It was the end of the day in the office, and the only people in there were Roy Mustang, Ed and Al. Al had gone in the office to give everybody their thanks for helping him and Ed and so that they could see his human form. Ed and Al were starting to leave the office, talking together, when Mustang said:

"Hey Al! I need to talk to you about something. Stay behind for a minute, ok? Fullmetal, you can leave; being here would be pointless. Wait outside for Al." Ed gave both of them weird looks but left the office, shutting the door slowly behind him.

Ever since Al first regained his body and saw Mustang for the first time since regaining it, Mustang had been giving Al some looks, looks that Ed was uncomfortable looking at. What was Mustang up to?

All too soon, he got an answer.

"Mustang! Wha-what do you think you're doing?" Ed heard Al say, and pressed himself against the door to hear more.

"What does it look like? You know what I want to do to you."

"But..." Ed could hear Al squirming.

"What? Don't tell me you don't like it." Mustang was speaking in a weird way, and just listening to him made Ed's face cringe. "You know you like it."

"Who said...Who said I didn't like it Roy?" Ed could hear somebody moving in the room, and some slurping noises. Ed just stood there, not liking what his mind was thinking of. Why was Al calling Mustang...Roy? And what were the slurping noises? After a few seconds of hearing sighs and moans, Ed had to sit down on the sofa conveniently on the other side of the hallway. He couldn't believe that Al...And Mustang...

'What the hell?' Ed was having an argument inside of his head. 'Would they really be doing this? Oh wow. I mean, I wouldn't mind too much if Al had told me earlier. But. If that damn bastard colonel does anything to hurt him, I'll murder him!'

As if on cue, Ed could hear Al saying "No, no, no...Don't do that Mustang! you're going too far. Stop, stop!"

Mustang replied saying "Don't stop now; it's getting really good now." Al shortly after started to moan but then said"S-stop it! Leave me alone Mustang!"

Hearing enough of Al shouting, Ed stood up, and ran to the door. Fuming, he opened the doors so hard he nearly ripped the doors off their hinges.

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY BROTHER? YOU SICK BASTARD!" Ed screamed. Once he stopped ranting, he looked at Al and Mustang and saw that they were both laughing to the point that Al was rolling around on the floor and Roy was finding it hard to keep back his tears of laughter. When Al looked at Ed's angry scowl it made him just laugh more, and when he tried to get up from the floor, he collapsed again.

"Huh? What's going on?" Ed seemed confused.

"Oh brother, you're so gullible!" Al said between fits of giggles.

"Fullmetal, you truly are an idiot." Mustang had managed to slightly regain his composure. "Al, I told you he'd fall for it. You owe me twenty cenz."

"That was the best twenty cenz I've ever spent." Al commented, happily handing the money over to Mustang.

"You guys...made a bet? Huh?"

"Well brother, Mustang and I made a bet. We betted that if you reacted to our...noises, Mustang would get twenty cenz. Isn't that right Roy?" Al said the last sentence with a fake seductive voice, making Mustang to start laughing again.

"Al...Mustang. ..You have ten seconds before I throw you out of the window." Mustang only smirked.

"We're both taller than you. You honestly think that you can pick us up?"


The next day, Mustang and Al were in the hospital with comas.

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