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Sakuno wanted more than anything to be a bigger part of the girls tennis team.

She wanted to be a regular.

Because if she were a regular, then maybe one day Ryoma would actually acknowledge her.

She had asked her sempai for help, but in the end she had been no match for them and she hadn't improved much. Regardless of any vigorous training.

She had just lost her match, effectively shutting herself out from joining the ranks for the regulars once again. Upset with her misfortune, she rounded a corner of the school and stopped.

There in front of her stood Momoshiro and Echizen, having a brief conversation. Momo then leaned down and pressed his lips against the smaller boys. Ryoma broke away shortly, and Momo climbed up onto his bike and waited for Ryoma to take his usual spot.

Sakuno watched as they rode past her, realizing that she really was dreaming out of her league.