Chapter 17- Life As We Know It & An Unhappy Ending

Frankie's P.O.V

"I said it already Eric, let me speak to the kid and then everything will be fine" Kevin said once more and I listened before he was allowed inside to see me and I smiled happy to see him, well I would have smiled if i hadn't been so unhappy.

"Kevin, why are you here?" I said wondering why he really was here, I just hoped that he wasn't working with that nasty Eric person.

"I'm here to help you Frank, me and the gang came up with a plan to help so you will just have to trust us here."

I knew that I would have to trust Kevin it was just Eric that I didn't like.

"Kevin please tell me that everything is going to be alright?" I asked wondering how my oldest brother would react.

"I don't know for certain Frankie. I'm not certain of anything at this moment."

That was that then, life as we know it was over. Or was it.

Nick's P.O.V

After Kevin had left after we had all decided on what was to happen, I looked over to see that Joe looked the most worried but he would be since Kevin was going off to fight a big enemy by himself and after that was done, we would have to go in and get Frankie our-self's.

"Joe don't worry, it's all going to be alright" I said placing over my brother's shoulder.

I didn't know for certain if that would be true but I would just have to wait and see what happened.

A few hours later we got a call from Kevin saying that Eric had escaped but Frankie was unharmed and the two of them were driving home right now.

I smiled into the phone as Kevin spoke knowing that it was all over, Eric would never come after us again.

It was over.

"Nick somethings going on, put Joe on the phone please, I love you" Kevin's voice cried out and I obyed shoving my mobile towards Joe who caught it wondering what was going on.

"Kevin?" He asked into the phone and I heard Kevin's voice but couldn't make out what it was he was saying.


I knew in that second that Kevin was dead.

I don't know how or when or why, I just knew that it was the end.

He was gone, he was never coming back.

"Joe, Joe honey" Catriona tried to call out to Joe who sat in the same position for ages not moving not saying a word then it hit me too.

If Kevin was dead then that meant that Frankie was too.

Two of my brothers had died today because of someone evil in our lifes.

What else could go wrong.

Finally Joe shifted a bit alerting everyone he had sat as still as a statue all that time my phone still glued to his ear as if thinking that Kevin's voice would come back to him but I knew differently and I guess that the reality was starting to hit Joe really badly.

He had lost not only his brothers but his best friends and his lover all in the same day. That was pretty hard for one person to take in especially with everything that had happened to us ever since the day we got that call that very fate-full day to tell us that our parent's had died in a car accident leading to this very point in time.

5 Months Later

Most people say that when you lose a brother, it's the hardest thing to do but when you lose a love it's so hard you can hardly sleep or eat everything is just too much to think about it brings back memories.

However this did not go the same way for my brother Joe who's grave I stand beside today with my wife Ruth Parkes by my side.

You see two weeks after Kevin and Frankie's funeral Joe went out one night and wasn't seen for a whole three days before the police called me to say that they had found a body in a bush and asked me come down to look at it.

When I had arrived, I saw that it was indeed Joe he had been stabbed right at his heart and his skin was so pale white, it looked like had been snowed on.

Still to this day no-one knows exactly what happened that day, not even me but there is one thing I know and will always remember.

I have and always will love my brothers who fought and died for each other even me.

The End.