King Peter the Magnificent/High King of Narnia, Emperor of the Lone Islands, Lord of Cair Paravel, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Lion, Sir Peter Wolf's-Bane

Queen Susan the Gentle/Marksman Queen/Queen of Narnia/Queen Susan of the Horn

King Edmund the Just/King of Narnia, Duke of Waste, Count of the Western March, Knight of the Noble order of the Table

Lucy the Valiant, Queen of Narnia

King Caspian X of Narnia, Emperor of the Lone Islands, Lord of Cair Paravel, Lord of Telmar, Baron of Ettinsmor, Duke of Lantern Waste, Duke of the Seven Isles, Duke of Galma, Count of the Western March, Emperor of Dragon Island, King of Terebinthia

They were quite a group. Caspian couldn't deny it, even though he tried. And being with each of them was different.

Peter was such a guy. He defended his honor until Caspian was too tired to do anything but shake his head and nod. He flirted with beautiful girls that walked into the castle (anything in a skirt, actually). He was going to prove that he was the best at everything, even if his title was shorter than Caspian's (honestly, Caspian didn't care – in fact, he'd have given his title, name and all, to Peter to get him to shut up) and he himself was shorter. Peter couldn't help it, but he was really getting under Caspian's skin.

Susan was such a woman. She was the exact opposite of Peter. She calculated risks – and somehow convinced Caspian to do it with her – until Caspian was too exhausted to add 2 and 2 (4, by the way), let alone multiply and divide to see if the amount of people they would lose would overcome what they would get, etc, etc. When it came to boys, however, risks never came into play. She'd go after anyone she wanted – even Caspian himself. Susan couldn't help it, but she was really messing with Caspian's mind.

Edmund was such a boy. He was just and fair and sensitive. Did I mention he was sensitive? In fact, Caspian was amazed every time at how Edmund could tell exactly what Caspian was thinking and feeling – it was amazing, did I mention that? He also didn't take what others said about him well. Peter's "constructive" criticism, Susan's "helpful" advice, and even Caspian's own "beneficial" suggestions – Edmund just couldn't handle them. He also didn't take the fact that everyone, except Lucy, seemed to think that he should keep away from his new friend, Manuel. They didn't want him to get hurt, especially since Caspian knew exactly what Manuel usually did to his "friends." Edmund couldn't help it, but he was really creeping into Caspian's heart.

Lucy was such a girl. Young as she was, she seemed to have an adult wisdom that he lacked. She told him it was because she'd been alive much, much longer than he had – mostly as a joke, of course. She always seemed to know what was best for everybody, even Caspian. Still, since she was so young, most people didn't take what she said seriously. She longed to be older again, so that people would pay attention again. And, Caspian was slowly but surely wishing she was. Lucy couldn't help it, but she was really destroying what Caspian's morals.