A New Life Begins

Chapter 1- I Won't Be Your Brother Anymore

Joe's P.O.V

After waiting another couple of minutes, I saw Kevin lean down to face me.

"Joe you do relaize that if I say yes then I won't be your brother anymore, I'll be more than that."

I nodded knowing this and Kevin stood.

"I'll give you answer tomorrow night" Kevin said before we both went to sleep.

The next day I awoke to see that Nick and Frankie were in our room already awake and dressed.

"Hey guys erm why are up so early."

"We're not" Nick said smiling "It's half seven."

I looked at the clock then pushed Kevin who got up and remembered we had school today.

By quater past eight, we were ready and arriving at school then I walked in with Nick just like any other day.

"So" Nick said as we walked in "Did you ask Kevin?"

"Yeah I did and he said, he'd give me an answer tonight" I said back smiling just as me and Nick split going to our different classes and inside, I noticed that Matt wasn't there.

"Okay class let's begin" Our teacher said and I nodded my head sitting down just as Kevin walked in saying that he was sorry he was late as he had to find a parking space.

"That's quite alright Mr Jonas, infact would you like to take this lesson today?" Miss Colbert said and Kevin nodded starting the lesson and I perked up.

"Okay guys today, what I want you to do is think about the best thing that has ever happened in your whole life and write down each scene then start to write and if your stuck at all, don't hesitate to ask."

Kevin told us to start and I sat for a while thinking, well there was one time that I bet Nick at a game he loved but that wasn't strong enough then finally I decided on my best thing to ever happen to me. It was when Catriona was finally pulled out of me and Kevin's life and I could be happy with him again.

I started to write it out by planning it out as Kevin stood at the front sorting through bits of paper and grading them as far as I could see.

I finished planning my bit then began to write everything down just as the bell rang and I moved onto my next class.

Once lunch time came, I sat next to Nick at a table who was eating pizza and milk.

"Hey Joe" He said as I sat down "So how's your day been so far?"

"Boring" I said knowing this was true, my music teacher had actually bored me to tears and I kept watching the clock.

"Ah, well I think it will get better cause I saw Kevin this morning whilst you were in the shower, he kept looking at the ring and trying it on so I think he wants to say yes to you but I think he's scared cause he knows that after this, you go right past the brother zone and into the realtionship zone where you actually each others helpers."

"I know Nick but I love him and I want him to be, well" I said leaning forward so I whispering and Nick leaned in too "I want him to be the one who rids me of purity."

"Woah Joe, you're really serious about this aren't you?"

"Yeah, I am, I love him more than words can desribe it."

Kevin's P.O.V

Once at home, Joe and Nick went to do their homework whilst I texted Ruth as we had all grown close so I told her everything.

Hey it's Kevin, I wrote.

seven hours till I tell Joe the truth, wish me luck.

I sent that and soon enough Ruth text back.

okay, good luck you'll need it.

I put my phone away just as Joe looked up from his homework.

"Kevin?" he said and I turned to him.

"Yeah Joe?"

"Erm what is it called when you are really happy about something?"

"Estatic, over the moon" I said back hoping that it was one and Joe would go back to his work so I could practise what on earth I was going to say to him.

Dinner came and went with us having pasta then about half twelve, we all went to bed, well Frankie was in his bed by nine but the rest of us stayed up till half twelve.

As I was walking upstairs, I saw Nick grab Joe and go to talk to him so I just walked upstairs and grabbed the box with the ring inside ready to say what I had to say.

Soon enough Joe came up and I smiled at him.

"Okay Joe, I have your answer and it is..."

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