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Unlocking the padlock he'd installed on the door of his basement, former Team Rocket member Proton stepped into the dark and headed down stairs green eyes glinting wickedly, a smirk forming itself on his handsome face.

"Honey, I'm home." He singsonged as his hands reached up for the keys he'd left on a hook on the right side of the cold, dirty wall. "Did you miss me?"

After the second disbandment of Team Rocket, Proton had taken careful steps in shadowing Lyra's every move and was pleased to know that she hadn't taken the Elite Four's challenge. If she had then all plans of him finally capturing her would go down the drain and she would have already been out of his reach.

Instead of taking the challenge she took the opportunity to train her team and the more she trained the more Proton hungered, and planned for his kidnapping of the young girl. She may have been skilled at pokemon battling but physically she was not skilled in defending herself against a man who had years of hand-to-hand combat.

It had been easy to lure her in with the cries of a fake Togepi and she had been fooled into thinking that it needed help. With a quick strike to the back of her head she was knocked out. Garbed in black he had picked her up climbed on the back of his Fearow and flew off into the blood red sunset all the while thinking up ways to ravish her.

It had been so easy and he was more then happy to relish in his victory.

With a dark chuckle he licked his lips as his footsteps echoed on the wooden floor and he walked slowly, following the smell of soft perfume deeper into the dark basement, letting the anticipation build in him—and the fear in her.

He stopped when he came down to the bottom of the stairs, and stood still, sniffing the air, as a Houdoom might, seeking the scent that a young child gave off when she was terrified.

There, there it was.


He took one more step down the stairs and paused to light the candles on the makeshift dresser that stood along the wall. Inside, her clothes were folded and stacked. Lyra would no longer have a need for them for she was the wearing the clothes he bought her but…he just didn't have the heart to throw out her trainer clothes, so he washed them and put them away neatly.

"I missed you all day, my sweet. I couldn't think about anything or anyone except you." He knelt down next to the bed. "About being here with you, just like this."

Lyra struggled silently against the restraints, her eyes wide with confusion and fear, her cries muffled by the gag that protruded from her mouth.

"Oh, my sweet look at you." He sighed softly. "You look filthy. I should have washed you after your capture. Now what am I going to do?"

He left the room for several moments, and then returned with the garden hoes. "We're just going to have to give you a little shower, aren't we?" Proton smirked. "Can't have you smelling like a disgusting Muk…man those things smell."

He unlocked the shackles on her ankles, then one of the restraints that tied her wrists to the bed post. Gently forcing her to stand on unsteady legs, he moved her as far away from the bed as he could, stretching the arm that was still attached to the bed as far as it would stretch.

When Proton realized that he couldn't hose her down without getting the mattress wet, he debated momentarily before releasing her other arm. He knew her legs wouldn't support her even if she had the will to try to get away—which she obviously wasn't about to do—and led her several feet to the right before turning on the nozzle.

The first blast of cold water hit her right in the middle, and she grunted softly in discomfort, raising her arms to shield her eyes as best as she could.

"Now, now, my sweet, this will just take a minute." Proton turned her carefully around to hose off her back and the back of her thighs. "And you know, if you hadn't been such a naughty girl, this wouldn't be necessary…I would have allowed you to use my shower."

After one last hose down, he dried her off with one of his heavy towels he kept there for this purpose. Proton noted the red welts on her legs. "The mosquitoes have really been feasting on you this week, haven't they? Maybe if you're nice to me, I'll give you a nice, warm bath to deal with the itchiness. The welts do look unattractive on your beautiful legs."

He forced her stiff legs to carry her back to the bed. Tiny tears rolled down Lyra's face as she submitted to the humiliation of having her arms locked above her head once again. The shackles were not, however refastened to her legs.

Sitting down on the bed beside her still form he reached down and untied the gag making sure to keep his fingers away from her mouth. Dull hazel eyes that were once alive and vibrant locked onto his steely green orbs.

"Since you've been good I'll remove the gag and if your screams attract any unwanted attention my Houndooms will tear that person to pieces. Understood my sweet?"

A nod.

"Good," he murmured and leaned down to press his cold lips against her warm ones, marveling at how they were still soft and warm. "Bite me and I won't give you…water for a week," he whispered between kisses and inwardly grinned when she made a small noise in the back of her throat.

Pulling away he smirked down at her, his lips inches away from hers. "Was that a moan my sweet?" he asked stroking her cheek with leather gloved fingers.

Feeling the warmth of her unrestrained blush blossom her face, Lyra scowled and looked away determined to not let him see but it was already useless.

"Perfect! Now we're getting somewhere my sweet," he purred and kissed her again the second one deeper then the first.

Feeling the cold lips massage themselves against her own made her squirm from an unknown dare she think it…pleasurable feeling in the pit of her stomach. Lyra whimpered and reluctantly kissed his back unsure if she wanted him to keep kissing her or stop.

'She's responding,' Proton thought and without hesitation he ran his hands slowly and up and down her sides enjoying the sounds of her barely restrained moans that filled his hungry ears.

'She's so soft…so beautiful but…I need to stop before I loose control.'

Breaking the kiss he gazed into her hazels eyes pleased to see that they were no longer dull but alive with confused pleasure and another emotion that he couldn't decipher. Placing a quick soft kiss on her lips he praised her. "A job well done my sweet but that doesn't mean you're out of the basement yet. I still wish to further explore…our relationship," he said stroking her silky brown hair. "But I promise to let you up if you remain willing to do all sorts of pleasurable things with me. Isn't that grand my sweet?"

No answer. She was still not talking.

Shrugging his shoulders Proton blew out the candles and covered her cold body with warm, fresh blankets.

"Believe me my sweet, life for you will get so much easier if you just cooperate but…oh well. We can try again tomorrow."

Without as much as a glance in her direction he walked back up the stairs whispering a gentle "Good night my sweet" and closed the door behind him.

That night Lyra stared up at the ceiling a million thoughts racing around her head, questions that would forever be left unanswered. Why did her former enemy take an interest in her? Why did he kidnap her? Why did he kiss her?

But most importantly why did that kiss ignite such confusing feelings within her?

Licking her lips she closed her eyes and tried to will the thoughts away but the kisses Proton had bestowed upon her lips made it even harder to think them away and the tears came down even faster then before.

'Oh Arceus help me…'

To be continued…

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