Me: K guys, this is a story about Kiba and Kankuro!

Fred: We don't own Naruto!

Me: Ta Fred, now, on with the Fan fiction!

Fred: warning, contents gay sex.

In this fan fiction, Kiba and Kankuro are gay, so are Sasuke and Naruto! Sakura and Kakashi are going out and so are Shino and Hinata (scary...). Both Kiba and Kankuro have feeling for each other but dare not admit it, this is after a Shino's and Hinata's engagement party and Kiba invites Kankuro for a drink at his house.

Kiba POV

I was walking down the street with him, I couldn't believe he said yes to my invention, It was taking all of my self control not to reach my hand out and hold on to it and announce my undying love for him, of course, I couldn't do that, he wasn't gay, or he might be, no one know that I'm gay, apart for Shino, no, there was no way. So why did I invite him to my house?

Kankuro POV

Yay, Kiba is finally going to make a move, well, he sort of has already, now all I need to do is announce my undying love for him, he doesn't know that I read his diary, and heard him talk to Shino about it, I was pleased, after all, I liked him as well, Oh crap, I'm going hard...

Kiba POV

I looked him up and down, taking in his features, we were only a couple houses away now, what should I do, what should I do? I couldn't help but let my eyesight wonder to his member, I couldn't help it, I sore something that would change my life, He was hard. I looked up to his face and sore that he was blushing and staring at me, my heart skipped a beat, it was then, that I knew that he was gay.

Kankuro POV

I saw him looking at my member and I blushed and stared at him, he looked up at me and saw me staring at him, I knew then that he knew, that I was gay, I finally let all of the dirty thought run thought my head, Kiba naked, me on top of him, me fucking him, I let lose a moan.

Kiba POV

He moaned, I smiled instantly and grabbed his hand and pulled him into my house and up the stairs to my room, I turned around and looked him in the eye, seeing only lust, and longing.

"Kankuro, I love you" I said finally letting myself say it.

"K-K-Kiba, I love you to" stuttered Kankuro.

Kankuro POV

There I said it.

Nobody's POV

The two boy just looked at each other.

"Kankuro, kiss me."

The taller man put his hands around Kiba's waist and started to kiss him.

It wasn't long before Kankuro was pulling of Kiba's clothes, Kiba just let him, knowing what was coming. When Kankuro was done, he took his own clothes of.

"Kiba, I really do bloody love you" said Kankuro while moving his hands down to Kiba's member and started to pump. Kiba let lose a long moan and his member started to go hard, Kankuro's was already hard. The two boys fell on the bed feeling each other up. Soon Kankuro had Kiba positioned and put his fingers in to Kiba's entrance, pulling them apart and back together, over and over and over until soon, Kiba was moaning Kankuro's name over and over again as he had his sweet spot

Kankuro pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his member and started to thrust, Kiba soon yelling out Kankuro's name over and over.

"Kankuro..." murmured Kiba.

"Y-y-yea" asked Kankuro

"Kankuro" murmured Kiba a little loader.

Kankuro just reminded quiet.

"Kankuro" Kiba said normally

"Kankuro" he said again a bit loader

"KANKURO" he yelled at the top of his voice. (Just to let you know, Kankuro is still fucking Kiba.)


Kankuro couldn't believe that Kiba was repeatedly yelling his name, he wanted to keep it as long as he could, so he pinched the top of his member and kept fucking, he kept it up for 10 minute's of Kiba yelling

"KANKURO, KANKURO, KANKURO, KANKURO, KANKURO, KANKURO" over and over again, when he let go, Kiba bust, and so did he. Kankuro fell to the side Kiba.

"My ass hurts" and with that sentence, Kiba fell asleep.

"Kankuro, Kankuro, Kankuro..."

Kankuro smiled, Kiba was dreaming of him, with that though, Kankuro fell into a deep sleep.