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I didn't know how long it took me to process the words that Doug had spoken but a certain thing was that I was the last one sitting at the table to run out the door. I blame my lack of knowledge on Finn's behavior but in my defense, I've never seen Finn in that state before.

"What the hell was he thinking?" were the first words that broke the silence in the van; obviously coming from Doug. I sighed, I had thought of the same thing too but of course, I didn't make the remark. I mean really I was left in shock when Doug came running into the room and shouting, "what the hell is wrong with people and notes? Finn's on the freaking 1:00 flight to Korea because he's after Megan" his eyes narrowed in on me while the others still sat in shock.

"That would be in 2 hours," said Sean.

Suddenly our eyes shifted to the clock above us and someone spirited to the car first, perhaps Mr. McGowan or something but the rest of us followed shortly after.

It was pretty quiet after that, partly because the boys were thinking of ways they could make me suffer for putting their brother in such a daze; Evan and Sean took their own cars.

Mrs. McGowan was probably imagining how foolish she's raised her son and as for me, I just sat in the middle with my arm propped up on the arm rest; making a fist to rest my chin on it. I was thinking of a lot of things actually. Well of course they were all related to Finn. I thought of what we had since I've come here and my self-realization of falling in love with him but mostly I was thinking about everything that's happen in the past few days; my stupid idea to 'run away' meeting Doug and the family at a party and them wanting me back, me worrying about Finn and all the thoughts that must've gone through his head before he finally decided on booking a flight to Korea.

I never believed in superstitions but as I looked up in front of me, I saw the time 11:11 and I closed my eyes for just a second, hoping I would be able to get it right. It's kind of ironic but I believed in words like the words fate and destiny but certainly not wishes. There's just something about life that we control; yeah sure we can't control the actions and decisions of other people but we always have control of ourselves, to make our lives right; whatever that meant. So I sat there and hoped that for once, life would assist me a little in keeping back the one person I knew I wouldn't be able to live without.


Even right before Mr. McGowan stopped the car; the boys were already pulling off their seatbelts and pushing each other out of the car. Mrs. McGowan herself was already inside the airport, the effect that family had on you was amazing.

I did my part of course also trying to get out of the vehicle as fast as I could because I wanted to be a part of the search, the family but more importantly I didn't think I could lose Finn of for that matter, be responsible for making him pack his bags.

I felt like an ant once the doors of the airport opened and I saw the McGowan's all scattered everywhere looking for the one missing part and for a second, I envied their family. I was an only child and them; well their family was so big that there would always be a side for you to take. You were never alone. There would always be people there to care for you. My eyes darted wildly trying to spot the familiar figure and instinctively, my eyes darted up, towards the large board with the departure times that hung meters above me. I scanned it quickly trying to spot the word 'Korea' but no luck and it was if I was certain I was wrong, I tried again and there, right there huddled smack dab in the middle was 'Korea 1:00 gate 34'. My head automatically went left 'gate 16, ate 17' then right "gate 18, gate 19' and I let my feet take me in the direction I needed to go. For a soccer player, distance running was never an issue for me but here. It was like a battle against time and luck and even life itself. Like my team was trailing by just a goal in the championship round and it was all dependent on me since the ball was now in my possession. The run there was more difficult than a goal of course because once something is lost in life, it's hard to find it again and especially with love, and you've lost it whether you let it go willingly or because you waited too long to see it, only time will tell how long the second one will take to come back or even if we are ever prepared to move on from the previous one.

-Gate 27-

Everything seemed so close. A couple times I saw people shooting their heads my way, probably wondering what is wrong with this girl dressed in her pajamas trying to sneak past them without knocking down their luggage or even if they should chase after a running thief.

-Gate 30-

I'm getting breathless….for the reasons unknown. All I can think about is my wish; my one wish, in hope that I'm not too late as if I'm chasing after the last bus, the one that won't ever return.

-Gate 32-

I'm looking ahead, trying to spot him. I see Gate 34, it seems like it's within an arms reach. There's only a scarce crowd standing around the gate. No, it's not too late. I give it my all, whatever that was left in the energy of my legs to get to my final destination, my goal.

-Gate 34-

The first thing I do is slow down into a fast-paced walk. My eyes run wild again, knowing that I'm still in a fight against time. Old man, old man, old women, family, family, young girl, another family; that was it. No more. There was no more. In disbelief I rush towards the counter. "?" I say in one breathe.

The lady suddenly stopped what she was doing on the computer and focused in on me as if I was crazy. I didn't blame her; love did make you that way. "Could you repeat that again?" she asked nicely, trying to calm me down.

I took this moment to catch my breath, pausing in-between each word to inhale another breath. "Where…are….the…other…passengers…boarding…this…flight?"

"They're—" She didn't get to finish because a voice broke her off.

"Megan!" it called.

Swiftly I turned my head around and in the distance, amongst a crowd of people, I saw him. Only him and I hurried towards him, flinging my arms over his neck and pulling him into a hug. I missed him. A lot. Those books always tell you what it's like to miss a person but they forget to tell you how a million things wash over you when you finally get a chance to see them. "You didn't board the plane," I smiled, pulling us apart from the hug for just a moment.

"It got delayed," he chuckled.

Gosh, I missed his laughter. "Why would you book a flight to Korea though?" I asked as my eyes and hands went up to his hair.

He waited and while he paused, I looked back down towards his eyes. When he knew he had my attention, he began his little speech. "Well, people say they do crazy things for love and as for me, I thought I was in love. So I dug around the shed and around the house for some paintings that I had kept and never thought about selling and surprisingly people were paying me much more than what I even thought they were worth. Heck, I thought I had to find more jobs to earn the money but one day of sitting at the flea market and my paintings were gone just like that and I had enough money to buy a plane ticket to go find you. It pained me to even think that you'd even be away from me for more than a few minutes Megan, I would have done anything. And well I was sitting over there in the corner trying to figure out the words I was going to say to you when I saw you running over here and towards the counter so I called you and the rest, well, you know the rest. When did you even come back?"

It was my turn to let out a laugh. "I never left."

His eyebrows furrowed into a question look, "But I was certain that my mom said that you left.."

"For the weekend to Aimee's house because I couldn't stand you guys anymore."

He softly giggled as he ran a hand through his hair. "Oh man….wow…..I guess I am really in love with you then huh?"

I replied with a grin. "I still can't believe that you would actually board a plane to find me."

"Like I said, people do crazy things when their in love. I love you Megan."

"I love you too Finn," I whispered.

And like any other novel, as if on cue, we stood there in the middle of the crowd, our bodies so close together as I clung onto his neck while he wrapped his arms around my waist and our lips met, kissing each other like there was no tomorrow; as if today was really our last.

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