

Rei insisted that all who wanted to should light one, as tradition spoke, and Luca picked a small, white one.

"Wuss," Gai teased loudly, eyeing a huge green one in the box of fireworks, "You should've taken the big one!"

"On the contrary, Gai," Luca retorted with a soft laugh, "You'll soon learn that beauty and adventurous surprises come in all sizes and appearances . . . Oh, I'm forgetting whom I am talking to."

"Wha'? – Oi, you, come here and call me small again!"

Both Shin and Yuda sighed in wonder as the small, white racket exploded in a frenzy of sparks and raw, intense gold.

"See?", Shin spoke to Gai after the silence had settled again, but didn't wait for a reply. Instead he went to Yuda and let himself be held as the two stared off into the starry eternity above them.

Gai wrapped his arms around himself and watched as Rei and Luca continued to rustle with the fireworks. He could hear the lavender-haired's excited exclaims as he found a particularly pretty one, and Luca's encouraging words to 'go ahead and set if off'. They shared a quick kiss when they thought no one was watching.

"Hey," Goh suddenly whispered into his ear, wrapping his strong, warm arms around his narrow waist. Gai immediately leaned into the warmth and safety of his angel, hummed in content.

"Hey. . ."

There. The beginning of their first and only verbal conversation that night:

"You don't want to light any more of the rackets?" His deep baritone was slightly muffled by his hair, and the blonde nearly mewled when he felt a gentle kiss being pressed to his head.

"Nah," he spoke dazedly, his fingers dancing random patterns on the back of the brunette's rough hands, "I'm very satisfied with only watching, actually."

"Me too," Goh sighed softly and settled back against the tree, holding Gai close, to watch the fireworks.

The dusk of the night lit up again and again, in red, in blue, in gold, in silver. In noise, in sparkles, in shooting stars. In nothing but promises of love that would last eternally, even if Heaven and Hell decided to collide.


~ ~ ~ FIN ~ ~ ~




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