SUMMARY: Itachi's met his soulmate at last- or well found her anyway.

Hinata's her name, and she's commited suicide, and Itachi's determined to go back in time, and set the wrong things right. The big question is, can he? Will he be able to change her future, so he can be with her? Will he be able to convince her there's reason's to live. Or will he lose her forever when his just found her?


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In the begining everything started out fine,

We had time on our side,

In the begining we had nothing to hide,

You blame me for everything,

You have to understand I hadn't meant to let it die.

In the end, it just wasn't meant to be..

My life was void to me, I had power, money, family, influence in Kohona, and I could have any girl I want.

But it didn't mean anything to me, I wanted something more , something real.

I wanted to find a girl that would bring me back to life, and make me less of a monster.

I wanted a girl , that would make me subconsciously, start to feel again.

And for year's I had given up hope.

Until the one day, when I was on my way home from a mission.

I was outside the city, and I saw a girl, in a white dress with blue hair and white eyes, her skin as pale as moonlight.

And I was frozen to the spot, she was beautiful.

slowly she drew a kunai , I blinked and swallowed hard when I realized what her intentions were.

I ran towards her,

but I was too slow, she stabbed herself in the heart.

I listened for a heartbeat, and felt for a pulse.

But there was none, the angel was gone.

I didn't know her , who she was , or where she came from.

But for some reason the girl, this angel had an strange effect on my heart.

I felt like I knew her from somewhere.

But I ddn't know where, I felt myself start to cry.

I wanted to save her, for some reason.

I was in love with a stranger.